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(My Eyes! I Just Fixed It Now It's Blind Again!)

After the hug, she ransacked her brain for a random reason and said, "Thank you for Big Boss's care, thank you for the pleasure of knowing you, thank you for helping me resolve the conflict, just...thank you so much! I'm going to do my best at work and all that!"

With that, she flew off like the rush of a pink-colored wind...

As for Lu Tingxiao, he stood stunned in the same spot as if he had yet to understand what had just happened...

He returned to his senses after a long while and thought, did Ning Xi just hug him earlier?

They have known each other for a long time now, yet this was the first and only time that she made the first move...

He felt like he just smelt the fragrance of freshly blossomed flowers for the first time after climbing endless mountains and crossing icy rivers...

"Aiyo! My eyes! I just fixed them and now they're blind again! Why? Why do I have to always witness such destructive images? Jesus! What am I to you? Someone to be tortured?"

From somewhere, a whine disrupted the mood...

Lu Jingli popped out of nowhere and he closed his eyes as if he were in pain as he watched his brother floating on cloud nine after the hug.

"Why are you here?" Lu Tingxiao asked his brother with a goofy smile.

Lu Jingli was taken aback as he rubbed the goosebumps on his arm, "My brother, don't smile when you talk to me, it's making me nervous. I'm so not used to this..."

"Is there something you need me for?" Lu Tingxiao seemed to be conscious that his current emotions were not too controlled, so he cleared his throat and gathered himself.

"Nothing! Just that I saw Xing Wu driving over to secretly follow Little Treasure, I secretly followed them out too...oh, right, I even put this on Xing Wu! Hehehe..." Lu Jingli smiled cunningly as he revealed a micro-sized listening device. "He never would have thought that I was right behind them, right behind you!"

"Mmm, you did well." Lu Tingxiao was not stingy with his compliment.

Lu Jingli was so happy that he could fly, "Of course! I just heard earlier, Mother and Father are prepared to check your compatibility with those lady socialites at Fahua Temple. Bro, tell me, do we want to do something about this? For example, make those socialites' dates of birth to be incompatible with yours, then make Xiao Xi Xi's one be shockingly compatible! Who knows, this could make our parents change their mindsets! The old ones seem to believe this more!"

"No need for that," Lu Tingxiao rejected the idea without hesitation, "This is an insult to Medium Xuan Jing."

Xuan Jing was a genuine and sincere monk and he would not partake in such fabricated ideas.

Even though there was also Long Fanyin, based on his father's cautiousness, he predicted that the old man would definitely not believe his words. Such an action would backfire on him instead.

Lu Jingli held his chin as he contemplated, "Okay...if it's Xuan Jing then it's best not to do this! Besides, who knows if you and Xiao Xi Xi's dates of birth might actually be perfectly compatible?"

"Mmm," Lu Tingxiao actually nodded immediately and he had a steady, focused expression.

Lu Jingli held his hand to his chest in mock hurt.

"Okay, okay, bro, I'm not going to talk to you anymore. In the days to come, I don't want to be tortured anymore. I just want to leave quietly and find a small island to heal...I can finally go on a holiday, feeling assured with your current situation!"

When he thought about a long break of three months, Lu Jingli returned to his energetic self.

Ah! To leave this heartless land!

The beach! The sea! The beauties! I'm coming!



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