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 🎻🎻Rocks High💥💥

(🌟Romeo x Baby💜)






The door opened and I didn’t stand to see whoever it would be. I turned and ran.

“STOP PLEASE. IM NOT GONNA HARM YOU. I COME AS A FRIEND,” The female voice immediately said.

I stopped and turned. The streetlights made me see her.

She wore a white short skirt and a pink crop top with cute pink slippers on her feet. She look like wealth. Her car said it all.

“Please im not a murderer or a kidnapper. I come as a friend,” she said. A man stepped down and stood behind her.

He look like a guard. Her guard.

She began to advance towards me. I didn’t shift back though I was still scared.

She soon got to me, standing a bit away.

She look so beautiful. I haven’t seen anyone so beautiful like the girl standing abit away from me. She smelt of wealth.

“Hi, I saw you sitting there by this time, are you okay at all?” she asked.

I shook my head as a tear rolled down my eye.

She drew closer.


“My foster mom chased me out because her money is missing. She said I should find it or else I shouldn’t come back home,” I said in tears.

“Where is your home?” she asked.

“There?” I pointed.

“So did you stole the money?” she asked.

I shook my head. “No.”

“Come with me. You’ll go back to your home tomorrow,” she said and let out her hand.

I bowed. “Please I don’t want to be a burden to you and I don’t know you,” I said.

She smiled. “Im Lala Mae Iris. You should know about my father, Mae Iris. Im not harmful. I just felt like helping you,” she said. “Come on, let’s go, it’s late.”

I bowed. “Do you really want to help me ma’am?” I asked.

“Yeah, come,” she said and took my hand. Her hand felt like the softest thing i’ve ever touched and she smelt of verrry expensive perfume.

I still felt scared of her cos im scared of the rich people but her smile is so warm and friendly.

“Go in,” she said and I did, entering the back seat. She joined and the man shut the door.

The man entered the driver’s seat.

Oh he’s her driver.


[Rocks angels mansion]

👑Queen Shana👑

I went through rocks high instragram page and smiled with satisfaction and pride when I saw pictures and videos of I and Romeo today in school.

I logged into whatsapp and went to Rocks angels whatsapp groupchat.

Debbie, Cassy and Nuella is online.

They were talking about the show at Miami on thursday.

Cassy mentioned about ‘Jax Levy’ coming

‘Wow Jax Levy is an American singer and model. He’s super hot! and his father is a billionaire.

Meeting Jax Levy would be amazing.

I logged out and decided to play game on my ipad. Romeo would be sleeping by now. He sleeps before 10pm.

I know his all his likes and dislikes. I know every single thing about my boyfriend for the ten months we’ve been dating.

I was playing game on my ipad when Zee appeared.

I rolled my eyes angrily at her little self.

“I told you Zee not to come uninvited. What if I was with my boyfriend or even naked with him!?” I said.

“Im sorry queen Shana,” she said.

“So what is it?” I asked.

“I just came to say goodnight,” she said with a smile.

I eyed her angrily, “Then leave!”

“Not just goodnight. I came to tell you that I sense a presence. It seem very far away but I’ll try my best to find the presence and end it cos it appear very bad.” she said.

I looked at her. “Presence? is it coming to this mansion?”

“I don’t know. It’s really hidden but it seem like it gonna be a problem to us if it finally reveals itself.” she said.

“Then find the presence or whatever and end it!” I said.

“Yes I will try,” she said and disappeared.

“A presence? what presence could that be?” I muttered.

Well let her find it and end whatever it is.

I went back to the game.


[Lala’s residence]

🍀🍀Baby Baby🍀🍀

“A pajamas for you after your bathe,” Lala said and the maid stretched the cute looking pj to me.

“Have this room for tonight, feel comfortable. If you want anything, just press thripple 5 double 6 and a 7 on the landline and talk to a maid who picks up about it. I’ll see you in the morning, I really need to sleep now and once again, I love your name Baby,”Lala said.

I bowed to her. “Thanks so much ma’am,” I said.

“Goodnight Baby,” she said.

I bowed again to her.

She smiled and walked out.

“There is the door to the ensuite. Have your shower and do you need anything?” the maid asked.

I shook my head.

She smiled. “Alright, goodnight,” she said and walked out

I hugged the pajamas that look so cute.

All my life i’ve never been in a such a beautiful house and in a beautiful room like this.

This looks like paradise on earth.

I touched the bed.

So big and soft and everything is all pink.

I stared at the door the maid said is the ensuite door.

Ensuite. What is ensuite?

I walked to the door and touched it. Smooth.

I held the doorknob and slowly opened the door to behold heaven.

Is this one an ensuite or another bedroom?

I slowly walked in. Even the floor felt warm like a bed. A bathtub, Jacuzzi, shower cubicle, bidet, WS, bathroom cabinet and other things I don’t even know.

I walked to the tall cabinet with a full length mirror door.

I stared at my full self in the mirror door.

My hair look so messy, my eyes are swollen. My clothes very dirty and worn out.

I had forgotten I was still hugging the pajamas untill I tried packing my hair and something fell on my legs.

I screamed and flinched away in fright thinking something had come to swallow me only to find it’s the cute pj.

I picked it up without bothering if it had gotten dirty or not.

I can even sleep on this floor because it’s more beautiful and warm than my small bed.

I opened the tall cabinet to see different types of toothbrush, body soaps, tooth pastes, body foam, sponge, hair cream, shaving sticks, body oil, showercaps, hair dryer and so many other things.

I picked out a brush to find it written, electric brush.


I dropped it back and picked a non electric brush and applied past on it.

I picked out a pink flowery showercap and wore it on my head.

Wow it look so cute on me.

I picked out a body soap and sponge.

Wow the soap smell so expensive.

I closed back the mirror door and dropped the pj on the towel rail lined up with different colours of towel, unused.

I went to the silver sink and brushed my teeth.

After brushing, I droped the brush on a beaker fixed at the side of the sink and walked to the Jacuzzi and touched it.

Hah! Who will even use this one, I don’t even know how to climb in.

I went to the shower cubicle and opened the glass cubicle.

I remember i have not taken off my clothes. I did and dropped them then went into the shower.

I saw three switch; Hotwater switch, warmwater switch and coldwater switch.

I switched on warm water and groanee in pain as the warm water poured on the arm where Jina’s cane lashed on.

After bathing and towelling my bod, I dressed up in the pajamas and I swore instantly that I can wear it to work.

It doesn’t even look like pj. It must be veryyyyy expensive.

First time im wearing something so expensive.

I fell on the bed and hugged one of the pillows.

Ahhh too soft and smooth.

If I could wish for anything now, it’s to live here forever.




The continous calling by someone was what what woke me up from my dreamful sleep.

I hugged the soft pillow, not wanting to open my eyes and stand up from this bed.

“Please you have to wake up now, young madam is dressed for school and wants you to dress up so you can go back to your home. Wake up now, you really have to wake up right now, Hello hellooo,”

I sighed and opened my left eye to see the maid, another maid not the other one, standing in front of me in her maid dressing of white pinafore over a black dress.

I opened the other eyes and yawned.

She held a new clothe, folded neatly. For me?

“Goodmorning, please get up and take your bathe, dress up and come downstairs, call the landline once you are done so i’ll lead you to the sitting room, young madam wants to take you back to your home,” she said and dropped the neatly folded clothes on the bed with a new slippers on top it, then walked out.

I yawned again and cuddled the pillow.

Ah. I don’t want to get up here. This bed look like heaven.

But hah! I have to hurry up, I wouldn’t want to anger my angel who saved me.

I sprang up from the bed and rushed to the ensuite.

I brushed and had my bathe, using the hand shower this time, I wouldn’t want to waste time drying my hair.

Soon, I was out.

I layed out the clothes.

Pink undies, jean high-waist trouser (hah! Jina will kill me if she sees this one on me) and a black shirt.

Ahh they are too expensive.

I wish I could drop back this trouser. It’s too expensive and Jina would kill me for wearing high-waist things. Even the top is up! and would show my stomache.

No, I can’t wear this things.

I went to the landline and pressed thripple five, double six and a seven.

I placed it on my ear and a voice came in.

“Maid Bamie,”

“Pleaseee I don’t want this clothes brought to me. I can’t wear them,” I said.

“Which type of clothes do you want?”

“A trouser that is not very tight and not a high waist, a long sleeve top that will cover my stomache, thank you,” I said.

“Alright, it would be brought to you shortly,” she said and the line ended.

Did she just say shortly? Do they sell clothes in this big house?

To avoid anyone seeing the cane mark on my arm, I rushed back into the ensuite and wore my jacket ontop the towel I tied on my body . It was then I remembered that I have a phone.

I searched on my trouser pockets and found it. I had left it inside my trouser pockets and hung the trouser on the rail.

I booted it. It has switched off. When it booted on, it cried of 5% batthery low.

I sighed and walked out of the ensuite with it.

Just then the door opened and the maid who brought the first clothes, brought another clothes.

“Here, this is your choice,” she said. I took it and unfolded it and it was just what I told them.

Ah.. better.

“Hurry up, now please,” she said and walked out.

I quickly pulled on the undies, followed by the jean trouser and black long sleeve shirt.

I went to the full length mirror beside the dressing table and stared at my self.

I look expesivee.

Second time im wearing something so expensive.

I repacked my hair and did the fringe well.

I slide my feet into the cute slippers, then took my phone and went to the landline. I called the same number, telling the same Bamie that im done.

In a minute, the door opened and the same maid walked in.

“Are you Bamie?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.

I was about walking out when I remember my phone. I rushed back and picked it up.

She led in front and I followed behind her, with my eyes all over every place.

Everywhere smelt of unfinishing wealth.

I carefully took my steps on the staircase with care so I wouldn’t fall. I can even see my shadowy reflection on the tiles.

I finally got down to the large sitting room and she led towards another small step, climbing it, I found myself in front of a long dinning room with expensive table and chairs that look like it was made of gold.

Lala, and her mom sat down while three maids stood a bit away, in line with their heads facing down. Bamie joined them.

Different types of meals, fruits and drinks were on the table.

I bowed to them, bowed and bowed again. Lala’s mom frightens me.

“Goodmorning ma’am, goodmorning,” I greeted, and bowed again.

Lala smiled while her mom just stared at me from my head to my toes. from my toes to my head.

“What’s your name young lady?” Lala’s mom asked.

“Baby ma’am. Baby Edric,” I said and she looked at Lala. Lala smiled.

“I told you mom. She told me her name is Baby, just baby, her real name.”

Her mom turned to me again.

“Lala had told me about you last night and this morning too, and she said she just liked you without knowing why,” Lala’s mom said.

I bowed. “Im grateful for her kindness ma’am. I could have slept outside last night, if she hadn’t helped me and brought me to your home ma’am. Thank you,” I said and bowed again.

She nodded.

“Well, my daughter here have never accepted to have a personal maid and if she indeed likes you then I would like to enploy you as her personal maid at least to save you from the hands of your foster mom,” Lala’s mom said.

I gasped happily.

“I would really love to be her personal maid ma’am, Thank you,” I said bowing severally.

Being a personal maid to this beautiful girl here and living twenty four hours a day here would be soo amazing.

She smiled, including Lala.

“Well, you might accept but your foster mom and dad would have to approve it. But don’t worry, I know how to do it,” she said with an assuring smile.

Wow, I love this woman.

Now I think Alisa was wrong when she said that all wealthy people are wicked and heartless to the poor and I believed her.

This people don’t seem so. They are the most caring people i’ve ever met.

“Go with the maids, they know what to do about your own food,” she said.

I bowed. “Thanks ma’am,”

“Baby, i’ll be waiting in the car for you,” Lala said.

I bowed to her and went away with two maids of the maids, one is Bamie.

They led me to the largest and well equipped kitchen i’ve ever seen in all my life.

Two cooks in apron were there, arranging pots and plates.

“Mrs Hania, Give her own food in a foodflask,” Bamie said to the chef woman.

She looked at me and I bowed to her.

I should. She is so older than me.

She smiled and put the food in a pretty flask for me.

She stretched it to me and I took it.

“Thanks ma’am,” I said and bowed.

She smiled. “What’s your name dear? you look so respecful,” she said.

“My name is Baby,” I said. She raised her brows.

I know she is suprised. Everyone who hears my name for the first time does. It’s not a new thing to me.

The maids looked astonished too.

“Wow, is that your real name or your nickname?” Mrs Hania asked.

“My real name ma’am,” I said.

“Wow, very sweet one,” she said.

I bowed. “Thanks ma’am.”

I finally left the kitchen and headed downstairs with Bamie.

We walked outside and I saw that same car of last night.

“Bye Baby, hope we see you again,” Bamie said with a smile.

“I will try and come back cos I like here, Lala and her mom,” I told her with my own smile too.

“You will love it here, please come back ok,” she said.

I smiled. “I will,” I said and walked to the car while she walked back into the house.

The door was opened by the same driver, Lala’s driver.

I bowed to him before entering.

Why would someone so older than me be opening the car door for me.

He closed the door.

I looked at Lala, with her hair fallen over her shoulders and a sweet looking eyelass on her eyes.

Her lips is just so cute. She was licking a lolipop.

Ah! Lala you are beautiful.

It was then that I saw the school uniform on her body.

This school uniform is like Rocks high school uniform. It’s rocks high school. The school batch on her left chest is written, rocks high school!

Wait a second Baby, you must be dreaming again.

I had met a rocks high student! first time I have met a rocks high sudent!! oh my God! that school, so expensiveeee and filled with idols and models!

“Rocks high school,” I had no idea when I said it.

She smiled.

“What about it?” she asked.

I shook my head. “Nothing at all but it’s my first time to meet someone who schools there.” I said.

“So are you happy to?” she asked.

“Yes, but im more happy that Im going to be employed in your home, I like it,” I said.

She smiled. “Im pretty annoying sometimes, can you bear it when I do?” she asked.

“Ofcourse, all my life, i’ve lived to bear things, both pains and maltreatment. I’d rather bear yours than my foster mother,” I said.

She smiled.

“Why did you re order a change of clothes, weren’t those ones prettier?” she asked.

I shook my head. “Nooo they are, but I haven’t worn something so tight and show off. Jina, my fostermom will kill me if she see me wearing them,” I said.

She smiled. She must love smiling alot.

Only her smile would make me wanna live with her. She’s so beautiful, a replica of her mom.

“So my mom and I would come either today or tomorrow to see your foster parents, if they accept for you to be my personal maid, you’ll go with us but if they don’t, I’ll get your contacts and we can be getting intouch,” she said.

Wow, I can’t believe a a rich and beautiful girl would want to have my contact so we can be communicating.

But it’s better I live with you and see you everyday than communicating wity you on phone. I won’t be able to see your beautiful face.

We soon got to the front of our old looking small house.

The car stopped.

“Thanks ma’am, I really appreciate,” she said but then I remembered the money.

Im still going to stay outside. I’ve not gotten the money.

Just then Lala opened her cute looking purse laced with gold chains.

She brought out notes of won and stretched it to me.

“There’s an extra, use it to make your hair look more good, it’s too messy, then buy yourself some new clothes,” she said.

Wow, I instantly felt like hugging her but I know I can’t. She’s too expensive for me to hug. So I bowed to her.

“Thanks so much ma’am, Im so grateful,” I said.

She nodded.

“Go now, I need to go to school, it’s getting late,” she said.

I bowed. “Bye ma’am.” I said.

“Please don’t forget to come ma’am,” I said and bowed again before stepping out of the car and closed the door.

It drove away.

I felt excited. I calculated the money and found 25,000won for just me!

I put it inside my jacket pocket and covered it well then I headed to the house with the flask and Jina’s money in my hand.

I opened the door and went in.

Jina is a very lazy woman.

She haven’t even bathe the twins talk more of dressing them to school.

They were just running around the sitting room with their sleeping wears.

“Baby is back!!!” Jeon shouted and rushed to me in a hug.

Sara rolled her eyes and headed to Jina’s room.

“Baby you are back, what’s this you are holding? money? food? where did you get them from? did you sleep outside? I was so worried about you Babyyy,” Jeon filled my ears wity questions.

Jina came out with Sara beside her with her arms crossed. Jina held the cane.

“Baby, did you come back with my money?” Jina thundered.

“Yes-” I was saying but Jeon answered it.

“Yes she did mom,” he said.

“Jeon get away from here this minute before I use this cane on you,” Jina hurled at Jeon and he ran away.

“Let me have it,” she said.

I gave the money to her. She counted it and saw it’s complete.

She gave me a suspicious look.

“How did you get this whole money? have you gone stealing people’s money?” she said.

“Nooo, I didn’t. Someone gave it to me and she promised to come by today or tomorrow to give you more,” I said.

She narrowed her eyes. “Really? who is she?” she asked, sounding interested.

“She’s very rich, you’ll see her soon,” I said.

“When she comes then. And what is that you are holding?” she asked.

“Foodflask,” I said.

“Let me have it,” she said and I gave it to her.

She opened it to behold the richman’s breakfast.

I closed it back. “She gave you this too?”

I nodded.

“Now dress this kids for school, take them to school and come and tie the beads and take them to sell,” she said and walked away with the flask.

Sara followed her.

Jeon came back to me.

“Do you know it’s dad that took the money? it wasn’t even all the money he took, he took just half but mom just wanted to punish you,” Jeon said.

“And she did,” I said.

“Sorry about it. I like your new clothe,” he said.

I smiled. “Thanks, come and take your bathe,” I said and carried him.

“Sara!” I called out to the replica of her mom.

I can’t wait to see Lala again.


[Rockstars Mansion]

[Rehearsal room]

Kelly pov

“Are you guys going to get serious this time or not!?” Romeo hurled for the third time.

“We will,” Jaden, Elvin and Jimin aswered.

“So why are you missing the steps over and over again, it makes me sick!” he said angrily.

“We won’t this time,” they said.

I chuckled.

It’s not like they don’t know the step, they are intentionally missing the dance steps so they can see a reason to make Romeo talk.

Romeo hardly talks to any of us. As the leader here, he should be very interactive with his crew but Romeo for ten months now, turned into some hard to speak and introvert someone.

Some say it’s pride because he’s a super wealthy idol and the best teen kpop singer with the best voice, best dance steps and best look.

But does his pride have to affect us too?

So this three guys here know what they are doing.

“You missed the step again Jimin, im not going to take that again!” he said.

“Look at the way my right leg goes, and then my left, it’s so simple, you are getting me annoyed,” he said to Jimin who bowed at him playfully.

“Sorry leader, I will get the step this time,” Jimin said.

“Right, you too Jaden. Don’t make me throw this sticks at you,” Romeo said to Jaden who smirked behind Romeo.

Elvin chuckled.

“One two three, go..” Romeo said and the beat record began.

🎶I think there is something special about you and me,🎶 Romeo sang first and we made the first dance step.

🎶Don’t your heart beat faster when you look at me.

just like mine do right now that I stare in your eyes.🎶 I sang my part.

🎶Tell me how do you breathe when I take your hands for a danceee,🎶 Romeo sang.

All voices came in. 🎶For a dance with meeee🎶

🎶Tonightttt, it’s so beautiful tonight with youuu🎶 Jaden sang.

🎶Come with me baby, Let’s get on this stage for a dance with you,🎶 Elvin.

🎶Tonight… I can’t get enough of you,tonight,🎶 Jimin sang

Then all voices came in; 🎶Tonightttt, We go’n dance all through the night, tonight.

We love, we go’n make this love tonight, tonight…

No one made mistakes again to avoid Romeo’s roar if his anger escalates.




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