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(I’m Just A Girl)

Suddenly, her hardship over the years came to mind and a lot of mixed feelings welled up in her…

She had always thought that what she had been doing all along was useless, that no matter how much effort she put in, no one ever saw it. But today she found out that there was at least one person who paid attention to her.

Bai Lu was a little excited and with a shaky voice, she said, "Thank you...Ning Xi, I’m really thankful! As for getting an award...I wouldn’t even think about it as long as I can stay in the company and make ends meet…"

Bai Lu then smiled bitterly, "Actually, I’ve thought of a career change before, but I’ve realized that 10 years is far too long and acting has already become a part of my life. I don’t know anything else aside from acting…"

Ning Xi understood how Bai Lu felt and she continued to encourage her, "Sis Bai Lu, I have a hunch! You’ll get popular! My hunches are usually very accurate!"

Bai Lu smiled at Ning Xi. Even though she knew that she was comforting her, she still felt touched. "Hopefully, it’ll come true!"

"Ah! It’s time! I’m already late! I’ll talk to you next time! Goodbye, Sis Bai Lu!" Ning Xi looked at her watch and realizing that she was already half an hour late, she quickly parted with Bai Lu and ran upstairs.


Ning Xi reached Ling Zhizhi’s office, panting.

Jiang Muye was really annoyed. When she saw her, he tossed aside his game console, "Ning Xi! You did this on purpose, didn’t you? You make me wait so long every single time! Do you know how much money I earn every minute? Do you know how precious my time is?"

Ning Xi said self-righteously, "Blondie, are you even a gentleman? I’m a girl, what’s wrong with waiting for me for a while?"

Jiang Muye almost fell off the chair, "Huh, a girl? Now you realize that you’re a girl!"

Why did she not remember that she was a girl when she hit him back then?

"I’ll be one whenever I want to be!" Ning Xi replied him indignantly, then she walked towards Ling Zhizhi apologizing, "Sis Zhizhi, I’m really, really sorry! Something got in the way and made me late! Sorry for making you wait!"

Jiang Muye was already used to this biased treatment.

While Ling Zhizhi was used to their arguments, she looked at her warily and said, "Got into trouble with Su Yimo?"

Crap! Sis Zhizhi found out!

Ning Xi was shocked, then proceeded to pour praises, "Sis Zhizhi, you even know about that! It just happened practically a few seconds ago! You’re like another Zhuge Kongming! You know everything without even needing to step outside!"

Jiang Muye was speechless.

Ling Zhizhi stayed silent for a few seconds, then looked at her, "The news was spread all over the company network."

"Uhh…" Ning Xi was at a loss for words. She had praised her for the wrong thing!

"Hmm, so it's all over the network...everyone just loves to gossip, don’t they?"

"What? Trouble with Su Yimo? What happened?" Jiang Muye felt left out and he walked towards Ling Zhizhi’s table and took over her computer mouse.

Because Jiang Muye came over, Ling Zhizhi appeared a little uneasy but she returned to her usual calm expression quickly.

Ning Xi went over to look at the screen as well and she did not notice Ling Zhizhi’s slight change in expression.

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