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 🎻🎻Rocks High⭐





🕒🕒Three days later🕒🕒


🌸🌸Baby pov🌸🌸

I woke up very by 5am. Very early when Jina would still be snoring in her sleep.

I made breakfast then I woke up the twins and fed them then prepared them for school.

By then, Jina had woken up and was quarelling with Edric on the sitting room all smelling alcohol and money for lunch.

I took the twins to school and bought cookie.

“I don’t want..My mom will get me mine!” Sara snapped and walked away.

Jeon held my hand. “Don’t worry. She’ll still come begging me for mine, she’s just arrogant.” he said.

I smiled and touched his hair.

I love Jeon.

“Give her this one if she comes to beg for yours,” I said and gave him the cookie Sara rejected.

I dropped the twins at school and ran towards home. I got to Alisa’s house and stopped.

Nop. Her mom always go to work late on mondays.

I ran home.

I got home and the quarelling had stopped.

Jina was eating the breakfast I prepared. Edric must have left to go drink again.

I went to tie beads for today’s sell.

I felt like singing as I did it but I can’t cos Jina will beat me up if I try it.

I only sang it within me.

In two hours I was done and I loaded them in the basket.

I then walked out to the kitchen. Jina was watching movie.

Jina is more wicked than that woman in the movie.

Why’s she insulting her?

I walked into the small kitchen and I was glad to find my own meal. It was small but it’s better than nothing at all.

I sat on the stool in the kitchen and ate it all.

Then I walked out of the kitchen to the bathroom.

After bathing, I wore a trouser, pink shirt and black jacket.

I wore my sandals and hung my small purse over my neck and the purse rested on my stomache.

I combed my hair and packed it in ponytail.

I walked out of my room and went to the basket of beads, I carried it and came out to the sitting room to see Jina, still watching the movie.

“Im off to sell the beads” I said and headed out with the basket of beads.

Dropping it on my bicycle and fixing it strong so it doesn’t fall, I climbed onto my bicycle and rode off to the streets of Bujong.


Quin didn’t come today and so I finished selling in four hours.

Quin doesn’t come all the times. Sometimes up to a week but she make sure she comes whenever I desperately need her help.

I rode fast home to go to Mao.

I have just fourty minutes to be at Mao.

I got home and rushed into the sitting-room. Jina wasn’t there. I went to her room to see her sleeping.

Jina musn’t be woken up whenever she is sleeping.

I dropped the money in her drawer and closed it back.

I walked out of the house and climbed on my bicycle and rode towards mao.

Thank God, I got to mao before 2pm.

I entered through the french door and met Bae, my colleague. She smiled at me. I smiled back at her and went to the change room and wore my work shirt. I came out to see Chacha, the restaurant owner.

I bowed and bowed again to her. “Goodafternoon Chacha,”I greeted and bowed again.

“Stop bowing and take this coffee to the Seok’s family,” she said.

I took it. “Yes Chacha,” I said and hurried out with it.



[Rocks high🏬]| @ Rockstars private classroom]

⭐Lucky pov⭐

“…and here we end today’s class on english. See you tomorrow at the general class. Please do your assigments,” Mr Van said and turned to Romeo who relaxed very much on the sofa, placed his crossed legs on the table, chewing his gum slowly with his eyes on his phone.

He haven’t even looked up for the past thirty minutes that Mr Van have been teaching.

His textbook lay untouched on the table.

“Romeo,” Mr Van called and without looking up, Romeo answered “Yes Mr Van.”

“Do your assignments so your grade can improve this term,” Mr Van said.

“Okay,” Romeo said.

Mr Van walked out.

Romeo rolled his eyes and got up. He went to the fridge and took an icecream. Romeo love Icrecream alot.

Kelly love wine just like I do. Jimin prefers juice but you see this two others, they prefer women than the best food in the world.

“So Jaden what abour Kiki Damin?” Elvin began.

Jaden smiled. “We are meeting at Hong kong. She’s coming to the show,” Jaden said.

“Wowwwww,” Elvin and Jim said together.

“Dude, it’s gonna be fun filled for you,” Elvin said.

Romeo came back and sat on the sofa, placed his legs on the table, crossed them, opened the icecream and began licking with the spoon.

He was still chewing the gum. Chewing gum is his best companion.

Jimin grabbed a juice. Kelly came back with a wine and two wine glass. He poured into the wine glasses and I took one.

Jaden went for a wine glass, came back and dropped it on Kelly’s front.

“I need that too,” he said.

Kelly chuckled. “I thought Kiki Damin will be okay for today?” Kelly said.

We all laughed except Romeo who was licking the plate icecream slowly.

The school alarm bell rang indicating break/lunch time.

The door opened and the special cooks brought our foods and layed them on the dinning in front.

They left and we all went to the dinning.

Romeo came last.

Everyone has his own ordered meal.

Though Jaden and Elvin ordered same meal, Romeo ordered different meal, me too. Jimin and Kelly ordered same meal.

By now, the school premises would be buzzing with students who would all be wishing to see the rockstars.

We don’t go to the general classes on monday and wednesday.

We have our monday and wednesday class here at the private classroom for just the rockstars.

Sir Santos and the industries said it’s for security purposes and again, we don’t come to school on friday unless there’s any special thing taking place in the school that day.

Jaden suddenly blew the food he just ate into his serviette.

“Salty!” he yucked.

“Salty like seriously!” Elvin said.

It was then that I noticed that Romeo haven’t touched his food accept for the first spoon he took. He took just a little, to taste first. He always do that.

I took my own and shrugged. “Mine isn’t salty.”

“Mine too,” Jimin said and Kelly said together.

We all turned to Romeo who’s eyes were on his phone.

“Is yours salty Romeo?” Kelly asked.

Romeo stood up and went to the landline fixed on the wall,ignoring Kelly’s question.

📲“Who prepared this trash?” he spoke into the landline

📲“Get her fired and get a new cook,” he said before ending the call.

He dropped the call and went to the bar counter. He picked out the most expensive wine there and poured into his wine glass.

He went to the window with the glass of wine in his hand.

“Seriously the cook deserves to be fired,” Elvin said.

“Look how salty it tastes!” Jaden said.

Jimin had eaten his food to half. Kelly was getting to half, me too.

“You guys are lucky,” Elvin said to us and pushed his tray of meal away.

The door opened and the cooks came in with another trays of meal.

Rich bibimbap, for Romeo and Kimchi for Jaden and Elvin.

They dropped it on the table and took the plates then bowed to us.

“Apologies sirs. Such mistakes won’t be made again,” the two cooks said.

Romeo turned and they bowed to him, saying the same thing.

Romeo turned back to the window.

He knows he can’t fire them cos they are workers from B Blizz and Diamond. If they were employed by sir santos then he would have fired them instantly.

When he turned and they were still standing there, he rolled his eyes.

“Get lost!” he barked at them and they hurried out.

Ah Romeo is so harsh. He wasn’t this way.

“Aha.. this one isn’t salty,” Jaden said.

“Yeah,” Elvin concured.

We looked at Romeo’s meal.

“Taste it Jaden,” Elvin said.

“You taste it,” Jaden said.

“You are next to him,” Elvin said.

“Let me peacefully eat my food,” Jaden said and focused back on his meal.

Kelly who sat opposite Romeo’s seat, stretched his chopsticks to Romeo’s plate and tasted Romeo’s meal.

Like I said, Kelly is the only one who still get very close to Romeo.

“It isn’t salty,” Kelly said, then turned to Romeo who faced the window and sipping his wine.

“It isn’t salty Romeo,” Kelly said to him.

He didn’t turn.

We left his matter and ate our own meal but few minutes later, he came and sat down, picked up his chopsticks and began eating slowly. He always take his time in eating.

I smiled.

This is Romeo for you.

He’s just an introvert human being but it all started ten months ago.


⭐Kelly pov⭐

Hours later, the school was over and we headed down the first floor through an elevator.

Our bags were being carried by three securities who went ahead of us.

What they do is drop the bags in the private jet and leave.

Once we stepped out of the elevator into the hallway, which were now crowded with students, phone began taking shots and shouts began.

🚺OMG! The rockstars! look at them!

🚺It’s the rockstars. Oh my God Romeo is with them! awwwwwwn

🚺Im I dreaming?! wowwwww

🚺I love you Romeo!

🚺Oh my God. They are so expensiveeee

We were still heading out of the hallway when Shana and her crew were seen coming towards.

We met with them and Shana smiled at us.

The other Angels eyes were on Romeo, but Debbie’s eyes were on me.

“Hi idol,” she said with a smile.

“Hi Angel Debbie,” I responded with a faint smile.

The rest of the Angels walked away and Shana slide her arm in Romeo’s.

🚺Wooow so cute.

🚺They fit so perfectly.

🚺Cute couple!!

🚺I love you Queen Shana, oh my God Romeo!!

We finally walked out of the long hallway and soon got to the private jet.

Then I saw Lala with two of her friends.

Our eyes met and I saw her smile at me before entering her car and it zoomed off.

I sent her a text.

💬Let’s meet at the usual spot tonight, I missed you,💬

She replied, 💬I miss you too, see you there,💬

I smiled and entered the private jet and had my seat.

Shana was with Romeo in the jet, talking and laughing with Romeo. Romeo only laugh to Shana and truthfully speaking, his smile is breathtaking. It comes once in a blue moon and that is only when Shana is with him.

Then she stood up and kissed him.

“Bye, see you tomorrow,” she said and catwalked out.

She entered their limousine and soon, it drove away.

The private jet took off too.

💬Why are you scared for me to come to your house? I really wanna come.💬

I sent to Lala.

She replied, 💬You know what it’s gonna cost if everyone find out about us.💬

💬No one is gonna find out. The rockstars know already about is and the secret is save. Your parents can’t leak it, you are their daughter. I wanna see your parents babe.💬 I sent.

She replied, 💬Seeing my parents might cause things that we don’t wish for. I wanna keep it away from them for now.💬

I sighed.

💬Okay, whatever you say babe, I’ll see you at Gag.💬 I sent.

She replied,💬See you too handsome,💬

💬I love you.💬 I sent.

💬I love you too,💬 she replied.

I deleted the whole text chats.

Lala isn’t a superstar singer or model. She is just a cheerleader in rocks high and as a rockstar that I am, I shouldn’t be dating her.

The rockstars are on a strict order of ‘No dating of a pauper and someone who isn’t a singer. Our dates must be from either the rock angels or with a well know singer in korea.

Lala isn’t a pauper. Her father is Mae Iris, a wealthy politician but she isn’t a singer. She doesn’t even have the voice. She is just a cheerleader and I am disobeying that strict order by dating her.

No one else knows about it, only the rockstars, five of them.

The rock Angels do not nor anyone else and that is why Debbie just want us to date.

I am hoping that my secret dating with Lala should be kept a secret till we are done serving the industries for the remaining three years then I won’t hesitste to tell the whole world how much i am inlove with Lala.

I hope it works just the way I planned.



We soon landed in the large field of the mansion.

We stepped down as the maids rushed to our bags. They bowed to us as we entered into the mansion.

Romeo walked straight upstairs, Elvin, Lucky and Jaden followed, then I and Jimin.

“I saw you all smiling in the jet. I used my number six to find out you were chatting with no one else but Lala,” Jimin said.

I smiled and punched him slightly.

“I so much like Lala. She is really meek and lovely, not some Shana, arrogant and smells fishy!” Jimin said.

“Shana is the queen rocks angels,” I said.

“And Cherie? Wasn’t she the angels queen before she died? Cherie was so lovely and meek unlike her twin sister,” he said.

[From Author RiRi Library]


Baby pov

Moon movies was closed and just like always, I headed home with Lina.

We got to her gate and we said goodnight. She went in and I climbed onto my bicycle and rode home.

Getting home, I parked my bicycle and went in to meet s fuming Jina with Sara by her side looking angry too and Jeon a bit away, looking sorry at me.

I sensed trouble immediately.

What have I done this time?

I bowed at Jina. “Goodevening Jina,” I greeted but she replied me with a slap that sent stars out of my eyes.

“Where is the money that you got from the beads you sold today!” she snapped.

I gasped. “I dropped the money, all of it in your drawer and closed it up. You were sleeping and I didn’t want to wake you up. But I thought you’ve seen it cos you didn’t ask me about it when I brought back the twins from school. I don’t have the money Jina I swear” I said in tears holding my burning cheek.

She brought out a cane and lashed it on me.

I ran away, crying.

“Do not dare to step your feet into this house without my money, all of it!” she said and shut the door.


⭐Kelly pov⭐

It was time to go see Lala. I dressed up in the most slimpliest form.

I removed the diamond earings on my ears which indicates that im a rockstar, removed the necklace on my neck, removed the rings on my fingers and the bangles on my wrists.

I picked up my phone and car keys and headed downstairs.

Walking downstairs, I met Jimin, Lucky, Elvin and Jaden playing cards.

“Woah!! I won!” Jaden suddenly shouted.

Elvin rolled his eyes at him. “Cheater. You’ve been cheating on this game.” Elvin said at Jaden.

“I’ll beat you this time around,” Elvin said and began shuffling the cards.

He stopped once I got to them.

They all turned to me.

“Off to somewhere?” Jaden asked.

“Yeap,” I said.

“We get,” Elvin said with a smile.

“Don’t forget to use the new style on her,” Jaden said and turned to Elvin who was smiling too. “What’s the style’s name, remind me,” Jaden said to him.

“Scissors style,” Elvin said making the shape of a scissors with his fingers. We laughed.

Lucky threw Elvin a throw pillow.

“What else do you talk about?” he said and threw Jaden another throw pillow.

“Should I come with you Kelly?” Jimin asked me.

Jaden and Elvin rolled their eyes at him. “Do you want to spoil market for a brother?” Jaden threw at him. Jimin chuckled.

“Ask him dude,” Elvin said.

I smiled. “Guys I’ll be back in the next one hour,” I said.

“Have fun,” Jaden said with a grin.

Jaden is too spoilt..

“Get something when coming back,” Lucky said.

Jaden laughed. “He’ll get one of her pants for you,” he said at Lucky who laughed with Elvin.

I smiled and walked out of the sitting room, walked to the garage and used one of my cars.The gates was opened with a code by the gate security and I drove out.

Driving out of the estate, I drove towards Gag hotel and suites.

Getting near the hotel, I stopped ten minutes walk away from it and parked my car. I wore the hood of the sweater I wore, then wore an eyeglass and came down with my phone and car keys.

I will have to walk to the hotel.

I texted Lala.

Soon, I got to gaga and used the elevator to room 102.

Getting to the room, I opened the door and went in to see Lala laying on the bed.

I locked the door and rolled off the sweater hood on my head.

She sat up with a sweet smile, got down and rushed me in a hug.

She wore a white short skirt that stopped at her laps and a pink crop top. She packed her hair in ponytail which I hate. I loosened it and kissed her. I withdrew and kissed her forehead.

She smiled and hit me playfully on the chest. “I miss you,” she said.

“I miss you more,” I said and carried her. She laughed and wrapped her legs around me. We began kissing till we found ourselves on the bed. I soon withdrew and rolled away from her. She came on top me with our face.

I love this pretty girl here.

“So tell me how was today?” she asked.

I stroked her hair. “It was fine baby and yours?”

“I missed you all day in class,” she said.

“I’ll be in class tomorrow,” I said.

“But we won’t still talk to each other,” she said with a bit of sadness.

I touched her cheek.

“It’s all gonna end soon,” I said.

She sighed. “Three years is really long Kelly,” she said.

“Im sorry babe. We can do this. We’ve done it for a year now. Next week is gonna be our one year anniversary. We can still go on,” I said and kissed her.

“Im sorry that I cant tell my parents about you. Im just scared. Im even scared that the five rockstars are aware,” she said.

“Especially Romeo right?” I asked with a smile.

“Yeah. No one knows what he can do. What if you guys have a fight someday and he angrily tell the whole world about us,” she said.

I smiled. “We ain’t gonna fright. Everyone avoids him,” I said.

“He just changed totally after Cherie’s death,” she said.

I smiled and touched her nose. She giggled and placed her finger on my lips.

“So now that Mr handsome is here looking like no idol with no diamonds earrings, bangles, rings, ah! you still the rockstar even without those things,” she said with a smile.

“Sometimes they get too heavy but I gotta wear them all the time,” I said. She smiled and ran down her hands on my chest.

“Uhm so what should I give to my rockstar?” she asked with a seducing smile.

I smiled. “Anything ”

She raised her pant to my face. “You want this?” she asked, laughing.

“Nop, that one,” I said.

“What?” she asked, giggling.

“Your Cherry,” I said. She laughed and threw a pillow on my face. I grabbed and hot kissing began.



🍀🍀Baby Baby🍀

I’ve been in this cold and lonely street, it’s getting so late and im getting so scared. I looked at the place the canw landed. It was red and painful. From my left arm up to my shoulder.

I was sitting on the pavement of a closed icecream shop. I couldn’t cry anymore cos I think i’ve cried my whole tears out for over an hour now.

I didn’t take the money, Jina knows I didn’t.

She just want to punish me. Shw just want to flog me.

I hate my life. I hate my whole life.

At moments like this, I wish I was never born.

I don’t even know my parents. Where they are and why they left me to Jina.

Jina only told a month after she gave birth to Sara and Jeon that; from that day onwards, I shouldn’t call her mom again cos shw isn’t my real mom.

That she bought me from a lady who desperately needed money. I know that lady is my mom.

Why would my mom sell me out cos she needed money?

Does it mean she hated me too? What about my dad.

When I asked her about the lady, she replied me with a slap, never to ask about her.

I recall all the years Jina was so sweet and motherly to me. She never let me touch a thing. She always cuddle me and tell me that she wish to give birth to my siblings who I would always play with.

As a little child I was then, I would always smile to her and assure her that she is gonna give me my siblings soon.

Every night, I would kneel down on my bed and pray to God to give me my own siblings just like my friends in school have their siblings who they play with.’

Tears rolled down my eyes and I wiped it off.

Maybe I shoud go to Alisa’s house and sleep.

Their house isn’t fenced and all I would do is creep to her bedroom window and knock on it silently until she wakes up and open it for me to creep in.

I kow there’s no way i would go back to Jina without that money. How im I even going to get the money. My daily pay at Mao and moon movies isn’t up to it unless I save for five days. Im I going to sleep outside for five days. The last time I did was hell for me.

I don’t want to sleep outside.

I was about getting up to head to Alisa’s house when I spotted a car coming.

I rushed up and shifted behind.

The car soon reached and when I thought it was already gone, it began driving backwards slowly. Fear gripped me and I took to my heels.

The car reversed and began coming faster to catch me.

Kidnappers! ritualists! was all I thought as I continued running for my dear life but the car was faster than me. It drove past me and stopped in front of me.

“Jesus!” I shouted, moving backwards in fear.




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