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(The Devil's Skills Upgraded!)

Lu Chongshan shook his head at the suggestion of Medium Long and said, "No way! That Long Fanyin does have some skills up his sleeves but he doesn't have sincere intentions. It would not be good if someone bribed him to fake the readings. It's not like such a thing hasn't happened in the past, no, let's not get him.

"Make a trip to Fahua Temple and look for Medium Xuan Jing instead. Even though it's slightly more troublesome, but he's much more reliable. The Lu group has been generous with donations for the adornment of the gold foil on the Buddha statue every year. If you go there personally, I'm sure he will do us a favor!"

Yan Ruyi nodded, "Alright, I'll look for Medium Xuan Jing then! This is not a small matter, so it doesn't matter if it's more troublesome, it's best to invest on reliability!"

This was when there was a thump that came from the front seat of the car. The telescope in Xing Wu's hand had accidentally slipped and fallen.

"Master, Madam! Big Master seems to have noticed us! Do we still continue spying?" Xing Wu asked in a shaky voice.

He felt like he would die a hundred times if he was discovered on the spot since he had been put in the position against the Big Master several times now!

Lu Chongshan had already found out about the matter he cared for the most. He looked over and saw that Ning Xi seemed like she was waving farewell to Lu Tingxiao and both parties were prepared to go separate ways. Since there was nothing much to see further, he was prepared to leave too, "Okay, let's go back!"

"Okay!" Xing Wu breathed a sigh of relief and immediately started the engine.

On the other side of the road, the first thing Ning Xi did after sending the little bun off was...

Of course to quickly run away!

"Well...CEO Lu, if there's nothing else, I'll make a move first! I have to shoot an advertisement for a gaming company today and I have to rush over together with Sis Zhizhi and the rest!"

After she said this speedily, she ran off without waiting for Lu Tingxiao's reply!

Then, in the next second...

When she had only gone two steps forward...

Her wrist was held in a vice grip and suddenly, she found that she could not move forward anymore. Instead, her entire body was pulled strongly into a warm embrace...

Lu Tingxiao held the girl's slim waist and hugged her tightly. He then said with a low and hoarse voice, "Don't go yet."

Ning Xi was shocked speechless.

Her brain lagged.

This devil...his skills have upgraded again!

At least, the last time he thought of asking for her opinion. Now, he just immediately hugged her!

Lu Tingxiao sighed helplessly and hugged her a little tighter, "I wanted to have a proper conversation with you but you keep hiding from me. Now it seems like this is the only way..."

Ning Xi questioned silently, so it is my fault now?

"Ning Xi, do you still remember? The last time you told me to be more careful and move around with more bodyguards..." Lu Tingxiao suddenly said.

When he mentioned this, Ning Xi's nerves immediately tensed up, "Of course I remember! Why? Did something happen?"

Lu Tingxiao patted her back in consolation, "Don't worry, it was nothing, I just wanted to tell you something."

"What is it?" Ning Xi was confused.

What she really wanted to say was as well was "Devil, please have mercy on me. I won't run away, just let go of me and we can have a proper conversation, okay?"

"NIng Xi, when you said all those things to me previously, I intentionally used make you worry about me, and also to be able to get close to you," Lu Tingxiao coughed as he confessed.

Ning Xi did not reply. Actually, there was no need to explain, she was not that dumb not to have realized this. So, what was he trying to say?


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