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(⭐Romeo x Baby💜)



Episode 1🎻


[Rocks Mansion💎]

⭐⭐Kelly pov⭐

Sir Santos flipped through his ipad before finally shaking his head at Romeo who sat on the last couch, with his legs crossed and chewing a gum slowly.

Mr Abey, the caretaker of the rockstars sat beside Sir Santos.

The four other rockstars were also present.

Jaden and Elvin sat together while Lucky sat alone. Jimin sat with me.

No one sits with Romeo, ever since he changed into what I don’t know. Not even me.

Sir Santos dropped the ipad on the gold table with his eyes still at Romeo who stared at him too, chewing his gum slowly.

“Romeo, how can you personally sign again for a student to be beaten to the point of death after promising not to involve yourself in such things again.” Sir Santos asked in a very calm voice at him.

No one shouts at Romeo or he let loose.

“Seriously, is this what we should be talking about or the show at Hong kong coming up in a week time,” Romeo said.

“Yes we’ll come to the show but let’s talk about the poor boy who is still in the hospital and sustained serious injury on his left eye. The Doctor fears that he might loose his left eye sight” Sir Santos said.

“Better, so he wouldn’t have the eyes to go stealing again,” Romeo said not concerned at all.

Sir Santos looked at me.

I sighed.

He looked back at Romeo.

“Romeo the mass are making very bad remarks about Rocks high and the rockstars which might affect the industries alot. The duet competition is drawing near and we must grab the target just like we did last year. You’ll have to promise for the second and the last time, not to sign for a student to be beaten or harrased in anyway again. Do that now please,” sir santos said.

I saw Romeo roll his eyes.

“Okay fine, I promise,” Romeo said.

Sir Santos nodded.

“For the Kpop show next week at Hong Kong there’s nothing much to discuss, You have your rehearsals regularly. You have a meeting with the managers from B Bliz and Diamond tomorrow, Mr Abey here will inform you about the rest, Im off guys, have a nice day.” Sir Santos said and stood up and with that, he walked out.

Romeo got out his phone. If Romeo has any little fear for someone then it’s no one else but sir Santos.

“So guys,” Mr Abey called and I turned to him. Everyone else did apart from Romeo who’s eyes glued to his phone.

The transparent Eyeglasses on Mr Abey’s eyes never go off except when he’s going to bed.

He began, “You know already details about the show. It’s not just the song but the dancing too and I know no band can match with both your songs and your dancing which means that we are definitely gonna be the best performed. As you know, the show is next week saturday by 7pm but they have your stage performance time dated by 9pm after two bands we are third. Mr Brown and Mr Jay will have a meeting with you tomorrow by 4pm and you know what that means. After the meeting tomorrow with the two men, we’ll know what next to discuss about.” He stood up.

“I’ll leave now,” he said and when he got to Romeo, he smiled and finally walked out.

Romeo stood up.

“Rehearsal in two hours,” he said then walked upstairs making noise with the chewing gum.

Jaden picked out his phone.

“Oh my god!” he exclaimed and Elvin grabbed the phone from him.

“Woowwwww?” Elvin said with wide eyes. “Isn’t this Kiki Damin?”

“Kiki Damin ofcourse,” Jaden said, smiling.

“Wow she’s hot! how did you get intouch with Kiki Damin!” Elvin said.

Jade laughed and grabbed the phone and stood up. Elvin ran after him.

Those two love women like they would die if they don’t.

Kiki Damin is a superstar model from Miami.

Lucky stood up, “Im going to sleep guys, to prepare to face Romeo in two hours,” Lucky said and walked upstairs.

“Ain’t you seeing Lala today?” Jimin asked. He’s the youngest among us and the only rockstar that bears his korean name. He looks girlish and verrry shy.

I know why he’s asking. We don’t go to rocks high on friday and today is friday.

“I will after the rehearsal,” I said.

“Im going with you,” he said.

He just like disturbing me with his girlish attitude and shyness.

I wonder if he’s ever going to sing his songs alone someday.


[ Bujong🕒 ]

💚Baby pov🍀

I smiled as I was finally called up the stage to sing.

I picked up the microphone and stared at the thousands of crowd watching me.

I felt no nervousness as I brought the mic to my lips.

I could see Alisa from the crowd, smiling and giving me morale with her hands up in the air.

I was about to sing my favourite song ‘One Dream’ when I heard my name called in a very harsh way behind me.

I turned to see it was Jina.

She held a bucket filled with beads and before I could escape, she poured it all on me.

I screamed and woke up to see her fuming infront of me with the same bucket in her hand now empty.

I looked at myself to see my whole body and my little bed covered in thousands of blue beads.

I sighed.

“What do you think the time is Baby!” she barked.

Her question got me up from the bed immediately.

“Im so sorry Jina,” I said.

She flinged the bucket at me which I caught. I dare not let it touch the ground.

“I want these whole beads picked in fifteen minutes, not one of it must be left unpicked and you bring your lazy self out of this room to prepare my kids for school!” she said.

“Yes Jina,” I said and she stormed out.

I sighed and stared at scattered beads,.all over my bed and on the whole floor of the room.

I yawned, the knelt down and began picking them.

I soon felt Quin’s presence.

I turned behind to see her in her little self. The little fairy creature 🧚‍♀ flew to my front and settled on my bed pillow.

💛She is all ‘yellow’

Yellow hair, yellow wings, yellow skirt that stopped at her laps with yellow strapless top that covered only her chest, leaving her stomache and shoulders visible. Her flat shoes are yellow too and she wore a necklace made of sun flowers🌻

“Why are you looking at me that way?” she asked.

“Ain’t you going to help me Quin. The beads are still much and I just got six minutes left,” I said.

She smiled.

“Why not, im on it,” she said and flew up a little above the bed.

She said just two words and in two seconds the whole beads on the bed were in the bucket.

I smiled.

“Thanks Quin. I bless the day I met you,” I said as I picked the few more beads left on the ground and made towards the door.

“Ain’t you going to know why Im here?” she said.

I stopped and turned to her. She was flying close to my face.

“I need to hurry up to prepare her kids for school. She gave me fifteen minutes to be out from here and it’s three minutes left,” I said. Im very good at calculating time in my head.

“besides I know why you are here, cos you felt that I needed your help,” I said.

She smiled, displaying her sparkling set of little teeth.

“Ah right. But tell me, do you still believe in your dreams?” she asked.

“I wish I keep believing, but I wonder when my dreams would ever come true, like it doesn’t seem like it will ever come true,” I said hurriedly.

2minutes left.

“I told you never quit believing in your dreams, because stopping will be the end of your dreams. Keep believing in every of your dreams and very soon, it would be a reality.” she said.

“Very soon? For five years that i’ve known you Quin, this very words is what you say, very soon, when will that be? when exactly and how possible? My foster parents hate to hear me sing. My foster mom dare not hear me sing even a line of a song,” I said.

A minute left.

“Just believe in your dreams Baby, never stop believing. The wicked side of this world musn’t make you stop believing in your dreams. You are supernaturally gifted Baby and to every one gifted supernaturally lays a special destiny and a future greater than greatness itself,” she said.

Five seconds left.

“Quin, I still believe in my dreams, we’ll talk later on,” I said and walked out.

I saw Jina coming towards.

I hurried to her.

“Here Jina, I finished up in fifteen minutes, so i’ll go now and prepare my siblings for school,” I said, handing her the bucket filled with blue beads.

She took it and stared suspiciously at me.

“You picked this all in just fifteen minutes or you threw the rest outta your window?” she asked with a spark of anger.

“No Jina, you can go and investigate. You told me fifteen minutes and I didn’t take more than it. I’ll go now to prepare my siblings for school,” I said and with that, I hurried away towards the twin’s bedroom.

When I glanced behind. I saw her entering my bedroom.

I shook my head and entered the twin’s room.

They have messed up the whole place with play toys and torn books.

This two six years old children are hell itself.

I rolled my eyes with anger.

“Sara, Jeon” I called and pulled them up from the messed floor.

“I don’t wanna go to school today,” Sara, the girl, said and ran away.

“Candy,” Jeon the male said and hopped on my body.

I love Jeon. Sara is just like her mother.

“I will buy one for you on your way to school ok,” I said to him and he hugged me🤗

I prepared the twins for school and then took them to school.

I came back, hungry but I have to arrange thousands of different beads before eating, if there is even any food left for me to eat.

I took hours, arranging beads and tying in nylons and by the time I was done, I was almost dying of hunger.

“Can I go to the kitchen and take my food now Jina?” I asked her.

She rolled her eyes.

“Im sorry, there’s no food left,” she said and I fainted within.

“Okay,” I said and rushed out to Alisa’s house.

🏠Alisa’s House🏠

I got to Alisa’s house and knocked on her bedroom shuttered window.

Alisa is the only bestfriend that i’ve got in the whole neighbourhood.

Her mom doesn’t really like me. It makes me wonder who really that I am.

Almost everyone hates me.

My foster parents, Sara, Alisa’s mom.

Why me.

The window bolted open and the curtain drew open to see Alisa dressed for school.

“Im hungry,” I said and she nodded.

“Wait a bit,” she said and walked away.

She came back minutes later with pizza and juice.

Unlike my poor foster parents, Alisa’s parents are middle class.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Wait for me,” she said.

I nodded and walked out to wait for her at the road. There I began eating the pizza and drinking the juice, not minding the passing eyes.

Alisa came out dressed in her smart looking school uniform and long socks.

Her fringe hair packed in ponytail while mine is packed in-

I touched it. Pigtails.

She got to me. I was done with the pizza and drink so I trashed it at the wastebin close.

“You won’t believe it,” she said.

“What?” I asked, knowing where she was heading to already.

“Here,” she got out her phone and scrolled through it.

Then clicked on a video

“Watch this,” she said and played the video.

A male student of Rocks high school was being beaten to the point of death. White substances were being poured on him including paints. He was covered in white.

Some were stoning him.

Then a private jet suddenly landed at the arena and a man in tuxedo stepped down.

He stopped the heartless bullying by a raise of his hand.

The video stopped.

“Another student?” I asked.

“Yeah..” She said.

“Who is that man in suit?”

“Romeo’s dad. Romeo personally sighed for the poor boy to be beaten to death,” Alisa said.

“What again!” I screamed.

“Well it’s said that the guy is under scholarship and then he stole from a student’s fridge yesterday and got caught, and Romeo personally signed for him to be beaten to the point of death,” she said.

“That’s wickedness. How can such a handsome person be so inhuman,” I said.

“According to his previous years life record, Romeo wasn’t that way but he turned into that immediately his girlfriend died and he began dating his dead girlfriend’s twin sister,” Alisa said

“I hate that school,” I said.

“Me too” Alisa said and checked her wristwatch.

“I have to hurry up now Baby. I’ll give you a call when im back from school. Don’t switch off your phone,” she said.

“I will switch it on immediately I get home,” I said.

She hurried away and I turned towards home.

I got home and the beads to sell where already layed out for me.

I had my bathe and placing the basket of beads on my bicycle, I climbed onto the bicycle and rode off.

Quin appeared in front of me and gestured her small hands towards the basket of beads.

A magic of yellow stars formed and fell into the basket then melted away.

I smiled.

“Thanks Quin,” I said.

She smiled and disappeared.

‘After selling Jina’s beads.

I have to go to MAO (make an order) by 2pm.

I will bring back the twins by 4pm and go back to mao before 5pm.

I will close by 7 and head to Moon Movies and work till 10pm’


Because of Quin’s goodluck magic, I was able to sell the whole beads in just two hours.

I happily rode home to suprise Jina just like I have been doing ever since I met Quin.

Wondering how I met the fairy?

Well, I never believed in the existance of fairy. I had thought they exist only in stories and movies like Tinkerbell and Barbie movies until I met Quinifa.

Again, I had no idea that voice and singing talent is supernaturally gifted to me by some god until I met her and she told me.

That was five years ago.

The night was cold and it was raining heavily.

Just like Jina normally do. She found out a reason to lock me outside the rain and cold.

She said that I stole two meats from the pot of soup which I swore with my life that I didn’t but my swearing landed on deaf ears and she sent me outside the rain.

I sat at a corner on the corridor as I wrapped myself in the only clothe that I wore and covered my ears well with the bubble hat that I wore.

It was raining or else, I would have gone to Alisa’s house and creep into her bedroom to sleep without the knowledge of her mother who hates to see me around her daughter.

I cried to the darkness and rain. I was still crying when I saw creature like a butterfly suddenly fall off from no where pushed down by the heavy rain.

I wanted to ignore the poor butterfly but on a pity thought, I stood up and went out to the rain to save it from dying if it’s still breathing.

I got to it and looking closely at it, It appeared more bigger than a butterfly and has yellow hair and legs.

“Fairy!” I gasped and ran away in fright but it seemed like the unbelievable creature was dying.

Fairy! How possible can it be true. I must be dreaming or watching a movie actually.

I went back to it and picked it up. It felt so little in my hand. I rushed back and layed it on the ground, ontop a sheet of paper.

The fairy kept me awake all through the night. I couldn’t believe I was not dreaming. I slapt and pinched myself several times to be sure I wasn’t dreaming.

I thought it had died but around 3am in the morning, it moved and opened it eyes.

I shifted back cos I was still afraid. I thought I was in a dream. She flew a little above me.

“Thank you for saving me,” she said. My eyes went wide opem. I even heard her voice. It talks.

“Do you really exist?” I asked.

“Yes we do but the world doesn’t believe that. We are half supernaturals and half magic and only people who are supernaturals or magicians can see us. We exist through magic and we are supetnatural creatures. If you see me now that means you must be either a magician, sorceress or a supernatural,” it- no, she, she said.

I shook my head.

“No im not any of that.”

She flew closer and I shifted back again.

“Don’t be scared of me. Im not a bad fairy, im a good fairy and good fiary don’t harm anyone. My name is Quinifa but you may call me just Quin. Im a fairy princess from a fairy kingdom called Flippia kingdom. We are of the good fairies and we call our god, Geho the god of good magic and our great god is Jungshimam god of all magic.”

She flew close to me again and this time I didn’t shift back.

“I seeee a very great supernatural gift inside of you and your heart, is very pure, purer than gold. You have a great dream and your believe is still very strong. You have a great future ahead of you. Your destiny is as bright as the sun. But that supernatural gift is what I am yet to see.” she said.

“Do you say a supernatural gift?” I asked.

“Yes, a supernatural gift. Can you tell me your amazing talent or what you love doing best, what you know that you are best at?” she asked.

“I love singing. It’s been my dream to be a singer ever since I was a kid.” I said.

“Oh oh I get it now. You are supernaturally gifted by a voice which no other voice can match, even before you were born which means that you are a Descendant of Jungshimam.” She said.

“Who is Jungshimam?” I asked, confused.

“I just told you our great god of all music. He gives magic to both the good and bad.” she said.

“How Im I a descendant of jungshimam?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you. You’ll find out yourself someday,” she said.

“Why can’t you tell me?” I asked.

“I am not permitted to. So can I know your name now? I’ve told you mine.” she said.

“Baby,” I said.

She flew back abit, perhaps in suprise.

“Baby? that sound really sweet. Is thar your nickname?”

“No my real name,” I said and she nodded and flew close again on my face.

“Nice to meet you Baby and thanks once a million times for saving me,” she said.

“So what happened? why did you leave your own world or Flippia to here?” I asked.

She flew down and stood on my left laps.

“I found the keys to a door my father, the king warned me never to near. He told me it’s the door to a very dangerous world which no good fairy must go to. He said it’s a world filled with dark fairies from Drazil kingdom but I disobeyed him and sesrched for the keys for years. I am a curious fairy and when I finally found it, I went through the door and found myself in your world. I had no idea there is falling water in this part and it’s so heavy that it fell on my wingss but now the falling water has stopped, I’ll go back to flippia before my father looks for me. I’ll come back Baby to see you,” she said and with that she flew up and up towards the sky till she was out of sight.

My friendship with the fairy began from that day onwards.

I reached home and parked my bicycle. I took the basket and headed into the house.

Jina was watching tv and eating.

“Here Jina, I sold all of the beads,” I said and handed her the money which she took.

“I’ll go to work now,” I said and headed towards the door.

“Use your pay today to get dinner or you’ll have to sleep outside tonight,” she said.

I sighed and got to the door.

“Did you hear me Baby!”

“Yes Jina,” I mumbled and walked out.

I repacked my hair and did the fringe well.

Im working because I want to save to go back to school. For four years now, I stopped school.

If I keep using my daily pay at Mao and Moon Movies to buy dinner all day, I’ll never be able to go back to school.

I sighed, climbed onto my bicycle and rode towards mao.

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