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 🎻🎻Rocks high⭐



Episode 2🎻


[Rockstars Mansion💎, seoul]

[Rehearsal room🎻🎶]

⭐⭐Kelly pov⭐

We rehearsed for the fourth time, singing and doing the dance.

We soon finished and Romeo picked up his phone which began ringing.

Jimin turned off the Beat record.

Rmeo sat on a couch behind him as he picked the call with a smile.

No one makes Romeo smile except Shana which meant she is the one caing.

📲“Babe,” he said into the phone.

📲“Alright im coming,” he said.

📲“I’ll give you a kiss when I come,” he said then stood up and brought the phone outta his ear.

He turned to us.

“Guys, we’ll continue tomorrow. I have to see Shana,” he said and with that, he placed the phone back on his ear and walked out.

I breathed out and sat on the other couch and picked a guitar and ran my fingers on the strings🎸

Jimin went for the band.

Jaden fell on the couch Romeo got up from.

Lucky and Elvin began one of Romeo’s song and we played.

🎶Love me like I own you,

Like I own you baby

Don’t leave me behind

take me with you

cos there’s no me without you,

No me without you baby

“Guys seriously when is this all gonna stop?” Jaden asked causing the song to stop.

“What?” Elvin asked.

“Romeo. Who else is thinking what im thinking?” I said.

“That he’s under some spell?” Elvin said.

“Yeah… It’s getting to a year. He hadn’t mentioned Cherie ever since she died. It’s all Shana. Even their dating was a shock!” Jaden said.

Lucky laughed. “How just don’t wanna talk about the dead,” he said.

“I know it’s not just Cherie’s death that changed him, I wish I can change him back to his old self. I miss the old Romeo.”

“Me too,” Elvin said.

Jaden stood up and placed his phone to his ear, trying to mimick Romeo.

“Guys, we’ll continue tomorrow. I have to see Shana.” he mimicked.

“I pity you, he’s coming,” Elvin said and Jaden gasped and turned to see Romeo walk in. He wore a black trouser, white polo and a leather jacket. On his feet are cute black slippers laced with gold chains. He wore a pink bubble hat which fitted his blonde. The hand which held the phone with, it fingers were laced with diamond and silver rings. The other hand a silver wrist bangle and one diamond ring..

He passed Jaden and walked up to the keyboard and picked something. Oh he forgot one of his rings.

He walked out.

Jaden placed his hands on his chest to relief his fear.

Elvin laughed at him.

“God, im hungry,” Jaden said and fell back on the couch.

Jimin glanced at his wristwatch.

“Lunch in ten minutes, I can’t wait,” Jimin said. He love food so much.

I began playing the guitar again. Jimin played the band.

Jimin suddenly stopped.

“Guys who remember what today is?” he said.

No one answered.

“Today is 1st of April. April fool day” he said.

“Jeez! that’s right,” Jaden said.

“Let’s fool Romeo,” Elvin said.

I chuckled. “You wanna cause trouble.” I said.

“Come on, remember he did it to us all last year,” Elvin said.

“That’s true. He pranked us with Sir Santos at the hospital. Sir Santos nearly killed him for using such prank,” Lucky said.

“That was last year, not this year. He wouldn’t take it lightly if we fool him,” I said.

“Let’s give it a try,” Elvin said.

“He might know already what today is,” Jimin said.

“No way. He wouldn’t unless Shana tells him.” Jaden said.

“I have a plan,” Elvin said.

“You better don’t plan the one that would make him bring down this mansion,” Jimin said.



[Rocks Angels mansion🍭]

👑Queen Shana👑

I drew open my wardrobe and picked out a white crazy bomshort and a yellow strapless crop top. I wore them and slide my feet into a matching yellow slippers laced with golden chains.

I wore a gold waist chain and turned to Debbie.

She smiled. “Perfectly hot!” she said.

“Romeo is coming and you know what that means,” I said and used my perfume.

“Do you even have to bother? whatever you wear, he would rush you babe. The chemistry is strong,” she said.

I smiled.

“Lucky you,” she said.

“No. he’s lucky to have me, he’s the one lucky here,” I said.

My phone rang. I took it.

“He’s here,” I said and picked it up.

“Hello babyy,” I sang.

“Im at the sitting room,” he said.

“Im coming,” I said and ended the call.

Debbie stood up and we walked out.

We came downstairs to see Cassy and Belina at the private sitting room, gisting. Debbie joined them while I headed to the general sitting-room to see Romeo in his hot self.

He look like paradise on earth.

I smiled and walked to him.

He smiled.

This sexy smile he smile only to me.

I hugged him and we kissed.

The private sitting room is quite away from the general. You can’t see whatever happening at the private sitting room nor see whatever happening here from the private.

Except Debbie, no one else knows that Romeo is here. Even if they do, no one dare come close to Romeo. I have them all in my control. Even Nuella who’s my best among them.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I said and he got up and we took the other staircase. He held me on the waist.

“You look amazing babe,” he said and kissed my hair.

I smiled.

Once we were in my room, he grabbed me and we began a hot romance.



“Aha, im gonna get just this one,” Belina said and showed from me to Cassy the new phone she’s about to buy.

“Wow, lovely,” Cassy said.

“Yeah but can’t match with Shana’s,” Belina said with a spark of jealousy.

I chuckled. None of them even knows that Romeo is here.

“Oh that was directly from Chinjx ibrand, no one else has that phone except Romeo. Dear you can’t have it,” Cassy said and crossed her leg.

Belina rolled her eyes.

Belina have this kinda hatred for Shana. Who wouldn’t. Shana is dating Romeo, the hottest kpop star on earth. Even I get jealous at times too.

“Whatever,” Belina rolled her eyes again.

I decided to suprise them a little.

“So do anyone know that the rockstar most crushed is around the mansion?” I said.

They gasped. Belina sprang up from the couch.

“Serious?” Belina asked.

“Yeah” I smiled.

“Where?” Belina asked.

“With Shana ofcourse,” Cassy said and Belina sat back on the couch with a roll of her eyes.

“Hey guys,” Nuella walked in with suprise packages as she dropped the bags on the gold made table

She fell on an empty couch.

We grabbed each bag, leaving just one left which should be for Rina.

“Wow.. Lixzi Hot! I love this shoes,” Cassy said.

I turned the brand tag. “Wow Lixzi” I picked out the red shoes. Beautiful.

“Why this suprise Nuella?”Belina asked.

“Lucky asked me to be his girlfriend today,” Nuella announced.

“Wowwwwww” we gasped.

“Finally you got him. This calls for celebration,” Cassy said.

“Congratulations Nuella,” I said.

Belina got out her phone.

I can’t believe Nuella has Lucky now. Will I ever be able to be Kelly’s?

I love him but he doesn’t want me. I have no idea why!

Belina suddenly frowned at her phone then looked at Nuella.

“No updates about it yet in the internet? why?” Belina asked her.

Nuella stood up and brushed her fingers through her hair.

“Well have you all forgotten what today is? April fool day, so I just fooled you both,” she laughed.

We erupted into laughter.

“OMG! I believed it really,” Cassy laughed.

“You got us all,” I said.

Belina flung a throw pillow at her. Nuella laughed.

“So where is our queen Shana and Rina?” Nuella asked.

“Well Romeo is here with Shana and Rina is out,” Cassy said.

“Oh okay,” Nuella said. “Im off to my room,” she added and headed upstairs.

“Oh my God, I believed it all” Cassy laughed.

“Me too until I saw none of it in the internet, gosh.” Belina said.


👑Shana pov👑

“..I wish I could go with you to Hong kong next week for the show but the Angels also have a show next week too,” I said.

He kissed me.

“I’ll miss you but we are flying back the next day. I don’t like it when I stay a day without seeing you babe,” he said.

I kissed him with a fulfilled smile.

“The duet competition is near. We are gonna be practicing together soon. I know we gonna beat them all like we did last year, I trust rocksworld.” I said.

“Yes ofcourse. It’s still five months ahead,” he said, stroking my hair.

I smiled.

His phone began ringing. He frowned and picked it up.

“Kelly,” 😠 he called.

Then widened his eyes at whatever Kelly said.😳 “Im on my way,” he said and ended the call.

He rushed up from the bed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Sir santos, I have to go now babe,” he said and kissed me.

He dressed up. I did too and he hurried downstairs.

I followed behind him.

We followed the first staircase and walked out.

“What did Kelly tell you?” I asked him.

“I’ll call you ok, Love you,” he said and got into his car, then zoomed off.

“Love you too,” I mumbled and headed back in.

I went to the girls.

“Queen Shana,” Nuella called..

I smiled to her.

That’s my closest. I like Debbie too.

“I’ll be back girls,”I said and walked upstairs.

Getting in, I shut the door.

“Zee,” I called to the empty room and the little creature in green hair, green wings, green skirt and green shoes appeared into the room and flew to my front.

“Yes queen Shana,” she answered.

“Tell me, is Romeo really going home?” I asked.

“Ofcourse” she said.

“What’s wrong with sir santos?” I asked.She closed her eyes and reopened it.

“The call was a prank. Today is April fool. You forgot,” I hissed.

“A prank from who?”

“The rockstars,” she said.

I hissed and picked my phone to call him back.

“Let him be Shana,” she said then flew abit back and laughed.

“He’s going to get really mad at them,” she said.

I smiled.

“Good,” I said.


[Rockstars Mansion]

⭐Lucky pov⭐

A car drove into the mansion and Jimin rushed to check.

He came back. “He’s back,” he said.

“Once he’s in, we’ll shout ‘APRIL FOOL’” Elvin said.

“I’ll be the one to pity you this time,” Jaden laughed at Elvin.

Jimin rushed to Kelly’s side.


“Please dear Lord don’t make him mad. I don’t wanna go hiding under my bed,” Jimin said.

The door opened and he came in.

He searched around.

“Where’s he?” he asked.

“APRIL FOOLLL” We shouted.

Romeo narrowed his eyes😠

Jimin ran away, going upstairs.

“What stupid april fool are you all talking about!?” he asked furiously.

“Well Romeo don’t you remember pranking us all last year? so we decided to do same,” Kelly said with a smile.

That made Romeo more furious and he threw his phone at Kelly and Kelly was able to catch it.

He threw his car keys and Elvin caught.


“How dare you make me rush back here!” he barked.

“We are sorry Romeo ok, We just wanted to do a litte play. Just like you did to us last year,” I said.

“And we all believed you,” Elvin laughed.

“Just shut your trap!” he threw at Elvin.

“I won’t tolerate such stupid play again, ever! take my warning,” he said and with that, he headed upstairs.

I looked at his phone.

“Ah gone bad,” Elvin said and fell on the couch and began jingling the car keys.

Jimin rushed back down after he might have seen Romeo storm into his room.

“Did he punch anyone?” he asked, standing bedside Kelly.

Kelly sat down and he did too.

“He threw his phone at Kelly,” Jaden said.

“And his keys,” Elvin said and raised the keys.

I sat down. “Who even brought up this plan?” I asked.

“Elvin,” Jaden said.

“Jimin started this,” Elvin said.

“Oh me? I did no wrong in remembering what today is,” Jimin said.

“Seriously I miss the old romeo,” Jaden said and sat down on the same couch Elvin sat.

“We all do,” I said.

“Imagine even you Kelly,” Jaden said.

Kelly stood up.

“Elvin lemme have his car keys,” he said to Elvin who gave him romeo car keys.

Kelly headed upstairs with them.

He’s the only one who still go very close to Romeo.

They were very close the previous years. They were like brothers but not biologically.

“Guys let’s go to the field,” Jaden said.

“Yeah that’s right,” Elvin said and went to the landline.

He placed it on his ear.

“Somi, bring yourself out with two of your crew. We are going to the field,” he said into the landline and then dropped it back.

“I’ll go call Kelly,” Jimin said and stood up, rushing upstairs.

“Wait, are you sure Jimin isn’t inlove with Kelly?” Jaden said.

“Hahaha that’s funny. He’s just fond of him,” I said.

Somi -the assistant headmaid with two other maids headed down the staircase in white pinafor over a black dress with white cap and black flat shoes.

Somi held five different handtowels. She know that apart from keeping fit, Romeo has no time for things like this.

The second maid held a small cooler of water bottles and drinks.

The third held a small empty basket.

When they got to the sitting room, they stood in line with their heads down.

Kelly and Jimin walked down the stairs and we all headed to the field which is inside the rockstars mansion (not the building but the compound.)

I looked up to see Romeo upstairs at a balcony which faced the field. He was making a phone call. He stopped and walked back inside.

I faced the others.

“Let’s play soccer,” Jaden said and kicked the ball to Jimin.

“No basket ball,” Elvin said coming out with the ball.

The basketball court is by the left.

“I go with soccer,” Jimin said. He knows he’s the smallest. He wouldn’t like basketball. Basket ball if for tall people like Romeo, Kelly and Jaden.

“You do?” Elvin asked me.

“Yeap,” I said.

“Fine then,” Elvin said and threw the football to the maid who held the basket. She caught it and dropped it into the basket.





Moon Movies is closed for the day.

I headed home with Lina. Lina works at moon movies too but her house is only a stone throw from moon movies which means that she’ll soon be at her house.

Not actually her parents house. She and her parents live in a wealthy man’s house. They take care of his aged mother and the house.

Im always pretty scared of this area cos it’s very close to VIP, an estate where the rockstars live. About fifteen minutes walk from here.

Nina had talked about seeing one of the rockstars but she had no idea the exact one.

Just like Alisa, she talks alot about the rockstars and rocks high school.

Rocks high school is far away from here. Lina said it’s about thirty minutes drive from here just like one of her friend told her and it is said that the rockstars go to school in their private jet. They don’t go by road.

Wondering why im scared of here?

Well all my life i’ve been scared of very wealthy people.

They are very mean to the poor people especially the rockstars from every information Alisa do get.

I don’t wish to meet any of them especially the most heartless among them, Romeo.

Lots of wealthy students from this area go to rocks high too just like Lina said.

I just began working in moon movies a month ago.

“..so i’ll go now, bye. See you tomorrow Baby,” Lina said reaching the beautiful tall gate of the big house she lives in with her parents.

“Alright, bye Lina, goodnight,” I said.

She smiled and after pressing some code on a button on the gate, the gate opened and she went in. It closed back just immediately.

I then climbed into my bicycle and rode towards home.

It’s a ten minutes drive from here but going by legs could take one up to fourty minutes if you walk fast enough.

I soon got home and the house was silent except for the loud snore from a corner of the small sitting room.

Who else but my drunkard foster dad, Edric.

I went closer to where he layed on the worn out cushion with one of his left leg on the ground, and his left hand too which held an empty bottle of alcohol.

I sighed and headed to the kitchen.

I got to the kitchen and dropped the things I bought for breakfast tomorrow in the fridge.

I didn’t find any meal.

I walked out to my bedroom to sleep .

I ate at Moon movies so im not hungry. Lina always come with sweet looking rich food and today she brought Bibimbap. She always remember me.

I know Jina would notice im home and go to check if I bought tomorrow breakfast. If I didn’t, she’ll come back to chase me out.

I had a shower and I wore my sleeping wear and layed on the bed, soon I slept off.

I dreamt of I on a stage with the whole world listening to me as I sang ‘One dream’

When I was done with my song, the shouts and claps from the thousand audience were breathtaking.

I was announced as the winner of the competition.




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