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 πŸŽ»πŸŽ»Rocks High⭐





[Mae Iris mansion]


“I’m going to rocks high school Alisa,” I said into the phone.

“Come again Baby, what did you just say?” Alisa asked.

“Im going to rocks high. Lala heard me sing and had persisted that im going to rocks high,” I said.

“Baby… should I say this is good news or bad news,” Alisa said.

“Badnews Alisa. You know about that school. I’ve never wished to step my foot in rocks high. Lala said im going to pretend to be someone else, a wealthy student with the name Soya Bian but im scared to go to that school,” I said.

“Me too, im scared for you but Lala is there anyway. I know she’ll protect you all the time,” she said.

I felt like telling her about Lala dating one of the rockstars by the name Kelly but didn’t I promise Lala not to tell anyone?

But I can’t hide it from my bestfriend. I’ll tell her.

“I pray you are fine. Im also happy for you, you are going to rocks high, so fast.. I can’t believe it.”

“Me neither,” I said.

“Will I be able to see you soon?” she asked.

“Yes, Lala said I would be coming down to see Jina every sunday and i will use that opportunity to see you,” I said.

“Wow, that’s so nice of her. So i’ll be able to see you on sunday?”

“Yes Alisa,” I said.

“We will talk about your new school more when we see okay?” she said.

“Alright but please keep it to yourself, there’s something again im going tell you when we see too,” I said.

“Ofcourse I will, trust me. Alright I can’t wait to hear it and I can’t wait to see you as well,” she said.

“Me too, goodnight Alisa,” I said.

“Goodnight Baby,” she said and the call ended.

I dropped the phone and pulled the duvet to cover myself well.

‘Im scared of that school but I can’t say no to Lala. She’s only being so nice to me. I can’t say no to her no matter how scared I am.

I’ll do exactly as she say. At least i’ll be back to school again after so many yesrs. I wonder if i’ll be able to catch up. Uhm what subject do I even hate most?

Ah math. I hate math’

I’ve missed writting and going to the school library to read.

Baby is going to be a rocks high student.

How manage? it’s so unbelievable.

But im going there not as Baby Edric but Soya Bian.’

“Soya Bian, how did Lala get such names from?” I muttered.

“How was I supposed to know,” I heard Quin’s voice behind my ear. I turned sharply.

She flew back. “Hey watch it, Don’t hurt me,” she said.

I sat up.

“Im sorry, was so existed that you are here,” I said, smiling.

She drew near.

“Soya Bian, wow that sounds really sweet. Who has such a lovely name?” she asked.

“I Quin, that’s my new names from onwards,” I said and sighed.

“Wow wow lovely.. Why do you want to answer Soya Bian?” she asked.

“Come on Quin, don’t ask like you don’t know.” I said and she smiled.

“If you could know where I am then you should know why im Soya Bian now,” I added.

“I know Baby- sorry I mean Soya, you are right, I know,” she said.

“What do you have to say then?” I asked. She smiled.

“Well school have always been your wish, to go back to school and now someone had offered one to you and you are thinking about it over and over again?” she asked.

“Yes Quin cos im scared of that school for only the wealthy. The ordinary students are always being maltreated,” I said.

She smiled. “But you ain’t going there as an ordinary student but Soya Bian, a wealthy student,” she said.

“How long will I keep to the lie! they are definitely going to find out one day,” I said.

“Baby- I mean Soya, Soya.. It’s in your hands. For how long it stays, make use of it,” she said.

“How?” I asked.

“Each time of each day is a step to your destiny, make sure you take that step and don’t miss it for anything.

I always tell you, the path to success is always narrow and difficult, Your path to your destiny had been layed out for you Follow it and do not stop believing before and after you take each step.

My father had just found out that for five years, i’ve disobeyed him by using the key to the door he told me never to near. I have to go now and plead to him. If he foegives me and let me come to youe world again, I’ll definitely waste no time in finding where you are. I’ll miss you Baby. Don’t forget that you should always believe, Bye Baby.”

“What Quin!” I said out loudly that I feared that my voice would be heard..

“Lower your voice, im here, what do you want to say?” she asked.

“Im going to miss you Quinifa,” I said as tears rolled down my eyes.

“I’ll miss you too,” she said. “Open your palms so my tears can pour on them,” she added.

I got out my hand and opened my palms and her little tears in golden colour dropped into my right palm.

“Rub your palms together,” she said and I did.

“My tears will guide you anywhere you are. Anyone who you like in a very special way will also be protected and anyone who also likes you in a very special way will be guided as well,” she said.

“Thanks Quin, I hope your father forgives you very soon. If only I can go with you to Flippia and plead with your father,” I said and wiped my tears.

“Jungshimam and Jeho will help me make him forgive me. I know they are the ones who made it to be so, inorder for us to meet,” she said.

“They will and im so lucky I met you. Bye Quinifa, please come back soon.” I said.

She smiled. “Bye Soya Bian,” she said and disappeared.

I stared at my palms.

“I will miss you Quin. I pray your father forgives you. I’ll miss you,” I said as more tears rolled down my eyes.



[A Kpop idols⭐show in Hongkong]

⭐Kelly pov⭐

We sat at the specially customised waiting room, waiting for the band called the ‘ultimate’ at the stage to finish up so we can head over for ours.

Two flat screen stood at the wall displaying the stage performance by the Ultimate.

They are band made up of eight boys. Their song is really cool but we’ll beat them certainly. Not just them, all of the five bands, performing tonight.

Romeo chewed his bubblegum slowly with his eyes on his phone.

His hair redyed to blonde and well, we were on all white.

Mr Abey stood in front of one of the tv in his black suit and eyeglass with hands akimbo as he stood at the tv.

He goes with us to every show and competition but if any one of us have a show to perform alone, the person’s manager goes with him.

I have my manager, likewise Romeo and the four others but Jimin, he hadn’t gone to a show alone. He’s still nervous.

Screams and claps erupted through the crowd as the Ultimates finally rounded off with their performance and walked out of the stage.

Mr Abey turned to us and removed his hands from his waist.

“Now it’s the rockstars! Hit the stage, rock the stage rockstarssss,” he said.

“Rock their world!” we answered together except Romeo who dropped his phone on Abey’s hand and led the way.

We fixed our mouth mic to our ear and walked out to the stage.

Romeo in front, Me behind, Lucky after me, Jaden, Elvin and Jimin lastly.

Screams erupted from the thousand crowd and ofcourse, ours lasted for too long than the two bands who had performed before us as phones and Cameras were raised high up to the air, taking pictures and videos.

The screams didn’t end until the song beat record began and the noise died down, a bit.

But as Romeo sang the first line.

🎢I think there is something special about you and me,🎢 and we made the first dance step.

The screams and shouts became much louder.


Twenty minutes later:πŸ•’πŸ•’πŸ•’

We were back into the waiting room but the screams and shouts from the crowd were like it’s never gonna end.

Mr Abey clapped immediately we walked in, in line.

“Wow, that was fantastic! I give it up for the rockstarss!” he said and raised his right fist up in the air.

We settled on the single sofas.

A server walked in with a tray of six bottle waters, each one on a saucer.

She dropped one on each table. She got to Romeo and smiled in a rather seductive way.

“That was such an amazing song. I loved everything, it was too beautiful. Im a number one fan of the rockstars,” she said to Romeo who didn’t even look up or act like there was someone in front of him. He just chewed his bubblegum slowly with his eyes on his phone which Mr Abey had given to him once we got in.

I chuckled as the girl left quite disappointed.

We drank our water. Romeo was the last to drink his.

We waited as the three more bands finished up their performance and ofcourse the leading musical band group, RMB was declared the best performed.

We took a grand award home. It was held by Mr Abey.

Securities blocked fans and paparazzi from the way as we were led towards the white limousine.

🚺Oh my God! Romeo!!

🚺rockstars! Romeo is so handsomeee

🚺Gosh, K! I love K so much!

🚺Oh my God, Look at Romeo, so dreamy.. I want to die, so breathtaking!

🚺Let me go! I want to touch my Romeo!

We finally got to the limousine and entered, the door was closed and the limousine drove away.

“Finally,” Mr Abey breathed out.

Wines were on the tables for us. We poured ourselves a glass and drank as the limousine headed to Four Fames.

Jaden suddenly laughed and showed us his chats with Kiki Damin.

“She’s down at four fames, waiting for me,” he said with a wink at Elvin.

Elvin rolled his eyes.

“Well see this,” Elvin showed him his own phone too with the picture of a hot looking girl.

“Isn’t that Navia?” Jaden asked.

“Oh yeah, she came for the show and ofcourse for me,” Elvin winked at him.

Navia is a canadian singer and rapper. She’s a sort of friend to Elvin.

“Wow!” Jaden said.

This two are crazy about Women.

Jaden turned to Lucky and Jimin, “So what about yours? If you don’t have well i’ll hook up with some girls immediately and you to K,” he said.

“I hate Hongkong girls,” Lucky said and sipped from his glass of wine.

“Me too,” Jimin said.

Jaden and Elvin laughed.

“Hug your pillows tonight then,” Jaden said.

“Can you guys stop talking about sex here?” Mr Abey said after sipping from his glass of wine.

Jaden turned to him with a smirk laugh. “Don’t pretend Mr Abey, I know a hot girl is waiting for you already,” he said.

“I have a fiancee,” Mr Abey said.

“Why didn’t Lola come with you?” Jaden asked him.

“She couldn’t make it,” he answered.

“Ahhaa..” we all laughed except Romeo who’s earpiece was dip into his ears as he sipped his wine.


Later that night, alone in my suite, I had a video call with Lala.

Her smile coloured my laptop screen immediately the call connected.

I smiled at her beautiful makeup-free face.

Lala is the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen.

Her lips and her eyes are just too alluring.

If she twerk for me, I loose control immediately but she can’t sing.

“Hello, my angel,” I said. Her smile widened making my heart melt.

“Hello my rockstar,” she said not unveiling that beautiful smile. She was lying tummy flat on her bed with her feet up behind her while I sat down on one of the couches, my legs on the table and the laptop on my legs.

“How are you doing bae and your night?” I asked.

“Wonderful but more than beautiful cos im looking at your handsome face,” she said.

I smiled.

“Me too baby. You look so sweet tonight. If I get hold of your lips, i won’t let go for hours,” I said.

She laughed.

“I won’t let go either,” she said.

I blew her a kiss. She reciprocated and giggled.

“The rockstars performance were beautiful, wow. It’s all over the tv channels and internets. Your dance steps were too awesome,” she said.

I smiled. “Thanks bae but not upto Romeo, you know,” I said.

She smiled. “A leader should be the best,” she said.

I smiled. “Yeah bae you are right.”

“You still remain my best rockstar K,” she said.

I smiled. “And you still be my girlfriend no matter what order they gave,” I said making her roll her eyes in smiles.

“I love you Lala,” I added.

“I love you too K,” she said.

“So are you guys flying back to Seoul tomorrow?” she asked.

“Yes ofcourse bae,” I said.

“Alright, we gonna see tomorrow. I have something to tell you, I think I have to let you know about it,” she said.

I raised my brow, “Can’t you tell it to me now?” I asked, slightly curious.

“No. We’ll talk about it face to face.” she said.

I smiled. “Alright babe.”


[Mae Iris mansion]

🌸🌸 Baby Baby🌸

“Krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” the alarm bell rang into my ears, waking me up from my dreamful sleep on my comfy bed.

I sat up and stopped the alarm from further cry. I yawned and stretched myself.

I got out of my bed and arranged the bed then rushed into the ensuite to bathe.

I picked out my brush from the beaker, applied paste and brushed my teeth, then walked into the shower cubicle to bathe.

I showered and towelled my body then dried my hair.

I applied the cream Lala gave to me. It was clearing the cane marks really fast.

I wore my undies and walked over to my wardrobe.

Baby now have a wardrobe filled up with expensive clothes. Unbelievable!

I picked out a black trouser and blue shirt. I wore it and wore a black jacket too. I packed my hair and did the fringe well.

I cosed back the wardrobe and walked out towards Lala’s room.

I met Bamie coming towards. We smiled at each other.

“Goodmorning Soya,” she said.

“Goodmorning Bamie,” I said.

She walked away and I walked to Lala’s room door and knocked gently, then opened it. I went in and closed back the door to see Lala in a very short grey gown with slim hands.

I bowed to her. “Goodmorning Lala,”

She smiled. “Soya, how was your night?”

I bowed. “Fine lala and yours?”

“It was awesome, get a towel let’s go to the swimming pool,” she said and stood up.

I got a white sparkingly bathtowel from her breathtaking ensuite.

We walked out and down the stairs and met her mom on the way, walking up the stairs with a maid behind her who’s name is Alice.

I bowed to Mrs Mae Iris “Goodmorning ma’am.”

“Goodmorning. Baby.” she said.

“No mom, Soya,” Lala said.

Mrs Mae Iris smiled. “Oh I forget, Soya.”

I bowed again.

“Mom im going to the swimming pool, ain’t you joing me?” Lala asked.

“No darling, im going out to see someone, it’s really urgent and i’ll be back pretty late,” she said.

“Oh alright mom, get me something while coming back,” Lala said and pecked her mom.

That made me smile. How sweet it would be to have a mom who loves you so dearly.

“I will darling,” her mom said and then walked upstairs with Alice behind her.

I got a wine and wine glass as we headed out to the pool side.



We walked out to the swimming pool and Lala pulled off her clothe and threw it to me.

I caught it. She wore a pink bikini like they call it.

Her skin glowed to the morning sun.

Her curves and flat tummy are super amazing.

But isn’t she exposing her body too much? Ahh Her butt is almost visible and her cleavage too.

Jeeeezz and this guard passing now is even staring.

I rolled my eyes at him.

She stepped into the blue blue.

“Pour me some wine please,” she said and I nodded and did immediately.

She took the glass from my hand. I bowed as she took it.

“Soya, if you keep bowing to me then im afraid rocks high will question why a wealthy friend should be bowing to her friend. You are starting school tomorrow. I thought i’ve told you not to bow to me again,” she said.

“Im sorry Lala, I won’t again,” I said and bow- ahh what im I doing again!

I stood still.

Im very stupid.

Lala shook her head.

Everyone in the mansion now calls me Soya. Well Lala framed up a lie that she wanted me to answer something else cos a grown up like me can’t bear baby and she hates to call me that so I had picked out a new name for myself which is ‘Soya’ though she didn’t tell them the surname.

“I know you can’t wait to be in rocks high. So many people wish to be in that school,” Lala said.

“Yes Lala, I can’t wait,” I said.

She smiled.

“The maids will give you things to take to your foster mom. Devine will drive you and bring you back. After you are done over there with your people, call him and he will come get you,” she said.

“But I can take taxi,” I said.

“No he’ll drive you,” she said.

I bowed. “Alright Lala,”

Ahh I just bowed again! I really have to be careful.


The time for me to go to Bujong reached and Lala instructed the maids to give me things to give to Jina.

“I’ll go now Lala,” I said and she smiled.

“Devine drive her,” she told one of the drivers.





I smiled widely as Jeon rushed me in a hug.

“Babyyyy!” he yelled out excited to see me after so many days.

Sara walked away to call Jina, I know.

Jeon hugged me again. “Baby I missed you. You look so pretty. I love your dress and your necklace and your new bag too. What are in this you are holding?”

“It’s for mom,” I said and touched his hair.

“Ah I miss you Baby, mom doesn’t take us early enough to school” he said.

I smiled. Just then, Jina walked out with Sara beside her.

I bowed to her. “Goodafternoon Jina,” I greeted.

She stepped closer and looked at me from head to toes. “What are those inside the bag in your hand?” she asked, her eyes on the bag.

“Groceries and foods for you,” I said. She took the bag and opened it, smiling at the things she saw then back at me.

“That necklace on your neck look very expensive, let me have it,” she said.

I removed it and gave to her.

“Tidy up this sitting room, the kitchen and my kids bedroom before you leave,” she said.

“Yes Jina,” I said.

She walked away with Sara.

I smiled at Jeon and brought out a pack of strawberry juice and cookies from my bag and gave it to him.

He took with in wide smiles.

“Wow this cookie look very different from the ones you’d buy for me. This one would be very rich and tasty,” he said.

I smiled. “Yeah you’ll enjoy it,” I said.

“I’ll help you clean up,” he said and hugged me.

I smiled and carried him.

“Did you know, while you were away, mom searched your room and found your money?” he said.

“That’s okay, let her have it,” I said. I knew she would.

I wouldn’t want to tell him that I don’t need the money again cos im going to rocks high. If I do he’ll definitely tell it to Jina someday. He’s still a kid to keep secrets.


First, I tidied up the kitchen till it was sparkling clean. Then I cleared the sitting room and finally the twin’s room. Then I went to my room and truthfully, the money was gone.

I walked out to fade Jina and the twins goodbye.

At the sitting room, Jina and her twins were eating from the things I brought.

“I’ll be going now Jina,” I said.

Jeon got up and rushed to me in a hug.

“Bye,” Jina said with mouth full of chicken sauce.

“When are you going to come again Baby?” Jeon asked me.

“I’ll be coming every sunday,” I said.

“Bye Baby, I love you,” he said.

I saw Sara roll her eyes.

“I love you too Jeon, bye,” I said.

“Bye Sara,” I said to her mom replica but she rolled her eyes instead.


I finally left the house and hurried to Alisa’s house. On my way, I called her that im on my way to her house.

She was so excited and said her mom is out.

I was glad to hear that.

I got to her house and she was even outside, waiting eagerly for me.

I laughed and rushed her in a hug.


“Alisa!” we screamed at the same time.

The hug was so tight that when we dispatched, we were catching our ceased breath.

“Baby, I missed you,” she said.

“Ah I miss you too,” I said. She dragged me inside, to her bedroom.

“Tell me everything,” she said as we sat on ur bed.

“Im going to rocks high school and im going there as a wealthy Soya Bian,” I said.

She gasped with her hands on her mouth.

“I can’t believe it,” she said.

“Me either,” I said.

“Did you tell Jina about it?” she asked.

“No, it should be a secret,” I said. She nodded.

“I wish you best of luck. You have to be very careful and always stay beside Lala,” she said.

“Yes I know,” I said.

“So have your uniforms been brought to you?” she asked.

“Lala said they are going to be delivered before 6pm today,” I said.

She checked her time. “4pm. Tell me how is the place?”

“Beautiful. Lala and her mom are the most nicest people i’ve ever seen, I Iove them so very much,” I said smiling.

“Wow, im so happy for you. So you are going there as a singer?” she asked.

“I don’t want to. I don’t want Jina to find out, im scared,” I said.

“She won’t. You are going as Soya and not Baby,” she said.

“I know but I can’t hide my trueself forever Alisa,” I said.

She sighed. “Yeah that’s true.”

I remembered Quin. Alisa knows about her. I told her. Only her.

“Alisa, quin’s father had found out about her using the keys. She’s gone until her father forgives her,” I said.

“Oh my, that’s saddening. I hope her father forgives her. I’ve always wish to be able to see her but I don’t have the ability to,” Alisa said.

I smiled.

“Alisa I have another secret to tell you that you must keep to only yourself,” I said.

“Ofcourse I will, tell me.” she said.

“It’s about Lala,” I said.

She raised her brows, “What about her?”

“She’s dating one of the rockstars by name Kelly,” I told her and also the reasons why it’s a secret dating.

She gasped and picked out her phone.

She scrolledto google and searched for him.

His pictures and profiles appeared.

“Wow, it’s this one… he’s so cute but there’s one specially that I really crush crazily on, Jaden,” she said.

“I know, you always say that,” I said.

“Does he know about you, I mean Kelly?” she asked.

“Noo I told Lala not to him,” I said.

“Why? don’t you think that since he’s her boyfriend, he wouldn’t try to hurt you because hurting you will be like hurting Lala,” she said.

I shook my head. “Nooo he musn’t know.” I said.

“Then why are you going to rocks high if not to showcase your talent?” she asked.

“Yes I know but im scared of Jina,” I said.

“She’s not going to know it’s you Babyyyyy”

“She always get bad dreams each time I sing,” I said.

“So what do you want to do then?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I said.




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