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 🎻🎻Rocks High💥💥



Episode 18


[Rocks High⭐]

🍀Baby Baby🍀

I turned back to the board.

Why is he so handsome?

Tch… I hate him but, wait?

Was he so cold?

No, I don’t think. He probably lived all his life in Air conditioner, so why would he feel cold. I know I hate cold and I always turn off the AC in my room in Mae Iris mansion but he.

Aighsh, what I’m I thinking?

I can’t be the reason why he said that.

Did he hear Lala ask me if I was cold?

Ohh Baby, stop thinking trash. It can’t be.’

I breathed out.

‘But no matter how much I don’t want to believe it, I think he did that for me.’

I glanced at Kelly and he was writing.


I haven’t seen him write.

I felt my heart sink. I glanced at Lala and she was writing too.

I decided to write too.

Somehow, I felt the urge to glance behind me but I couldnt.


The second class got over and everyone began leaving one by one. The rockstars were the first to leave, followed by Shana and two other angels in which among them was Nuella.

“Gah-ja (let’s go)” Lala said.

We walked towards exit door and I saw Debbie smile at me. I smiled back.

We walked out and headed to our locker to get books for the next class.

“I guess you will soon make friends with a rocks angel,” Lala said.

“Huh?” I asked, not understanding why she is bringing that up.

She smiled.

“I see she want to be close to you.” she said.

I smiled. “Yes.”

“Umm I got no problem with that but do you really want to know why she is trying to be close to you?” she asked.

“How can I know. Okay maybe she likes me,” I said, smiling.

She chuckled. “Really?”

“Yes I think but can you tell me what you think?” I said.

“Later” she said.

We got to the homeroom, walked over to our desks. I opened my locker, dropped my Korea history textbooks and picked out my biology books.

Soon we were heading to biology lab.

“Soya,” she called.

“Yes Lala?” I answered.

“What do you think about what happened in Korean history class?” she asked.

“Huh” I mumbled.

She smiled.

“You don’t remember?” She asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

“You were cold, I asked you if you were cold and you said yes and then he suddenly shouted of the class being so cold. What do you think?” she said.

I felt my stomachs sink at that question.

“I..I.. What are you you trying to say?” I asked.

She laughed. “Nothing. I thought about it too. That can’t be possible. There must have been other people feeling so cold as well. I was feeling very cold too.” She said.

I laughed nervously.

‘Yeah, thats right. My mind didn’t even go there. Why would you even worry yourself thinking about that arrogant, proud, punk. He’s the worse idol so far,” I said.

She laughed.

“What do you call a boyfriend who only do what his girlfriend says?” I asked.

“Uhmm, I don’t know,” she said.

“I don’t know either but I will call him girlfriend tools to be used anytime and anyhow. Aigh, I pity him,” I said.

“Gah-ja.” lala said and walked ahead of me. I met her pace.

“Don’t say that Soya, I told you Romeo wasn’t this way.” she said.


We got to the biology lab and found out that the tables have been almost filled up.

Thats right we arrived pretty late cos we kept talking on the way.

Even three of the angels were already in the class and three of the rockstars in which Kelly was among.

“You go seat over there while I sit there,” Lala said. Sit where?

She walked over and I gasped when she sat on the chair beside Kelly.

I moved over to a chair, sat down and had barely dropped my books when someone in white sat next to me.

White? A rockstar?

I looked up and got the shock of my life when I saw who it is, Romeo.

My jaw left open as my heart began beating fast.

Why is he sitting so close to me?

He was chewing gum and had his eyes on his phone. He held only one textbook.

I stared at him with dropped jaw and I had no idea how to breathe again. I think I lost my breath.

But then, he looked up, at me. My eyes widened in such kind of eyes.

Where in the world is this guy from?

Is he the Greek god I have been hearing about?

“Excuse me, get your things outta my side, I need to drop my stuff,” he said in a kind of rude way.

Was it really rude?

I finally realized my mouth had been wide open. I closed it in embarrassment, swallowed my saliva and turned to my books. I piled three up and made sure I made a space for myself.

I heard mockery laughter’s behind me and beside me.”

I know there are laughing at me.

Devils, I cursed.

I grabbed my pen to write but surprisingly it fell and rolled to his book.

I felt my breathe stop.

He glanced at it and back to his phone. I glanced at my fingers to see it shaking slightly.

Why I’m I acting this way.

If I hate this guy, so why I’m I even shaking in front of him.

🚺Ughh.. did she intentionally drop her pen on his book?🚺

🚺Ofcourse,she must be seeking for attention🚺

🚺(scoffs) he wouldn’t even look at her face.🚺

They giggled.

I clenched my fist in anger.

“Excuse me?” His voice startled me.

I looked at him “huh?”

He look like he’s never touched a sand.

“Take your thing outta my stuff” he said.

I raised my brows. “Huh, ah yeah.” I mumbled nervously as I picked it from the book.

“Biàne” I said and bowed my face on my book.

More giggles went on.

‘Argh what is wrong with me.’

I have to focus on the board and the teachings. If I continue this way, I would not grab anything the teacher had been saying.

I breathed out, brought up my face, picked my pen and without daring to look left or right, I focused on the teacher, the board and my books on the table.


Biology got over and the rockstars left, including the angels. I closed up my books and piled them up on my arm.

Just as I picked up the last book, something rolled off from the table to the floor.

What’s that? It looked like a pen. It doesn’t look like mine cos I’m holding mine.

I pushed the chair away and bent down to see.. It was a pen. I picked it up. It look so small, tiny but cute.

Could it be for those three girls?

I scanned the body and gasp when I saw the name ‘Romeo’ on it.

Romeo’s pen?

What do I do with that arrogant punk’s pen?

What do I do huh? Aighsh.

“Soya!” I heard Lala call. I looked up and she was gesturing me to come over, let’s go.

Somehow, I felt like she shouldn’t see this. So I his the pen in the middle of my textbook.

I will know what to do with it.

Obviously, I’m going to go and drop it back for him. Ahh what do I do, I can’t go to that place again.

I can’t give it to him in class either, he might try to accuse me of stealing his pen and find a way of accomplishing his plan of punishing me.

I can’t do that?

I shook my head

I can’t throw away the pen either or keep it. Its too cute.

What do I do.

“Soya?” Lala called and touched my shoulder, I flinched.


“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Yes I am,” I smiled.

“Let’s go and have lunch, I’m hungry” she said.

“Yes,”I said.

She smiled. “I guess you might still be in shock of sitting next to the handsome rockstar leader,”

“Huh?” I mumbled.

She smiled and touched my cheek. “Its okay, Gah-ja, I’m hungry.”

I swallowed.



Bell for fourth class rang and I picked out my practical biology books and walked out with Lala. We are heading back to the biology lab and I couldn’t keep my thoughts out of that arrogant jerk’s pen.

Somehow I felt that he is going to talk about it in the biology lab and then order every desk to be searched and of course, it would be found inside my desk and boom, he’s reason for punishing me would be on the centre of his palm.

Can he even do that?, cos of pen?

Why should I even bother about it, isn’t he too wealthy to bother about pen, but that pen look really special and expensive.

Expensive? yuck!

Why I’m I also having a feeling that he intentionally left his pen?

Aigoo,, how I’m I supposed to know. Who would answer all this?

Can I tell Lala? If I do then I’m afraid I would need to tell her that I’ve been at that off building twice, not just once but twice.

She’d really be mad at me for keeping that from her.

What to do! What to dooo

‘If he doesn’t ask about it in the next two classes, then I have no other choice than to sneak to that place and drop it for him.

My heart isn’t strong enough to keep it or even throw it away.

I wish I -‘

I bumped into someone, my books and her books fell.

“Soya,” Lala called.

“You must so blind not to watch her steps,” the girl hurled at me.

I inhaled and bent down to pick my books, ignoring her words. She also bent down at the sane time and before I could pick my books, she flung them away, picked hers and gave me a smirk. “Serves you right!” She said.

I got so enraged that I almost raised my hand to give her a dirty slap but somehow, I withheld myself.

She and her friends giggled as they turned into biology lab.

“Here,” Lala said, stretching my books to me.

I took them. “Thank you,” I said.

Smiling, she said, “Thats okay, let’s go.”

We walked into the lab and I scanned the lab The rock girls and boys weren’t in yet and a lot of tables were empty. Lala headed to an empty table and I followed her.

We sat down, dropped our books and I fixed my eyes on the laboratory equipments, admiring each and every one of them.

“Hope you grabbed what was taught earlier?” Lala asked.

“Huh?” I asked, confused.

“I mean the topic taught in the biology earlier today?” she asked.

I gasped and shook my head.

“Well, we are to practice on it.. Did you mean you didnt grab anything?” she asked.

“No, no.. What about you?” I asked her.

She chuckled. “No.”

I raised my brows “um?”

She laughed. “When he was right there with me..”

“Ahh,, I get it.” I smiled.

She hit my hand playfully. Just then the angels walked in, six of them.

Noise erupted and died down.

They found their seats and one of them came over and sat on our table, beside me, Debbie of course. She smiled at me and I returned the smile.

“Hi Soya,” she said.

“Hi, angel Debbie” I answered.

“Isn’t it nice sitting with the girl that shook rocks high with her voice yesterday?” She asked.

“Um?” I mumbled.

She smiled then looked over to the class door. I followed her eyes and saw the rockstars walk in.

“The rockstars are here,” she said. I glanced at her and I saw who her eyes was on, Kelly.

Shouts of their names filled the air. I wonder if people don’t get tired of shouting all day in this school, but wait, why is angel Debbie looking at Rockstar K with such eyes and smile plastered on her beautiful face?

Then my heart skipped when I saw Romeo walk in last, with his noise in the air and the way he walks, isn’t it too perfect?

He doesn’t look at anyone and my eyes followed him as he got his seat… beside his she-devil, Shana.

Was she reserving that chair for him?


But my heart was beating so fast and when the moment he walked in, I thought I almost died out of fear.

I thought he was going to look at me and then roar for his pen.

Aigsh, what I’m I even thinking.

“Isn’t he so handsome?” Angel Debbie asked.

I looked at her. “Who?”

She smiled, “Kelly.” She still had her eyes on him as he got his seat on a table of three boys and a girl.

I blinked my eyes.

Who is thinking what I am thinking?

She looked at me with same smile, “Won’t you answer me?”

“Oh, yeah yes… he is..” I said. She smiled and turned back to looking at him.

“I’d like to tell you something today, can we meet after school?” She said.

“Uh,” I muttered and glanced at Lala, she was busy with her phone but I’m certain she’s listening to our conversation.

“Its important,” Debbie said.

I inhaled and then exhaled. “Okay.”

“We will meet at the school pool side, you know there?” she said.

“Yes,” I said.

She smiled and turned back to staring at Kelly.

Why Kelly?

Does she like him?

Aighsh, no way, no way.

Lala and Kelly are dating.



Fifth class passed with its fuss.

Lala and I sat together and because Debbie sat behind me this time, I didnt get to check her eyes.

The roxkstars seem to have one table except for one of them, which Lala said he’s name is Elvin and asked why I don’t know his name.

“The very day a student comes into rocks high, he or she can point who answers Romeo, Kelly, Elvin and the rest.” she had said.

I smiled. “That Elvin, I like the way he curls his hair to the front but does he see with that?” I had asked.

She had laughed. “You are so funny dear.”

I smiled.

“You shouldn’t crush on that one, he’s a fan of under skirts,” she said.

Under skirts?

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“He loves women alot. Jaden is his partner in that.” she said.

Jaden? J.d? Alisa’s crush?

Should I tell her this so she could stop crushing on him?

Ahh what I’m I thinking.

“Gah-ja. Talent class would soon begin,” she said and fastened her steps. I did same.

I had no idea how it came out of my mouth, but I found myself ask her, “Who among them should I like then?”

I put my palm on my mouth, not believing what I just asked.

She smiled. “Do I really have to tell you that, Jimin is the most calm among them, then Lucky.. The noise makers in the house are Elvin and Jaden. Kelly-” she paused and smiled. “Is not really calm but adorable, and Romeo, top ten introvert and his girlfriend toy. So you make your choice,” she said.

I chuckled. “I will see who to crush on later,” I said.

Of course I have a crush in rockstars and its no one else but Rockstar Kelly but how can I tell her..

Maybe I could tell her in Someway that won’t get her upset. But I can’t tell her today, that will he another day when i’ve found the right words to use.

We entered homeroom and over to our desk and lala began searching through her locker while I picked out my phone, glanced at it and threw it back into my bag. Lala didnt ask of it today.

Bell for the last class rang🔔

Everyone began leaving the homeroom.

I picked out my music books, and ofcourse his Romeo’s pen in one of the books and locked my locker. Lala stood up and hung her cheerleader clothe bag behind her.

We walked out of the homeroom, said goodbye and headed our separate ways.

I headed to the girls restroom and stayed there for minutes. When I was sure everyone had gone to their talent class, I made my way out of the restroom and slowly, sneaked out of the class building and made my way, towards the off building.

What I want to do, is drop the pen and leave, then go to bluebells. I know ms Céce is going to question my lateness but it doesn’t really matter. What matters More now is me dropping the pen.

I used the first step, then the second, I looked through the rail to see that he wasn’t in.

I walked down the third step and ran to the table and dropped the pen.

There was an empty drink can on the table and littered bubblegum packs.

“Such a dirty ass. I really don’t know why I’m wasting my energy trying to be nice to such a heartless, introvert human like you! Such a handsome jerk! Tchh!” I cursed and packed them up and with that, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, out of the building and back to the class building. I walked through the long hallway, making sure no one see me until I got to bluebell class and went in.

They were singing already.

I walked to my seat and sat down.

Mrs Cece saw me and gave a sign with her hand and they stopped singing.

“You are late Miss Soya. We have been expecting you,” she said.

“I’m sorry Ms. I had stomach cramps so I was in the restroom” I lied.

Mutterings erupted.

“Thats okay,” she said.




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