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๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธRocks High๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต

(๐ŸŒŸRomeo x Baby๐Ÿ’œ)



Season 1⭐


(Seoul | Mae iris mansion)


“You should have let me go Lala,” I said as we sat on my bed.

“No way. I can’t let you, you are here to stay and you can’t leave now. I’m going to make sure you stay and I’m going to make sure you don’t leave Rocks high.” she said, taking my hands.

“But your dad, you should do what he wants.” I said as my tears gathered again. I’ve been crying for hours.

“My dad can’t do whatever he wants and I can’t do all that he wants. You are like my sister Baby and letting you go is like loosing a sister. You should know how important you are to me.” She said.

The door opened and Lala’s mom walked in.

“Lala, your dad wants to speak with you, I’ve talked with him and he seemed to be calmed now. Take it easy with your dad and I’m sure he will withdraw his words.”

“Mom, I don’t want to talk to him! He has never cared about my happiness. He has never cared about what I really want! I’m his only child, does he know how lonely that I feel to be the only child? Do he know how much I want to have a sister or even a brother? No, he doesn’t because he’s always away and think being the only child should be something I should be proud of. I am not proud of that and will never be!”

Her mom pulled her up and took her hands.

“We are sorry daughter. I am sorry, please forgive us, forgive me and forgive your father,” she said and hugged her.

My tears fell.

“We are sorry for not giving you a sibling yet. I am praying very hard dear that I could at least give you one before my opportunity ends.”

“How will you even be able to do that when you both are not always together, why are you two always away from each other and even have separate bedroom..ain’t you two couple mom?”

“Ofcourse we are. I’m sorry dear. Please do this for Baby, she’s the only sister you have for now. Go and talk to your father. I know he will change his mind and let Baby stay. Please.”

Lala bursted into tears and Mrs Mae iris patted her back.

“I wish he would be the kind of father that I want. I wish he could be the kind of father that I want,” Lala cried.

“He will, I promise you Lala, he will. Stop crying OK,” Mrs Mae iris said.

I wiped my own tears.

Lala withdrew the hug and smiled at her mom.

“I will go and talk to him mom, whether he changes his mind or not, Baby isn’t leaving here,”

She said.

“Be careful OK, talk calmly to him.” Mrs Mae Iris said.

“You are so afraid of him mom, why? I ain’t afraid of him and I’m going to make him see that I ain’t,” Lala said and with that she walked out.

“Lala wait,” Mrs Mae Iris called but lala had left.

I inhaled and stood up from the bed with my face down.

“It’s all my fault ma’am, I’m really very sorry.” I said.

She came over and placed her hands on my shoulders.

“No, it’s not. Come and sit down, I have something to tell you,” she said. I looked up and she was smiling.

She took my hand, pulled me to the bed and we sat down, facing the wardrobe mirror.

“You see, my husband and I weren’t this rich twenty years ago and at the first five years of our marriage, we had nothing much. We were quite poor because my husband was working in a local government which really wasn’t paying well and to make the problem worse, we were childless.”

“childless?” I asked.

“Yes, but then on the sixth year of our marriage, my husband started a business to support his civil servant work and things became a bit better but we were still unhappy because there was still not a child yet. His family kept telling him to divorce me and get married to another woman but my husband couldn’t because he really loved me and didn’t really care. He had hopes that we would have children in no time.

The seventh year passed, the eight, the ninth too and on the tenth year, things started becoming tough for us, my husband business began collapsing and he was accused wrongly at work which caused him his salary for five months and I couldn’t even go on with my beverage sellings because I suddenly fell ill and wouldn’t stand or sit for long without going to vomit, and sleep all day. I was really terrified, and i didnt go to the hospital either cos i was afraid of the bill. Then three months later, I noticed changes in my stomache and I wasn’t seeing my menstruation. My husband suggested for a test and I did the text and I was confirmed to be pregnant.”

I smiled.

“That pregnancy was Lala. Things became much tougher because I couldn’t really do anything. I wasnt really strong during my pregnancy,” she smiled. I smiled back.

“Well, we managed and kept managing and on the eighth month of my pregnancy, my husband and I decided to go on a picnic in a public beach were they weren’t any pay to do and a monk was passing by, he stopped and walked to us where we sat down, viewing the beach and eating burgers.

And this was what he said.

‘The day you will give birth to your child, marks the beginning of your wealth but if you don’t want to loose your wealth, she must be your only child.’

after saying that, he touched my stomache with a stink he held and walked away.

And the monk was right, the day after I gave birth to Lala, my husband mysteriously got a contract worth milions of won and the wrong accusation was fished out in his office a week later and he was paid an excess refine and given a high position in the office. He got so much money that he entered into politics and in just four years, we became very wealthy.

That is the reason why my husband had refused to have another child because he’s scared of going poor again. But we can’t tell Lala about this because we have no idea how she’s going to feel about it. I feel so sorry for her.”

I exhaled.

“I don’t really know what to say ma’am..” I said.

She smiled.

“You don’t have to say anything. I just told you what no one else knows apart from I and my husband and I don’t expect you to say anything or tell it to anyone but I want you to know the reason why I really want you to be beside Lala. She had never cared so much about someone like she is doing for you. She sees you like her sister and I really want you to be like a sister to her. Don’t think of leaving. I had talked to my husband and I’m certain he would change his mind.” she said.

I nodded. “I will stay ma, I will stay beside Lala and be like a sister to her,” I said.


“Yes I promise.”

She smiled.

Just then the door opened and Lala walked in with a smile, rushed over and hugged me.

“You don’t have to leave, you are staying and you are not leaving rocks high school as well,” she said.


She withdrew and hugged her mom.

“Mom, he listened to me. He accepted to let her stay and he promised to sign not just that, he promised to bring the fifth person.” Lala said.

Mrs Mae Iris smiled. “I’m so happy to hear this,”

Lala took my hand.”let’s go downstairs and eat.”

“um?” I mumbled.

She smiled. “Don’t be scared. He’s not going to do that anymore. Come on. Mom, you too.” She said.


We got to the dinning table and I moved back when Lala’s dad looked at me.

“Why are you standing? Have a seat,” he said.

I bowed and sat beside Lala.

The cook dished out my meals. Soma smiled at me. (remember, the maid who like Baby from the very day she came to the mansion)

With shaky hands, I picked the fork and began eating.

Lala kept smiling at me and giving me signs to feel comfortable but how can I?

When I couldn’t continue, I dropped the fork, stood up and bowed severally to Lala’s dad.

“Sir, I want to thank you very much for letting me stay in your humble home and for also being so kind in accepting to sign for me to continue my studies in rocks high.” I bowed again. “Thank you so much sir, God bless you more and more.”

He took his glass of water and drank instead, ignoring my gratitude.

“It’s okay Baby, sit down,” Lala’s mom said. I nodded and slowly sat back down and took back

My fork and inhaled.

๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•minutes later when everyone was done eating but I was still not, imagine me who would have finished eating in only three minutes.

I was still picking on my meal and I have no appetite to go on.

The maids packed the empty dishes leaving only mine.

“Are you okay Baby? ” Soma asked “if you are, then I will take the dishes and dispose the remain.” she said.

“No, I will eat it all.” I said.

She smiled and walked away.

I exhaled.

“Young Lady,” Lala’s dad voice made me flinch.

I looked at him, “Yes sir?”

“Lala said you are also her personal maid.”

“Yes sir.”

“Make sure you do your duties well.”

“Yes sir.”

He turned to his wife. “I will retire to my room now, come with me, we need to talk.” he said to her.

She smiled and stood up. “Goodnight daughter,” he said to Lala.

“Goodnight dad,” Lala said.

They walked upstairs.

“My anger is that they won’t do anything,” Lala mumbled.

I looked at her “Huh?”

She smiled at me. “Nothing, . Let’s go to my room.” She said.

“I’m I’m not done eating yet,” I said.

“You don’t want to eat either, gah-ja,” she said and pulled me up.

We headed upstairs.

“Are you going to see your family tomorrow?” She asked.

“Can I?” I asked.

“That was the rule your foster mom gave us, remember?” She said.

“Ah yes,” I said.


(Next Day)


I walked out of the car and smiled at our small house.

Now, I’m going to see these people again.

“I will call,” I waved at Ji woo and he drove off.

I exhaled and headed to the house.

When I got in, I saw Jeon and Sara drawing on their drawing books.

Jeon saw me first and jumped up. “Sister!!” he shouted, ran over and hugged me.

Sara stood up and walked away. To alert her mother of course.

I smiled at Jeon. “J, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine, I knew you were going to come. I’ve been drawing nonsense. Now you are going to help me draw a gift box, a table and a house.” he said.

I smiled. “I will help you.” I said and brought him down.

“Sister, what is inside the bag? You brought it for mom?” Jeon asked.

“Yes I did but i..” I searched inside the bag and brought out a chocolate. “I got this specially for you,” I said. He collected it and hugged me.

“Wow it’s so big. Thanks big sister.”

Mother and daughter came out.

I bowed “good morning Jina.”

She stepped forward and collected the bag in my hand.

“Where is mine!” Sara demanded rudely.

I smiled. “Of course I got yours too. It’s inside the bag.” I said.

Jina searched, brought it out and gave it to Sara.

“Help the children with their assignments and clean up the house before you leave,” Jinna said and with that, she walked away.

I exhaled and turned to Jeon. “J, where is your drawing, I will draw yours first.”

“Over here,” he said.

I walked over, sat down and picked his pencil.

“First I will have to erase these one’s you’ve drawn. They ain’t so good. Then hold your hand and we draw together, you know how we use to right?” I said.

He smiled. “Yes I do.” he said.

“Alright come here,” I said and he came over and sat between my legs.

Sara already was eating her chocolate and messing the whole place with it.

(Minutes later)

“Wow, we are done with yours Jeon. You like them right?” I asked.

He nodded. “They are much better,” he said.

Sara scoffed. “Not even a bit nice. You better draw mine much better than that. You can’t even draw,” she said.

“Sara, don’t talk to unni (big sister) like that. You should give her a lot of respect,” Jeon shouted at Sara.

“I can talk to her anyhow I want because I hate her and mom hate her as well,” Sara shouted back

“I can’t hate her. I love Unni!” Jeon said.

I smiled. “It’s okay guys. No more shouting. Sara, come over with your drawing book.”

She stood up and snatched her remaining chocolate on the table.

“Do my homework!” she said and walked away.

“Ah, she’s so arrogant..” Jeon said.

I touched his hair, smiling. “I’m glad you are different J,” I said.

“I know you are sad right now. Please don’t be. Do those people shout at you too?” he asked.

“No they don’t, they are very nice people.” I said.

The door opened wide and a drunk foster dad staggered in.

“…I have to drink to be happy all day and all night, to be free from the jail of unhappiness. If one want to be happy, he have to drink for looong hourrs ” he blabbed.

I stood up and pulled Jeon up. “Go to your room Jeon.. I will take care of dad,” I told him.

“Why should i? This isn’t the first, nor the second nor the tenth time I’ve seen dad drunk.” he said.

“J, come on, go.” I said.

“For the days you’ve been away. Mom let us watch dad drunk and talk for hours. She don’t bother to tell us to leave unlike you use to do. So I’m fine watching.” he said.

I sighed.

“Uh, wait a second… Isn’t that my daughter, she is right? Why’s she suddenly so tall and more beautiful”

He staggered forward and was about to fall but I held him.

“Over here dad, lie down,” I said and helped him lay on a cushion.

Aigh he smell of strong alcohol.

“Baby, did you bring money for your dad huh?” he asked.

“I need money to buy more beers. I have to drink so much beers to be happy and fulfilled, understood, so bring money for me all the time.” he said.

I looked at Jeon and he shook his head.



(At Alisa’s house)

“You look so beautiful Baby. Wow.. Your hair and your skin. Money changed it all in just a week. Baby now I think I want to be like you,” Alisa said.

I laughed. “Stop joking around.. Lala is really nice and her mother too but you see her father, he almost scared me to death before he changed his mind.”

She smiled. “Thank God he did so you are going to be safe in rocks high from onwards.” she said.

“Yeah but I’m sure I’ll be getting bad remarks.” I said.

“It shouldn’t bother you at all. You should act like you don’t hear what they are saying.”

“I know.”

“I feel quite excited that Romeo saved you and called Kelly to come pick you. I think he still has that soft spot inside of him,” she said.

“I don’t really think. I know he has his plans. That heartlees jerk can’t save me for nothing. He does whatever his girlfriend ask.” I said.

“I think you are right Baby, you have to be careful about him.” she said.

“What about my crush, J.d?” she asked.

I smiled. “He’s hot but uhm Lala told me something weird about him tho,” I said.


“He loves women a lot.. Not only love, he is a pervert,” I said.



“Then that’s awful of him,” she said.

“The only rockstar I admire is Kelly.” I said.

“Kelly? Wait, do you crush on him?”

I exhaled. “I don’t wish to but I find myself crushing on him.”

“Well, it’s normal to crush on an idol. Don’t feel bad about it because he’s Lala’s boyfriend. Crushing on him doesn’t really mean that you want him or love him romantically.”

“Romantically?” I mumbled.

“You should know what I mean,” she said.

“Of course I do. Thats what I’m trying to think.” I said.

“What?” She asked.

I smiled. “I only crush on him as a person who has been nice to me. Its not anything serious.” I said.

She smiled. “I told you.”


[Rockstars mansion⭐]


I took out the necklace from my neck and stared at it.

I don’t understand, but when I look at this pendant, I try to think of memories that I can’t remember.

Why do it feel like I have a memory. A lost memory.

This necklace appear too precious that loosing it don’t dare come to my mind.

I touched the pendant for awhile before wearing it back.

One of my phone rang. I reached for it and picked it up.

Girlfriend calling.

I smiled and picked it up.

“hello bae” I spoke first.

๐Ÿ“ฒ”Let’s go out for a ride,”

“A ride, I don’t wanna be in the newspapers tomorrow.” I said.

๐Ÿ“ฒ”We gonna use face disguise. I just feel like riding with you around the city.” she said.

I smiled. “Alright babe, I will come pick you up in an hour time.”

๐Ÿ“ฒ”I’ll be waiting. Hurry up please, I love you”

“I love you more baby,” I said and the call ended.

I smiled.




Ji woo(lala’s driver) pulled up.

“Ahh he’s here. You should get going now.” Alisa said then exhaled. “Phew. You are quite a lucky girl Baby, you have a driver to bring you and take you. Drive you to school and everywhere you want to go. Lucky you girl. Im so happy for you bestie. High five!” She said and raised her hand for a high five.

I laughed and brought down her hand. “Stop being extra funny Alisa. That’s Lala’s driver. He only drove me cos he got permission from his boss.” I said.

“Ah that’s right but still, ain’t you lucky to have someone’s driver drive you around. Come on, you are the luckiest girl in Seoul, high five!” she raised her hand for a high five again.

“Ah ani o, let’s hug instead. A goodbye hug.” I said and hugged her. “Goodbye for now Alisa, see you next Sunday. I will miss you sooo much.” I said.

“Me too bestie,” she said.

We withdrew and hugged again. “Bye friend,” she said.

“Bye friend.” I said.

We withdrew and I stood up.

“I will stop by at Jina’s house to say bye especially to Jeon.” I said.

“That’s nice. I wish I could go with you and ride in that car. It look so great but ani o..” She shook her head “..I don’t want to see your foster mom.” she said.

I smiled. “That’s okay. I will go now.”

“Oh my before I forget Baby, my mom surprisingly asked of you two days ago. I told her where you are now though I excluded your new school. She seem to be happy for you. I was surprise really. I think I would tell her that you came around, should I?”

I smiled. “I’m happy that your mom asked about me. Please let her know that I came and extend my greeting to her.” I said.

She smiled. “I will, go now. Bye.”

“Bye.” I waved, walked to the door, entered the passenger’s seat and fixed my seatbelt.

We waved at each other till I couldn’t see Alisa anymore.

I exhaled and smiled.

“Do you want to say bye to your parents?” Ji woo asked.

“Ah yeah, right, please.” I said with a smile.

I saw him smile through the rear view mirror.


He pulled up in front of our house and I came down and ran in.

Dad was still asleep on the couch. No one else was in the sitting room.

“Jeon?” I called.

“J?” I called and headed to their room. I opened the door and saw him sleeping.

I smiled, walked over, squatted and caressed his hair.

“I will be going now J, I was going to ask you what you want me to buy for me when next I’m coming but you are asleep now. I have something in mind, I hope you like it. I will go now. Bye Baby’s favorite.” I said, kissed his forehead, and covered him well with his blanket.

I exhaled, stood up and turned to leave.

“Sister, will you buy me sunglasses and a new watch, the one that sparks of lights?” Jeon said.

I turned and he was smiling, his eyes half opened.

I smiled. “I will buy all that for you OK.”

“Thank you. I can’t wait!” she said.

I smiled. “So where is mom and Sara?”

“They went out. I think to see mom’s friend.” He said.

“And they didn’t take you along? You are home alone with dad?”

“I didn’t want to go. I don’t like that lousy friend of hers. I would rather sleep,” he said.

“You mean Auntie Morin?” I asked.

“Yes, you have to go now sister, it’s getting dark.” he said.

I smiled. “Alright then, sleep some more. Bye J.”

“Bye sister,” he said, smiling.

I turned, opened the door and left. I left the house and entering the car, Ji woo drove off.



[Somewhere in Seoul๐ŸŒƒ]


“Ahh it feels so’s been a while I’ve felt this atmosphere. Feel so cool and natural.” I said.

He smiled.

“Have some ice cream,” I said, placed the cup of ice cream to his lip and he took small.

“I know you don’t really like ice cream a but this is super sweet, right?” I smiled and cleaned his mouth with a serviette.

“Yeah, whatever you want is okay by me babe,” he said.

I smiled. “Awwwn lovely,” I kissed his cheek.

“That doesn’t feel too good,” he said.


“The kiss,” he said.




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