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(The Attitude of A Hostess)

At Glory World Entertainment.

In the hall downstairs, Su Yimo, donned in a long white dress, had an annoyed expression on her face when she saw that part of her skirt was dirty.

At this moment, a well-dressed woman was angrily scolding an older female artiste, "Bai Lu! Do you know how to do anything at all? How could you dirty Sis Yimo's dress by spraying water to wipe the floor? Do you know how much this dress costs?"

Su Yimo's manager, Zhao Meixin, crossed her arms and scoffed, "Hah, money? This is Chanel's limited edition from the current season. It's not even on the market for sale yet! Our Yimo only got this dress because she just signed the contract to be their spokesperson! You can't buy this with money."

The artiste named Bai Lu immediately turned pale and apologized profusely, "Sorry, sorry, sorry...Sis Yimo! Sis Meixin! Sis Biqin! I'm really sorry! It's all my fault for being careless!

"Or else...or else...Sis Yimo, how about you take it off and I'll help you send it for cleaning! I will definitely clean it so well that you wouldn't be able to tell it had even been dirtied!"

Bai Lu was 30 years old this year and had been in the industry for 10 years now. She was older than Su Yimo, Zhao Meixin, and the artiste who criticised her, Liang Biqin.

However, she really had no fate for fame. All these years, she could not increase her popularity, so in recent years she had to resort to being an extra.

It was not about how long you had been in the entertainment circle, but more about how famous you were. Even if you entered the industry earlier, in front of these people, you still had to respectfully call them "Sis".

Initially, for a small character like herself, she did not care if people made life harder for her. Only recently did she realize her luck had improved and she was spotted by a director to take on a more prominent supporting actress role which was also wanted by Liang Biqin as well.

Li Biqin was Su Yimo's cousin, and she used Su Yimo's power in the company to do as she wished. This time, an extra got the role that she sought after, so how could she not want to mess with her?

At that moment, there were more people watching in the hall. Everyone knew that Liang Biqin was obviously looking for trouble with her.

Yet, no one even stood up for her or dared to say a word. Instead, many people took the opportunity to echo Liang Biqin and started to scold Bai Lu too...

It was no exaggeration that Glory World Entertainment was Su Yimo's world. If anyone offended her and her posse, they had no hope of making it in the entertainment circle anymore.

As everyone around looked on without helping, Bai Lu could only surrender and pick up the soiled skirt, begging, "I guarantee that I can wash off the dirt on here..."

Liang Biqin crossed her arms and mercilessly kicked Bai Lu, "Take away your dirty hands! Wash? Are you kidding? How are you going to wash this? With your hands? Do you think we'd still want this expensive outfit after your coarse hands have washed it?"

When she was done scolding, Liang Biqin suddenly had an idea and held Su Yimo's hand to flightily say, "Cousin, this woman has been in our company for 10 years and she's still just an extra. Just doing such a small task turns into a clumsy job! It's too wasteful of the company's resources to keep someone like her, so we should just let her go!"

Liang Biqin's poisonous words and her cruel attitude made it seem as if Su Yimo really was the hostess of the company now...

However, Su Yimo obviously really enjoyed hearing this. Her expression immediately became lighter as she started to contemplate the suggestion seriously.



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