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(You're Really Addicted To Looking At It)

"They're all industry experts? Are you sure?" Ning Xi raised her brows in question.

No one could tell for sure whether Ning Xi's acting skills were so finely honed, but some of the people started to have doubts when they saw Ning Xi's steady look.

One of the female artistes who was holding the dress unconsciously released her fingers and mumbled, "Even if this ragged dress was any good, I still can't see where it might be of top quality! Where's she getting her confidence from?"

"What are you still looking at it for? She's definitely lying. Even if we got it wrong, how could Sis Meixin and Sis Yimo be wrong?"

"You're right...I really almost got deceived by her!" As that artiste scoffed, she saw a rubbish bin at the side and coldly laughed as she was about to throw it in.


Before she tossed the dress in, Ning Xi shot her an exceptionally cold look from where she stood and it frightened her so much that she stopped in the middle of her tracks...

The artiste bit her lip and looked down to examine the dress again.

"This rag! You're really addicted to looking at it, huh?!" someone beside her said as she reached out to snatch the dress from her hand.

The female artiste was examining the collar area of the dress when she saw something that made her instantly go pale. She revealed a shocked expression and said, "Stop, don't touch it! Be careful!"

"You...what's wrong with you? Why are you so shocked?"

The artiste looked down to examine again before gulping and stuffing the dress into someone else's hands. She then said with a lowered voice, "This looks like GE's design..."

"What's GE?"

"It's Sis Yimo's favorite brand! GE!"

There were many brown nosers of Su Yimo present, so they all thoroughly knew her preferences. When everyone on the side heard this, they immediately turned ashen. Emotionally, their voices unintentionally became louder, "What? This is Sis Yimo's favorite brand! GE?"

There was a sudden pin-drop silence among the previously noisy crowd.

When the people saw the small logo on the dress, they immediately stuffed the dress back to the first female artiste in fear, "Then why did you pass it to me!"

She did not know whether the dress had been ruined by all the passing around earlier. If there really was any stain or mark on it, whose fault would it be?

The female artiste held the thin material as if she was holding gold and looked as if she was about to cry as she walked towards Su Yimo and the gang. "Sis Yimo, this dress..."

Su Yimo frowned slightly and shot Zhao Meixin a look.

"What is it?" Zhao Meixin saw that something was amiss and walked over quickly to hold up the dress.

"Sis Meixin, this dress looks like it's from GE..."

"What nonsense? You must be blind! GE's dresses are famous for their elegance, how could this rag be..." Before she finished her sentence, Zhao Meixin saw the unique stamp of GE, its logo low-key yet luxuriously embroidered with golden thread.

"This...this cannot be!"

Liang Biqin had rushed over too by now and gaped at the logo, "This is probably fake! An imitation! This Ning Xi has balls! How dare she just make an imitation of a brand? Even if she were to make a pirated version, at least make it look similar! This coarse linen doesn't look like something from Sis Yimo's favorite brand, does it?"

Zhao Meixin massaged her temples and walked to Su Yimo's side, "Yimo, look, this dress..."

Su Yimo used a finger to simply life the dress up for a closer look and her expression changed in the next instant.

This inconspicuous outfit...

Was really from GE!

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