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(I'm not going anymore! There's no love anymore!)

Lu Chongshan could still maintain his composure to protect his image, but Yan Ruyi was already impatiently rushing Xing Wu who was holding the telescope.

"Xing Wu, can you see clearly or not? What's Little Treasure's current situation? The other kids have all gone to class now. Why's our Little Treasure still not moving?"

"Did something happen?" Lu Chongshan asked worriedly.

Xing Wu observed for a while then turned to explain to them, "The little Master is indeed experiencing some kind of problem now. I just saw little Master write that he doesn't want to go to school anymore! The big Master tried to advise him, but it still didn't work!"

Lu Chongshan's expression immediately changed, "See! I knew it, that women's words are not that powerful anyway! In the end, Little Treasure still won't go to school!"

"What...what do we do then? Wasn't he still fine last night? He even went out of the house obediently this morning! He's even already at the school's entrance! Why did he change his mind now?" Yan Ruyi was worried beyond comparison.

When Xing Wu heard their conversation, he cleared his throat and said, "The little Master suddenly changing his mind about going to school seems to be because of Miss Ning Xi's absence today. The little Master was probably hoping for Miss Ning Xi to send him off today too, so he's throwing a tantrum now..."

Lu Chongshan was immediately angered when he heard this, "Then why didn't she come? Did she need us to personally invite her? This is preposterous!"

"How about we actually invite her? It's more important for Little Treasure to go to school!" Yan Ruyi suggested.

Lu Chongshan immediately rejected the idea, "Definitely not! Don't come up with such bad suggestions! If there's a first, there will be a second time! If we ask for her help this time, the next time would be worse! She will use this incident to make even more ridiculous requests!"

"Then...what do you think we should do?" Yan Ruyi did not know what to do anymore. She was initially full of hope but now she was full of disappointment.

"Even if we personally invited her, I don't think she would come, because she knows that if Little Treasure were to fully recover, she wouldn't be of value anymore. There's no way she's hoping for Little Treasure to recover so quickly!" Lu Chongshan said this with a firm voice.

Well, if Lu Chongshan put it that way, Yan Ruyi finally understood...

Not too far ahead, the conversation between father and son was getting worse.

Lu Tingxiao asked again, "You're sure you don't want to to go to school?"

Little Treasure nodded very confidently.

I'm not going anymore!

There's no love anymore!

Lu Tingxiao looked helplessly at his son's little face, full of determination. He knew his son's personality very well - it was difficult to change whatever the little guy set his mind to. Thus, he could only hold his son's hand and prepare to leave, "Let's go home then."

The little bun curled his hand into a fist and remained in the same spot, refusing to move.

Until finally, the bell for class rang...

Aunty Xiao Xi was really not coming...

The little guy's big eyes were full of sadness and disappointment, as his head tilted down and he walked away robotically with his father...

Suddenly, at that moment, a clear voice shouted from the other end of the road, "My baby, Little Treasure!!!"

This voice was...

Aunty Xiao Xi's!!!

Little Treasure's face immediately lit up and he wrung free from his father's hand to run towards the direction of the voice.

As he listened to the sound of rushed little footsteps, Lu Tingxiao looked up to see her walk towards the school wearing Little Treasure's favorite pink dress with a pink colored crystal hair clip...



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