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(This Request Isn''t Too Much, Is it?)

Bai Lu's hands shook non-stop as she looked at Su Yimo in fright, "I...I didn't mean to...I...Sis Yi Mo, it's all my fault. Tell me how can I make it up to you! As long as I am able to, I will definitely do it!"

Su Yimo naturally did not bother to talk to someone on such a lowly level, so she just shot her manager a look.

Obediently, Zhao Meixin walked up and held up the hem of the dress to examine it. She then said exaggeratedly, "The tear in the hem is horrendous! The dress is definitely useless now! How about this - as long as the both of you agree to compensate Su Yimo with the exact same dress, we'll forget about what happened today."

When Liang Biqin heard this, she was delighted and joined in the false generosity, "The both of you heard her, just compensate with another dress. Such a request isn't too much, is it?"

Bai Lu's lips trembled when she heard this and she cried on the spot.

Liang Biqin knew very well that even if she were to compile all of her savings, there was no way she could afford a dress this luxurious!

Also, Ning Xi was only a rookie. Don't even get started on how she had not even started earning yet, and even if she did, most of the profits would have gone to the company for now. How could they afford to compensate for the dress?

This was when Ning Xi walked up to Su Yimo and picked up the elegant dress and examined it.

Actually, apart from the slightly obvious stain, Bai Lu's tug earlier did not actually create too much of a damage. One could hardly see any traces of it and there was no need for any repair work...

With that, Ning Xi mumbled, "Let's not talk about the stain first since these traces are barely noticeable. It shouldn't cause too much of an effect..."

Liang Biqin immediately looked upset and cut her off with her piercing voice, "What do you mean? Are you trying to say that the both of us are tricking you? For such a high-end apparel, even a slight flaw would amount to ruining it, what more for such a large area of thread that has come loose. I don't know which poor village you come from, but if you know nothing, stop embarrassing yourself here!"

Zhao Meixin looked at Su Yimo who remained nonchalant and laughed along too, "Hah, I'm afraid she just wants to evade responsibilities, doesn't she? It's too bad, there are so many people looking on and under everyone's watchful eyes, we all saw that if it wasn't for her bumping into someone like a klutz, this outfit wouldn't have been spoiled. Now you're trying to get out of it?"

When Zhao Meixin finished, she casually skimmed the crowd around her, then immediately someone echoed, "Exactly! What Sis Meixin had suggested is reasonable!"

"If you ruin someone's outfit, you have to compensate. This is common sense!"

"They just asked for her to compensate with another dress, yet she still wants to escape from the situation! She doesn't know what she's doing! Who's this? Her manners are too poor!"

"Sis Yimo just got the dress and now it's been ruined. What an upsetting incident, yet she's been so good-tempered all along and did not show any anger!"


Someone else took the opportunity to butter up to her and said, "Isn't that Chanel's latest limited edition piece that's not even on the market yet? My heart aches at this sight! Speaking of which, if this dress isn't even on the market yet, even if they managed to gather enough money, they still wouldn't be able to buy it, will they?"

This person was just carelessly throwing out comments, which implied that not only did she was not buttering up to Su Yimo, but that she was also intentionally troubling her...

Indeed, Su Yimo's expression changed slightly.

When they realized they had said something wrong, the person felt frightened and she quickly tried to save herself and said, "Sis Yimo, to fuss with someone like this is practically lowering your status! Just look at them, it's obvious that they can't compensate you. Since this apparel is not in the market yet, how about you let them compensate with another dress that's about the same grade!"


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