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(Not A Mole, But An Undercover Spy!)

Annie coughed slightly, then said with an awkward, "Boss...he...several days ago, in the dead of the night, he sat on the deck..."

"He sat on the deck to do what? Can you just say it in one go? You're making me anxious!" Ning Xi was about to break down.

"He sat on the deck for the whole night and wrote a love letter!" Annie blurted out. She did not even need to imagine that on the other end of the phone, the girl's face must be blushing red right at that moment...

Ning Xi was annoyed, "I thought you were going to tell me something really outrageous, but that's it? Why did you have to stutter forever?"

Annie mumbled, "Bro Xi, big boss's love letter was written for you, wasn't it?"

"Mmm..." Now it was Ning Xi's turn to hesitate.

Annie carefully chose her words as she found it difficult to go on, "Big boss's writing skills are need of some working on...the deck was filled with crumpled up paper from a whole night of writing. Some of the other bros saw that and could not help but to help suggest to him what to write. They all ended up getting beaten up by him. The boss insisted on writing it himself..."

He had actually spent a whole night writing those few sentences...

Ning Xi buried her face in her hands, "Haha, I hope that he will use this perseverance to work on other aspects..." Such as not messing with her anymore...

Ning Xi paused, then continued to ask, "Apart from this, were there any other unusual habits?"

"Nothing, Bro Xi!" Annie answered confidently, then deliberated for a moment and added on, "Actually, come to think of our recent movements, it has been a little unusual!"

"What's unusual about it?" Ning Xi immediately asked.

"For example, our movements in China seems to be increasing...also, Big Bro wanted to return to the country several days ago, but because a very important cargo suddenly had issues, he has been spending the past few days dealing with it!"

"Is that so?" Ning Xi frowned. Increasing activity within China? I wonder if this is related to Lu Tingxiao...

Ning Xi then nodded, "Okay, let's just leave it at that first. If there are any more oddities, remember to report to me immediately!"

Annie sounded unwilling, "Uhh, Bro Xi, this wouldn't be too good right? I don't want to be a mole!"

Ning Xi's lips curved into a smile as she reminded, "Annie please, you only care about your big boss now, so Bro Xi is no more, huh? Who saved you once upon a time?"

Annie became anxious, "Bro Xi, of course I didn't forget. It was you who saved me!"

Ning Xi nodded, satisfied, and she said, "Good! So, you're not a mole! You're an undercover spy! Understand?"

Annie replied, "Oh...understood..."

"Mmm, good, okay, I'm hanging up now!"

"Hold on, Bro Xi..."

"What is it?"

"Bro Xi, is there really no way for you to ever return again?" Annie said as she took on a melancholic tone.

Ning Xi listened to the sound of the ocean from the other end and slowly closed her eyes. She mumbled, "When someone has been in the dark for too long, it's inevitable that one will be drawn towards the light. The days in my past have indeed been very carefree, yet my heart was like a plant with no roots...I couldn't find meaning for my existence...even though the days now are hard and restrictive, I'm enjoying this challenge, enjoying this feeling of having a you understand?"

"Bro Xi, are you serious? Or are you just pretending to be cool?" the other end of the phone replied with Annie's uncertain tone.

Ning Xi didn't say anything.

Fine, it was her fault, she should not have messed with the naive little girl. Now she has really dug herself into a pit...



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