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 ๐ŸŽป๐ŸŽปRocks High๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ



Episode 19


(Rocks High School)


“Soya, could you lead in this song?” Ms Cรฉce aaked.

I shook my head.


I pretended to cough and sneeze. “I’m having cough and cold too.” I said.

The class bursted into laughter.

“Sorry about that.” Ms Cece said.

“Thank you,” I said.

An hour later๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•

“Wow, it was a great class today. Im glad everyone sang perfectly except Soya who is having a cough. Well, From next week, you know what it is right?” Ms Cece said.

๐ŸšบParadise trip!!!”๐Ÿšบ they said aloud. They seem so excited about it.

What’s paradise trip?

“From the three songs we’ve worked on, we are going to nominate one for the competition with other music classes. Bluebells had always been on the win. We must not loose this year. Any music class that wins, gets to sing rocksworld national song on the stage with the twelve idols, and also take pictures and get gifts from the two bands. From the three songs, ‘Angel’s wings, Love me softly, and Calms, you are to submit your nominate tomorrow. from next week, we gonna practice very hard on the song that gets the highest vote. We will also pick out a leader.” when she said that, her eyes landed on mine, I wonder why.

“For those who haven’t gone to paradise trip, its a three days trip and there’s a lot of fun, games and sites to see . Its greatly organized and sponsored by Rocksworld. And the trip is next two weeks. We are to leave on thursday and return on Sunday.”

“I will take my leave now, see you tomorrow.” She said with smiles, picked her book, and walked to me, still smiling.

“Can you do me a favour?” She asked.

“What ms?” I asked.

“How do I help in making your cough go away. Bluebells really need you and your angelic voice from next week,” she said.

I swallowed hard, inhaled and exhaled. “It will be gone before next week,” I said.

She smiled and touched my shoulder. “I believe that, bye,” she said.

“Bye ms” I said and she walked away.

I breathed out.

I’m I really good at lying?

I didnt want to sing and have my voice recorded again but I’m afraid from next week I have to sing and sing.

I’m scared.

I closed my music book.

‘BAM!’ A hand hit on my desk. I looked up and I’m sorrounded. They all had their faces like ‘angry birds’

“Don’t think you are going to paradise trip.” One said.

“Oh she must be smiling, thinking she has the most amazing voice here.”

“Well everyone here knows who’s gonna be the leader.”

“Who?” They asked at the same time.

“Me of course.”

They rolled their eyes at the girl and walked away.

She smiled and walked away too.

I have no idea what their names are and I don’t even want to know.

I shook my head, picked up my book, stood up and walked out, heading towards the school pool.


Getting to the school pool, there was no Debbie but only the beautiful sight of the swimming pool.

I stood, waiting for her. I know as an rocks angel, she’d want me to come here first and then wait for her.

Ahh, what I’m saying.

“Hello Soya,” he voice called behind me. I turned and saw her approaching with a smile.

“Did you wait for too long?” she asked.

“No,” I said.

She smiled. “Come over there, let’s seat. Im not good at standing unless when I’m on stage,” she said.

I smiled, “Okay.”

We walked over to the pool chaise and sat down.

I stared at her beautiful face. All the rocks angels look just too hot and beautiful. They put whatever clothe they want to school and they make sure they expose so much.

“I heard your song yesterday, I was amazed. Who would think you have such amazing voice.. It was really wonderful.” she said.

When I didnt even put all my best.

“Did you go to a voice training?” she asked.

“No” I answered.

“Wow, should I believe that? I don’t really think.” she said, not taking off the smile on her face.

Silence fell for ten seconds before she chuckled and looked at me, with same smile.

“Can I ask you something?” she said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Among the among the six idols, who do you crush on most?” She asked.

My heart skipped and sank.

“You must have a crush on all of them I guess but there is one you crush on most, so can I know?” she said.

I swallowed hard.

Its Kelly but how can I tell her, it appear that she likes him too and again, he is Lala’s boyfriend. Lala mustn’t hear that I have a big crush on him.

“You don’t?” She asked.

I shook my head, “no.”

She smiled, “What about Kelly? I thought you two know each other. He saved you more than twice and said to everyone That he knows you.”

I felt hot and uncomfortable.

How can I tell her its was all for Lala, his secret girlfriend.

I can’t. What do I say? I’m stuck.

“Don’t you wanna share it with me?” she asked.

I swallowed as an idea popped into my head and because I had nothing else to say, I said it; “I think he saved me cos he think they were acting wrongly.” I said.

She chuckled. “Come on, the Kelly that I know had never saved any victim before but only you.. I think maybe he likes you.” she said.

I thought I lost my breath for a moment and couldn’t say anything about it. I didnt want her to push the topic further.

“Can I tell you a truth?” she said.

I stared at her, not saying anything.

Her phone vibrated and she clicked on it. Her wrists were beautified with gold wrist chains and wristwatch. and her fingers with two gold rings.

“Paradise trip next two weeks.” she muttered before locking her phone back.

“The truth,” she began, “is that I’ve liked Kelly from voice training school, but I couldn’t tell him cos the rocks angels where put far away from the rockstars, we only meet once in two weeks or more and it was always on general training. After three years of graduating and we came to rocks high, we became nearer. A year passed and I couldn’t hold my feelings anymore so I told him about it but he stepped on my feelings.” She chuckled.

I breathed out.

“..It baffles me that he doesn’t have a girlfriend but don’t want me, it makes me sick and sometimes I can’t hold back my tears,” she said.

I sighed.

She looked into my eyes, “Soya, tell me, ain’t I beautiful and hot enough? I’m sure you’ve listened to few of my songs, isn’t my songs exciting and amazing?”

She look so hurt that I couldn’t help but feel sorry and sad.

“Tell me, Soya,”

“You are very beautiful and your songs are amazing.” I said.

“Then why don’t he like me?” she asked.

I swallowed.

She smiled and stopped her gaze at me. “Anyways, I’m never gonna give up cos I can’t accept anybody else but him.” she said.

Her phone began ringing and she picked it up.

๐Ÿ“ฒ”Hello. Alright, I’ll be there in a minute,” she said and ended the call.

“We have to go now. Before that, I wanna tell you something.” she said.


“In your song, you mentioned ‘Baby’ I think you should stay close to Lala cos they might come asking you about that,” she said.

I inhaled.

If they do, then I’m gonna say out my real name and who I am and I’m gonna start now.

“Did you know already?” I asked.

“What?” she asked, as she got up. I got up.

No, I can’t tell her. I have to think first.

“Thank you for telling me about it,” I said.

She smiled.



She hurried away and I breathed out.

‘I’m tired of bearing Soya Biak anyways, if they wish to know, I will tell them and leave this school. I know Lala will be disappointed but I don’t wanna keep being like this.’

With thoughts running through my head, I made my way towards the class building but met Lala at the hallway.

“Where did you go to?” she asked.

I smiled. “Class ended pretty early so I decided to stroll around the school. It was fun,” I said.

“Next time while doing that, hold your phone. Seriously do you think people buy phone to store inside their locker?” she asked.

“Biร ne,” I apologized.

She walked inside the homeroom and I followed her. We picked our bags and headed out of the building.

We got to the car and got in. At that moment the rock stars and rocks angels all walked out.

There were noises everywhere as girls and boys gathered, shouting their names.

“The rockstars are hottie,” Lala said, smiling. Her eyes on Rockstar Kelly.

I remembered Debbie. Somehow, I felt sad for her. She had know him first and liked him first but she delayed so much on telling him and when she finally did, he was already dating Lala.

Ji Woo zoomed off.

I recalled another thing that I have to ask Lala.

“Lala, can you tell me about paradise Trip?” I said.




⭐Kelly pov⭐

The meeting with the managers from the three industries had ended and we are flying back to the rockstars mansion.

Debbie kept staring at me and it was sickening. She won’t just keep off.

I have a girlfriend, how do I tell this to her! It gives me stings to know that I can’t show my girlfriend to the world right now.

How horrible.

Shana had her seat next to Romeo and kept talking to him while he smiled at her. The only person that makes him smile. What a privilege.

Nuella kept glancing at Lucky but shit, Lucky don’t like her.

I would have dated Debbie if I haven’t met Lala. I like Debbie, being the most well mannered rocks angel but I have Lala and I love Lala. Its only a little while and every single person will know that.

The jet landed in the field of the mansion and we stepped down. Romeo was actually the last to get down and everyone headed into the mansion.

“I’m hungry,” Elvin said aloud immediately we got in.

“You get hungry six times a day,” Jaden said and collapse on the couch.

Lucky sat beside him, picked the remote and turned on the TV.

Elvin walked to the landline.

Romeo was already gone upstairs.

I sat down and Jimin sat with me on the same couch.

“Paradise Trip in two weeks,” jaden said. “Who’s not gonna go?”

“I guess I and Romeo,” Elvin said.

“If such wishes do come true,” Jaden said and took his phone.

“He should have said that at the meeting,” Lucky said.

“And you’d be dead in a second by monsterious glares,” Baden said.

“Okay guys thats okay, I’m hungry and I need to eat.” Elvin said.

“Go to the fridge. We eat dinner at 7o’clock and this is 5mins after six oclock.” Jaden said.

“Ah thats right, I forgot the fridge,” Elvin said.

“This babe’s hot,” Jaden said. Elvin rushed over and grabbed the phone.

“Oh my goodness,, WTF?” Jaden said.

Lucky stood up and headed upstairs, Jimin followed him.

I got out my phone to text Lala.

It felt wonderful sitting beside her today and I had fun glancing at her from time to time.



( Mae Iris Mansion)


Sitting crossed legged at the center of my bed as I flipped through the three songs, confused on which to vote.

“I think I’m going to pick Angels wings. A song that talks about angels leaves the audience wondering and in a state of dreams of fantasy… But,” I scratched my hair. “..Love me softly is really beautiful and I love the refrain so much and the bridge too.. Maybe I would go for the song..”

I sighed. “I don’t want to drop Angels wings either. What do I do.”

Then an idea popped into my head and I jumped down the bed.

“I should go sing the songs to Lala and let her choose for me, yes” I said, wore my slippers and rushed out with the book.

I got to her room and knocked, and slowly opened the door and walked in.

‘Oh my God! she is making a video call. I should go and come back later.’

She turned and I bowed. “Biร ne, I will come back later,” I said.

“No, get a seat,” she said and turned back to her laptop.

๐Ÿ’ป”Who’s that?” I heard K’s voice ask. His voice is so charming.

“It’s Soya,” Lala answered.

๐Ÿ’ป”alright, we will talk some other time.” he said.

‘No oo, I should leave and come back later. ‘ I wanted to say but I couldn’t.

“Alright, goodnight, I love you” Lala said.

๐Ÿ’ป”Goodnight babe, I love you more. Muah,” he said and blew her a kiss

She did same and the call ended.

I exhaled and walked to her. She shifted and I sat beside her on the bed.

“So what is it?” She asked with a smile.

“Uhm about the paradise trip. The bluebells class have three songs to vote tomorrow in which only one should win and that one that wins will be used for the competition. I’ve trying to pick the song I will vote but I’m confused since the three songs are all interesting,” I said.

“So how do you want me to help?” she asked.

“I want to sing the songs to you so you could pick for me,” I said.

“I’m not good as picking the right one,” she said.

“You are,” I said.

She laughed. “Alright, please sing cos I really want to hear you sing. Its been a while,” she said.

I smiled.

“I will start with Angels Wings,” I said.

She gave a nod. “Alright.”



(Rocks angels mansion)

๐Ÿ’—angel Debbie๐Ÿ’—

The angels are all sitted at the living room.

Belina and Cassy have their eyes focused on the movie showing in the TV. Shana and Nuella sat together, focused on their iPads.

Rinah had a laptop, and playing games.

“I cant believe that Jaesung and Kim berle had broken up” Cassy asked.

“But he didn’t tell the reason..” Rinah said.

“I’m sure she cheated on him,” Belina

“How could anyone cheat on a guy as handsome as this guy?” Cassy said.

“I don’t think anything should break them apart. They began dating from the first year of serving rocksworld and it’s six years of relationship and they were already planning for their marriage,” Cassy said.

“Really well I think it was better to break up while still dating than getting married and getting a divorce after. I hate divorce,” Belina said.

“I agree with Belina.” Rinah said.

I sighed and stood up.

“Guys I’m going to bed, see y’all tomorrow,” I said and walked upstairs to my room.

I collapsed on the bed and rubbed my forehead.

I’ve been thinking alot today.

‘I need to win Kelly’s heart. I want to be his but why is he rejecting me so much. ‘

I stood up and walked to the full length mirror.

“I’m beautiful, and I have all it takes to win a man’s heart but why isn’t Kelly responding to me. Why me!”

‘Kelly doesn’t have a girlfriend so why can’t I be his girlfriend? If he’s been saving Soya, does it mean he likes her? Have they known each other for long? Did Soya lie to me?’

‘Why do I have the feeling that there’s something more behind this?’




(Rocks high school⭐)

The first three classes were quite uneventful since the rockstars weren’t in the general classes ..

Lala told me they sometimes miss schools on Fridays though they came today.

๐Ÿ””Bell for lunch rang and we packed up our books and left the literature class.

“What do we have for lunch?” Lala asked.

“Uh let’s eat bibimbap,” I said.

“Oh you love bibimbap a lot,” she said.

“Okay let’s eat bulgogi,” I said.

“No bibimbap,” she said.

I smiled.

๐Ÿ’– ๐Ÿ’– ๐Ÿ’– ๐Ÿ’– ๐Ÿ’– ๐Ÿ’– ๐Ÿ’–




The time was around 3pm, when the last class was going on and every student are in their different talent class.

I used my private route and soon I got to my chamber and climbed down the staircase and when I got to the table, I wasn’t surprised to see my pen back on the table and the drink can and bubblegum packs all gone.

I chuckled.

That girl..

Does she find every way to come here, by stealing my pen too?

I took out the CCTV memory and inserted it into my laptop and played yesterday’s footage and fastwarded it to the time she was walking down the staircase.

She walked down the staircase, ran to the table and dropped the pen.

She roamed her eyes around the place but her face, I zoomed it and…why is her face in disgust?

Why is she starring at my chamber with such face.

Why? I’m certain that here is much more prettier than her bedroom.

“Such a dirty ass. I really don’t know why I’m wasting my energy trying to be nice to such a heartless, introvert human like you! Such a handsome jerk! Tchh!” she shouted

I gasped. “What, dirty ass.. What?”

I chuckled. “This girl. Why did she had to shout that loud?”

She grabbed the drink can and picked up the bubblegums and walked away.

‘What? Trying to be nice when she stole my pen? Ahh such a nerve. What do I do with this girl?

An idea popped into my head and I picked up my phone immediately and dialled his line. He picked up in two rings.

“Hello, Romeo,” Ben’s excited voice spoke first.

“Ben, I need you to fix something for me, let’s meet tomorrow,” I said.

“Great okay,” he said.

I dropped the call and let out a small wicked smile.



(Bluebells class)

I was the last to drop my vote into the second box and was going back to my seat when Ms Cece called me back.

“Excuse me miss Soya, can you come up here” she said.


I turned and walked up to her and stood next to her.

“Girls, miss soya is going to count the votes for us,” Ms Cece said.

‘Why me?’

“Can you please count now miss Soya? She is going to start from box one.” she asked.

I inhaled and exhaled. “Yes Ms Cece.” and I started with the first box ‘Angels wing… It got 12 votes.

I counted the second box ‘Love Me Softly’ and it got 21votes. Since we are 40 in bluebells class. The third box would be only 7votes.

Everyone who voted ‘Love me softly’ began clapping and cheering, including me. I clapped and felt happy. The noise soon died down.

“Miss Soya, thank you,” Ms Cece said.

I bowed to her and turned to head back to my seat. Aigh! I bowed!

I’m tired of pretending to be another person. I am Baby Edric.

I’m going to let them know soon.

“Miss Soya, please one more thing,” Ms Cรฉce said.

“Uh?” I stopped and turned.

She smiled. “Class, I want to introduce your leader for the paradise trip, Miss Soya Bian.” she threw the bombshell.

I gasped. What, me leader? Why?

Voices went high with rage.

๐ŸšบNo way! ๐Ÿšบ

๐ŸšบShe can’t be our leader!๐Ÿšบ


๐ŸšบThis is nonsense!๐Ÿšบ



“Silence please, it’s my right to pick out a leader for you. It’s not like she’s gonna be a permanent leader. It’s only for the trip and for us to win, we need a teacher and a leader. I am the teacher and she is the leader,” Ms Cece said.

๐ŸšบWe can’t accept her!๐Ÿšบ

๐ŸšบShe is fake! And won’t make it to the trip anyway!๐Ÿšบ

๐ŸšบWe don’t want Soya or whatever she renamed herself!๐Ÿšบ

๐ŸšบWe want Nadia! We want Nadia!!๐Ÿšบ

“Please silence!” Ms Cece ordered. I exhaled and turned to her.

“Ms Cece,” I called calmly.

“Yes, don’t mind them. They have to accept that.”

“Annio (no) You can’t pick a leader which they don’t accept. There will be a big conflict if I become this class leader. Besides I don’t even know what leadership means and i’ve never be given such task before. There will be no success if a leader is not in good terms with the people he or she is leading. I think it will be better to choose someone who they all want. So please, I can’t accept to be bluebells leader for the paradise trip.” I said, bowed and slowly walked back to my seat.

๐ŸšบWe want Nadia! We want Nadia!๐Ÿšบ

The Nadia stood up and it turned out to be the girl who assured herself of getting the post. Seems she have lots of fans. Well, I guess she’s the girl with the prettiest voice.

“Alright then,” Ms Cece said. “Soya said that she doesn’t want the position so I will give it to your Nadia. Miss Kim Nadia, you are bluebells leader for the paradise trip.”

“Thank you,” Nadia said, and gave me a wicked smile.

Her fans cheered her. Few people didn’t. I guess they needed the post too.

“That ends today’s class. See you girls on Monday and don’t forget to practice at home.” Ms

Cece said and with that, she left.

They began leaving the class as everyone one of them giggled and muttered as they walked pass me.

“Hey,” someone called, standing in front of me.

I looked up and it’s Geum Jin ah, the girl they said has the ugliest voice in the class. She is fat too and keeps short hair and fringe.

“Hey,” I said.

She leaned on my table.

“It’s good that you refused the post.” she said.

I had nothing to say to her so I kept mute.

“Don’t think I’m hating on you. I don’t really even though I tried to. I want to tell you what is happening right now, do you want to hear?” She said.

“What?” I asked.

“The thing is that, a line of your song where you mentioned, Baby’ has been used to find who you really are,” she said.

My heart skipped.

“What?” I asked.

“So many in the school knows who you really are now. They found your real name, including your parents name and where you live,” she said.

I felt my heart beat stop.

How did they find out.

“In this school, there are many people who are professional trackers. They tracked you with that name.” she said.

I inhaled and exhaled trying to relief my fear.

“They are waiting outside and you should know what that means by now. You are really going to be punished. So I will advice you to take to your heels immediately you step out of this class. The best thing to do in this situation is to run.” she said.

I breathed out. “It’s okay. I will be fine. Thanks for letting me know, I appreciate.” I said.

“You can’t stay here cos they will soon come in if they don’t see you outside.” she said.

“I will go now,” I said and stood up.

“What, you mean you are going to run?” She asked.

“I don’t know,” I said and picked my book.


I headed out of the class.

“Wait!” She said but I walked out of the class and there wasn’t anyone at the hallway, just one girl.

I headed towards the homeroom.

But then five girls followed behind me with their phones up.

I ignored that and kept my steps but then I was surrounded suddenly by large group both males and females.

They all held weapons.

I stopped and moved back.

A girl stepped forward with a wicked smile. “Real name; Baby Edric, her father, a drunkard and her mother, a poor beads seller. Lives in a disgusting street in Bujong and her house is a small old bungalow of 46 years old. Education: stopped schooling five years ago.” she read out from her phone.

๐ŸšบOwwwwwwwwwww!!๐Ÿšบ the crowd roared.

“Now, what defense do you have to defend yourself? What lies again? You wanted to show off a voice you thought was special but ended up leaking your real identity which is this,” she said and waved her phone in front of me.

๐ŸšนWho is lala to you!”๐Ÿšน A boy yelled.

๐ŸšบWhy was rockstar K saving you!๐Ÿšบ

๐ŸšบTalk idiot!๐Ÿšบ

I exhaled. “Yes I am Baby Edric and my father is a drunkard, my mother is a bead seller and I live in a dirty street in bujong.” I said.

๐ŸšนAnd you dare came into rocks high school with a fake identity?๐Ÿšน

“Yes and I’ve been having fun seeing how arrogant, heartless and introvert you all are. How you treat the ordinary students with contempt and make introverts and proud peacocks as the school stars.” I said, not realizing that I have already said that much.

๐ŸšบWhat is she saying! Attack her!๐Ÿšบ

but before they could, I had pushed through the five girls and took to my heels.

‘Where is Lala?’

‘Where is Lala?’

I kept asking myself as I ran. They were so many chasing after me.

I ran and ran and kept running.

I ran down a step that led to a path lined up with flower trees. I hid behind one of the trees. but then my senses slapped me.

If they come here they are definitely going to search the flower trees.

I came out and ran behind a wall and saw a stair that look too high.

Their voices were getting closer so I took the stair, running. I was getting tired and thirsty.

I ran up the stair, ignoring my shaking legs.

but the next thing, I saw myself on the floor, knocked down by someone.

Fear engulfed me as I thought it’s one of the devils chasing me but when I looked up, it was him. Romeo.

Romeo? It was then that I realized that the building looked like the off building.

“You should go get a medicated eyeglass so you don’t run into people,” he said rudely and made to leave when I-no, we heard those devils voices.

๐ŸšนLets go up there!๐Ÿšน

๐ŸšบWe can’t, that’s Rockstar Romeo’s private route.๐Ÿšบ

๐ŸšนWe can’t let her go! If we get her, he’ll be glad we did. Let’s go!! She can’t escape!๐Ÿšน



Their running steps followed.

I was about springing up and taking to my heels when a hand pulled me up- Romeo’s.

I shrinked. Thinking he want to hold me from escaping.

“Use the door.” he said and pushed me into a dark corner of the building. It wasn’t so dark cos I saw a door.

I stood up and walked to the door, opened it and when I walked in, I saw myself in his private chamber.

Did he just saved me?




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