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(🌟Romeo x Baby💛)



Ever heard of the song ‘Breathe’ sang by the korean musical band group called ‘Rocksworld male musical band group, abbreviated ‘RMB’ made up of six teen boys.

The teen musical band group were not popular untill they made this song ‘Breathe’ and it reached the whole of south korea and won an icon music award. The band suddenly became so popular that so many industries came for a sign to work with them.

Sir Santos who is the founder of Rocksworld and who’s son is the leader of the musical band signed the band into two powerful music industries called ‘B Bliz entertainment’ and ‘Diamond’. They signed and owned the band.

The two industries sent the boys on a two years training and they returned as more best than they were and hit not just south korea but Korea as a whole with another song titled, ‘An angel like you’

The song got all fans falling, especially females tripping so badly for the idols. Everyone wants to meet the idol, everyone wants to touch the idols, everyone want to do this and do that.

The band kept singing more super amazing songs that the whole korea couldn’t stop dreaming and marvelling!

This got them the special name ‘Rock stars’

A mansion were built for the stars and it was called ‘rockstars mansion’ They were put on private studies in the mansion to avoid causing brouhaha in any school that they would attend.

They hardly step foot outside to avoid ruckus from fans.

But then fans kept disturbing for them to be able to see the idols, asking why they have to study privately, the uproar was just too much so the Industries decided to solve the issue in the way that it will be on their own favour.

They built a high school and named it ‘Rocks High school’ in order to yield more money.

They thought; If the idols should attend the high school, then 70% of the wealthy teenagers in korea would do anything to be in the school.

They signed the school as ‘schools for only the wealthy’ and made every payment, fee and admission process verrrrrrrrrrry expensive.

And just as they had thought, the school began trooping with thousands of students, wealthy students who don’t give a damn about the expensiveness of the school but just want to be seeing the idols.

For the rocksworld to establish more, the industries also created the female musical band group ‘RFMB’ the exact number of the rocks stars, six with their very perfect voices and they also gave their special name, ‘Rock Angels’

An industry called ‘G Gold entertainment’ got interested and signed to own them, and they did with billions of money.

Jae sung (Sir Santos son) was the leader of the rock stars while Kim Berley was the queen of the rocks angels. They eventually fell inlove.

On their three years of serving the industries, another set of rocksworld were hunted and sent on a four years training.

This new crew are; Romeo and Kelly who Sir Santos, (having no other son) picked from the orphanage after learning of their voice and singing talents. He bought and signed them as his sons. The industries brought the rest four, and they were sent on a four years training.

Jae sung and his crew and Kim Berley and her crew completed their six years of serving the industries and the new rocks stars came back to take over.

Their first song didn’t only hit korea but worldwide, titled ‘Rock With Me’ and the music video was a ‘wow’ their dance steps got the world tripping over and over, then another song ‘Whispers’

They were instantly marked as more better than the ex rocksworld.

Romeo had the best voice, best dancer and the hottest and sexiest.

Kelly was the second after Romeo.

It seemed like sir santos knew the best things in the world!

Kelly was called Romeo’s brother but they biologically wasn’t. They only found themselves in the orphanage and became friends, luckily sir santos found them.


Then, an evil spell was casted on Romeo causing the death of his beloved girlfriend, Cherie who was the rock angels queen.

Few days later, Shana (twin sister of Cherie) was announced in the whole school and outside it as Romeo’s new girlfriend which baffled rocks high and every fan. How soon!

Romeo who was the extrovert type and less proud suddenly turned into a really mindless human being, heartless and over proud.

He picked a hatred for ladies only has the special love for Shana.

No other lady goes close to him except Shana.

‘Romeo wasn’t this way. What really turned him into an extrovert’

No one knew the exact reason for his change of attitude, whether it is caused by the death of Cherie or his new girlfriend, Shana.



Months had gone and then a new student comes into rocks high who’s name is ‘Baby’

She eventually meets the introvert rock star and so many things followed.


Who is Baby?

Baby sounds funny right? well that is the name Jina and her husband gave to then ‘little her’ because they bought her and had no name to give her so they sticked to baby.

Baby was being pampered as she grew up because the couple had no kids yet, so they treated her with so much love and affection but then ten years later, Jina gave birth to her two beloved twins and baby’s sufferings began.

Baby suffer so much in the hands of her foster mom and only gets pity from her drunkard foster dad who has no ‘say’ in front of his aggressive wife.

Baby is supernaturally gifted with voice and singing talent. When she sings, her voice tends to work magic and all she ever dream is to become a great singer but it doesn’t seem her dream is ever gonna be a reality because of Jina who never dare hear her sing.

Baby stopped schooling and all she do was work, work, and work for Jina.

Someway, Baby gets saved by Lala, a rocks high student.

Lala eventually finds out about Baby’s voice and helps her get into Rocks high school.

And a lot of drama followed. From Baby getting bullied by the students and also getting punishment from the handsome introvert monster, Romeo.

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