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(Indeed Very Intelligent!)

Ning Xi was holding something in her hand. It was one of those plastic bags used in supermarkets and inside it was a grey ball of fabric.

When Ning Xi came closer, everyone tried to clearly see what was in the plastic bag.

In that moment, hysteric laughter started to come from the crowd...

"Aiyo, this is too funny! What is Ning Xi holding in her hand? Did she really go to the supermarket to buy a dress?"

" God! No way!"

"I'm really amazed, what creative idea did she come up with?"


Zhao Meixin looked at the wrinkled plastic bag in Ning Xi's hands with the grey cloth in it and instantly came to a conclusion.

This Ning Xi really did come up with such a rotten idea under the dire circumstances!

"Hah, Ning Xi, even if you couldn't produce an apparel, you can't just simply buy a dress to trick people. Do you think we're blind?" Zhao Meixin emphasized her last sentence sarcastically.

Liang Biqin even laughed out loud, "I was already doubting her intelligence when I saw her unbelievably dumb dressing today, but I didn't know that her brain really that slow! How did someone like her end up at Glory World? It's a good thing we're all from the same company. If this were let out, it'll definitely embarrass the company to no end!"

Ning Xi slowly took out a grey material that looked like an opaque grey shirt and said without haste, "Oh, I didn't know that anything put into a plastic bag like this would mean that it was definitely bought from the supermarket. Mmm, this logic makes perfectly intelligent sense!"

"You..." Liang Biqin who was sneering instantly turned angry and said through gritted teeth, "You little village girl, you really don't know how to act. I'll teach you a lesson today! Sis Yimo's outfit is an authentic branded one. Even its packaging would be enough to for you to buy your entire outfit! If this dress of yours was not bought from the supermarket, from where could it have been bought? Who would use such a pathetic bag to put luxury outfits?"

Ning Xi blinked and said matter-of-factly, "Me. Do you have a problem with that? Whoever set the rules that it can't be put in this bag?"

"You...stop trying to argue nonsensically! You really are not afraid, are you!" No one in this company dared to go against her. How could Liang Biqin stand being insulted twice? She immediately shot a look at the crowd.

Someone in the crowd immediately ran over after receiving Liang Biqin's signal and grabbed the outfit from Ning Xi's hands, then exaggeratedly exclaimed, "What color is this? It looks like the faeces of a dog! It's so traditional! And such a plain dress! What possessed you to take it out?"

"Pfft, such flimsy material! It can't even be compared to a rag!"

"Even if you're trying to pretend to make up for it, at least have some sincerity! There are so many of us here, do you think we were all blind? Even if you did, that's fine, but how can you treat Sis Yimo like she was blind too?"


Ning Xi looked coldly at everyone passing the grey dress around and something terrifying flashed in her eyes, "You guys better be careful. If you ruin it, you couldn't afford to compensate me."

Once she said this, the crowd burst out laughing even more hysterically...

"Hahahahaha...she's really into it!"

"People used to say that her acting skills were good and I didn't believe them, now I finally do!"

"She deserves an Oscar already!"


This was when Bai Lu slowly walked to Ning Xi's side and said softly through trembling lips, "Ning Xi, it's okay...they're all industry experts, there's no way you can deceive them..."



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