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(Not Embarrassed Enough?)


Ning Xi was intentionally being very frustrating, especially with how she wove sarcasm within her words and left no room for rebuttal.

After speaking to Liang Biqin and Zhao Meixin, Ning Xi turned to Su Yimo with an innocent face, "Senior Su, I know that this is your favourite piece of clothing...I mustered quite some courage to ask you to give it to me...actually, I’ve regretted what I just said! I shouldn’t take away the things someone loves, so you know what...I’ll just give the outfit you're wearing back to you! I don’t want it anymore!"

"Ning Xi! You…" Ever since Su Yimo shot to fame, no one would ever dare treat her this way. She was infuriated.

What did she mean by giving it back to her? This witch made it sound like she was donating it to her!

"Cousin! Cousin, are you alright?!" Liang Biqin yelled, "Ning Xi, you claim not to be a jerk, but you’re asking my cousin to strip in front of so many people! Are you looking for more trouble?"

Liang Biqin started speaking her mind angrily.

Ning Xi put up a terrified face, "How could I? Of course, Senior Su will change at a washroom or somewhere private. I’ll wait here! I'll wait, however long it takes!"

Zhao Meixin comforted Su Yimo and looked at the gray garment in her hands, "What you gave us is a nightgown! Are you asking Yimo to wear this right now?"

Ning Xi replied quickly, "Impossible! Sis Meixin, you’re really misunderstanding me! Then...then...if there isn’t any spare clothing right now, I...I can wait for a few days!"

She was implying that Zhao Meixin and the others could not let go of Su Yimo’s clothing, which was precisely why they were arguing with Ning Xi in the first place.

Su Yimo calmed down, and with her pale lips and loud voice she declared, "Return it to her! This garment, give it back to her!"

Zhao Meixin looked troubled, "But...Yimo, if we give it back to her…" then there would be no evidence of her misusing the property of the company…

Before she even finished her sentence, Su Yimo glared at her, "Did you not hear what I said?"

Was she not humiliated enough today? She had had enough of this!

Zhao Meixin did not dare to defy her, so she quickly went forward to Ning Xi and gave her back the GE nightgown. "Fine, fine! We’re giving it back to you! It’s just a piece of clothing. How anxious can you get? Like you’ve never seen anything better!"

In an attempt to regain their reputation, Liang Biqin went along, "I told you she’s from some rural area! So desperate for a poorly-made dress, almost taking it right off my cousin!"

She then glared at the onlookers, as if wordlessly ordering them to criticize Ning Xi together…

The onlookers were already dumbfounded when Ning Xi stopped Su Yimo, so they were quiet the whole time. Only after Liang Biqin glared at them did they started talking…

"Right! Look how desperate she is!"

"Sis Yimo is too generous, such an expensive piece of clothing, and she just let them off the hook…"

"Sis Yimo was just teaching them the rules without really caring about that piece of clothing, but look at how desperate she is!"

Su Yimo took a deep breath, returning to her glamorous persona, and with her bodyguard Liang Biqin and Zhao Meixin, they left without looking back…



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