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(You Have Such Balls)

In fact, not only was it from GE, it was also one of the more special designs, and the only sleeping gown in the line. That was why the style was so different from the rest.

The cloth was soft and slightly opaque, for the practicality of comfort. The material was actually made from a rarely cultivated pure silk, which made it very expensive...

Su Yimo examined it closely again. Luckily, this kind of material was sturdy and the dress had not been ruined, so she breathed a sigh of relief.

Even though she liked this brand, this dress still belonged to Ning Xi, that lowly person!

When she realized she had breathed a sigh of relief for Ning Xi's dress, Su Yimo felt even more insulted. She then carelessly threw the dress back at Zhao Meixin...

When Zhao Meixin saw Su Yimo's unhappy expression, she knew then that there was no mistake about it - this dress was really from GE!

As for everyone else who looked on, they already noticed something was not right based on Zhao Meixin and Su Yimo's expressions...

"N-no way! It can't really be GE, right? I even pulled on it pretty hard earlier! I wouldn't have ruined it and need to compensate her, right?"

"I thought Ning Xi was lying!"

"Jesus! Where did Ning Xi get a dress like this?"

"Ah! I suddenly recall...you know, there was a rumor before this that..."


As she listened to the whispers around, Su Yimo also recalled the incident that Zhao Meixin had mentioned to her before. Rumor was that Ning Xi's apartment's closet was filled with lavish outfits from GE.

So now it was confirmed that this dress was definitely genuine.

Su Yimo shot a Zhao Meixin a deadly look. How could she forget something as important this?

Zhao Meixin wiped the sweat off her forehead and quickly lowered her voice to say, "Yimo, actually I did think of this possibility, but what I didn't expect was...was that...she had such balls to use the company's outfit to compensate you..."

"I don't need to know the reason. You had better settle this issue for me now!" Su Yimo growled as she pushed the dress back at Zhao Meixin.

God damn it! Now she probably seemed blind in front of everyone for not even recognizing GE's design!

Zhao Meixin nodded profusely, "Yes, yes, yes...I'll definitely resolve it! Don't you worry, Yimo! You don't have to do anything, just wait and watch! Watch me settle her!"

Zhao Meixin turned to stare at Ning Xi and started to scold her, "Ning Xi! You have such balls! How dare you steal the company's property for your own personal use!"

Ning Xi raised a brow, "Oh? I stole the company's property? How did I do that?"

Zhao Meixin laughed coldly, and said confidently, "You think we don't know? Your apartment has many GE apparels, but those are all the company's property. Your apartment is just a company's store room! Did you really think that just because the outfits are put there, they belong to you? That you can take it out to give to others as you wish?"

Liang Biqin sneered, "See, I told you guys she's an idiot. Previously, I said that she was retarded, and she still wanted to go against me!"

Oohs and aahs rippled through the spectating crowd. So that was what happened...

"This Ning Xi really has such courage!"

"She actually took the company's property out to show off! I'm amazed!"

"She wants to be in the limelight so much that she's irrational now!"


Bai Lu had already been frightened to the core at this point and she looked at Ning Xi with worried eyes. Damn it, this issue was turning into a larger one!

It was initially only about one outfit. If worse came to worst, she would just be kicked out of the company. Now, it actually dragged on to become an issue of stealing the company's property and the worst case scenario would be to end up behind bars...



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