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(This Is Ning Xi?)

It was true that in this company, no one would dare reject doing her a favor. To chase someone out of the company was too easy - all she had to do was just had to talk to Bai Lu's manager.

When Bai Lu heard this, she became anxious and immediately knelt down to beg for mercy as she clung on to Su Yimo's dress. "Sis Yimo, I beg of you! Don't chase me out! As long as you don't chase me out, I'd do anything for you! Please...I beg of you..."

Bai Lu was still begging profusely when someone in a pink dress walked in.

Because Bai Lu was kneeling in the middle of the walkway, Ning Xi could not evade her in time and accidentally bumped into her...

"Ah!" Bai Lu stumbled and exclaimed.

The part of Su Yimo's dress which she held in her hand was accidentally tugged on a little more...

Bai Lu was so frightened that she turned pale. She did not care that she was knocked into. The first she did after getting up was to check the dress, afraid that she might have ruined it.

This was when Liang Biqin held up the dress and urgently brushed the ruined part. She instantly turned to Ning Xi and shouted, "Are you blind? Watch where you're going! Where do you think this is that you can simply run around? Do you know that you have caused a huge problem here? Doo you have any idea what you've just ruined? You wouldn't be able to compensate for this dress even if you sold yourself!"

Ning Xi's appearance spiced up the atmosphere for the spectators initially watching Bai Lu...

"Ah, isn't that Ning Xi? She's dressed today! It's not her style at all! I almost didn't recognize her!"

"Haha, this is going to be good! I heard that she's being groomed to be the next Leng Manyun! Her appearance in the headlines recently has been quite the fanfare as well! Say, what do you think will happen between them if they fought?"

"Is that even a question? As bright as Ning Xi's limelight may be, could she possibly defeat Su Yimo? That is preposterous!"


"I'm sorry for bumping into you, are you okay?"

Ning Xi was just apologizing to Bai Lu when she was scolded horribly by Liang Biqin.

She frowned and listened to the whispering around. Then, she looked at the soiled skirt in Bai Lu's hand and roughly guessed what had happened.

Initially, Bai Lu had accidentally dirtied Su Yimo's dress, and now it seems like because she had accidentally bumped into Bai Lu, Su Yimo's dress had been ruined further...

This was the point that Zhao Meixin reminded Liang Biqin who Ning Xi was, as the latter did not recognize her at first sight.

Liang Biqin evaluated the pink princessy dress and crystal hair clip on Ning Xi from head to toe and laughed, "This is Ning Xi? I thought she would be someone more impressive, but...just this? No wonder my cousin doesn't mind her at all, it's hard to!"

Indeed, Su Yimo barely spared Ning Xi a second glance.

No matter how Ning Xi hopped about, she was just a joke in her eyes, easily killed with a finger. It was funny that people actually dared compared herself to her!

Knowing that this woman was Ning Xi, Liang Biqin naturally did not want to let her off easily since she now had the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

So, she shouted at the two of them, "Bai Lu! And you, Ning Xi, right? Now, don't say that I'm intentionally making it hard for you. Everyone saw that the both of you tore this dress. Don't think I'd let you off easily just by washing it!"


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