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(Motherly Emotions)

Then, a kid from the opposite stared at Ning Xi and exclaimed, "That kid's mom is so pretty!"

Other kids noticed too and echoed him.

"Like a princess!"

"Like a flower fairy!"

"Like a magical fairy!"

"I want her to be my mother too!" one of the kids said out loud.

The kid's father laughed and said, "Don't say such things, your mother wouldn't like it!"


When he heard all the other children's words, the little bun immediately hugged Ning Xi even tighter, as if he was preventing her from being ogled at. He acted in such a way like he was afraid that she would be taken away from him.

Ning Xi laughed and patted the little bun's head as a way of consoling him, "They're just joking!"

When she heard those descriptions of herself being called a princess, a flower fairy, a magical fairy and whatnot, she really felt quite embarrassed...

Because the little bun liked it when she wore pink, not only did she wear the hair clip the little bun had given her, she also wore a very feminine and princessy dress too. She had really given it her all!

As long as the little bun liked it!

At last, the remaining children eventually stopped crying as they were distracted by Ning Xi's presence. The teacher then quickly took the chance to lead them into the school.

Thus, only Little Treasure was left now.

Ning Xi hugged the little bun one last time with a heavy heart, then said, "Go on in!"

The little bun hugged the bento box in his arms and slowly walked in...

At first, he really did not understand why the other children cried, but after Aunty Xiao Xi came, he understood.

He was reluctant to leave Aunty Xiao Xi and he felt like crying too.

Ning Xi watched the figure of the little bun's back carrying his school bag and thought about how one day the little bun would grow up and become more independent. One day, he would finally, completely leave their protection and not need her anymore...suddenly she felt her eyes well up...

Jesus, what was up with these maternal emotions?

This was when a hand patted her on the shoulder, "Don't be sad, it's a good thing."

Ning Xi awkwardly nodded, "Mmm!"


Not too far away in a black car, Yan Ruyi had already gotten so emotional that she cried.

"God bless! God bless! No matter what, Little Treasure has finally gone to school smoothly!"

Probably because his prediction had been wrong, Lu Chongshan wore a stiff expression on his face. He coldly scoffed, "At least this woman knew her position and she knew what to do!"

Yan Ruyi sighed with a hand on her chest, "Haih! This burden on my heart is finally relieved!"

Lu Chongshan shot her a look, "Now you can finally put more time and effort into his marriage arrangements, right?"

Yan Ruyi wiped off her tears, "I know, I know! I'm almost done with choosing the candidates. Didn't I show you some of them earlier? I just need to send it to the medium to check their birth date compatibility!"

Even though there were not many people who still believed in such superstitions, in reality, the Feng Shui element was still something sought after within the upper-class social circles. Usually, before a marriage union, they still checked on fate compatibilities. After all, it was best to believe in something than nothing.

"Don't delay it any longer. Get this done within the next few days!" Lu Chongshan urged.

"But I haven't decided which medium to hire now. How about Medium Long? They usually look for him in Imperial for such things! He has a quite a reputation, that way we'd feel more assured too!" Yan Ruyi asked.


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