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(Little Treasure Is Not A Man)

After she hung up, Ning Xi lay on her bed again.

She did not manage to gather much useful news through this phone call, although the fact that that dude's activities have been more frequent within China was confirmed. If it had not been for some incident with the goods, he was really ready to return to the country...

She took in a deep breath, and finally replied Lu Tingxiao's message...

[Ning Xi: I'm sorry CEO Lu, I have work tomorrow. I don't think I can make it. Please help me tell Little Treasure that I'm sorry.]

She tossed the phone aside after replying as she dared not see Lu Tingxiao's reply...


Early morning the next day.

In front of a private kindergarten were sounds of children crying, all of them did not want to go to school or for their parents to leave.

At first it started with only one kid crying, but in the end, the sobbing turned infectious and all the other kids started crying too.

The teachers and parents were busy coaxing their children not to cry. As soon as one had been placated, another one would start crying, and then all their efforts would have gone to waste.

In the midst of this chaos, the smartest one was definitely the little bun who carried his little school bag, poker-faced.

The little guy held his father's hand and was not even bothered by all the chaos around him. He was focused, looking at the road leading into the school.

"Aiya, my children, please stop crying! Look at your little friend over there, he's so obedient! He's not crying at all!" Some teachers pointed at Little Treasure for the other children to see for exemplary behavior.

All the little ones looked at Little Treasure but instead, they saw the scary man beside him.

The next second, all the little kids cried even harder...

"He's caught by the big devil!"

"Mom, I'm scared..."

"Daddy, don't go, I'm scared..."

All the parents and teachers were speechless.

As the situation seemed to go increasingly out of control, the teacher felt like she had to step up to her job and walked up Lu Tingxiao nervously, "Uhh...hi there, the children are a little afraid of you. Do you think you could...leave first?"

Immediately, the temperature around Lu Tingxiao seemed to drop and there was an eeriness to him.

The teacher immediately backed away and dared not say more. She quickly walked far away. Even the teacher was afraid of Lu Tingxiao!

Lu Tingxiao looked down at his son's little head, then said, "Don't bother waiting anymore, she won't come."

Little Treasure lifted up his head to shoot his father an angry look, then stood his ground determinedly.

Time slowly passed...

Soon, it would be time to go into the class...

All the parents had already cruelly pushed their little ones into the classroom...

Ning Xi still had not come...

"Go on," Lu Tingxiao had no choice but to say something again.

This time, the little bun started writing something, then raised it to show his father: [Little Treasure does not want to go to school!!!]

Lu Tingxiao squinted his eyes, then his face darkened, "You're not a three-year-old kid anymore. As a man, are you going to break your promise?"

The little bun started to write again: [Little Treasure is a kid! I'm five, I'm still a kid! Little Treasure is not a man!!!]

After he finished writing, he looked at his father with a pained "Daddy, stop trying to trap me" expression.

Well, this sentence did not work on him...

Lu Tingxiao was speechless. Sigh, when your kid has all grown up, he was not that easy to trick anymore...

At the same time, around the corner not too far away from the school, a black car came to a stop.


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