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(An exaggerated opinion of one’s own abilities)

Lucy Yang replied humbly, “Nah, all the credit goes to chief editor Liang and the photographer!”

Cai Yong Sheng was over the moon. “Chief editor Liang, you’re too kind. I hope we’ll have more opportunities to collaborate in the future!”

Liang Chong hurriedly said, “Of course! It’s an honor to work alongside a capable manager like director Cai!”

Everybody was tossing back toast after toast and engaging in small talk when there was a sudden silence in the air.

At the door, Ye Wanwan, Ye Mu Fan, Gong Xu, and Luo Chen walked in.

Chai Yong Li was the one who helped them get the tickets. Otherwise, the host wouldn’t have invited them because of Worldwide’s ban.

Xiao Yu Tong waved. “Mr. Ye, over here!”

Ye Wanwan and the others walked over. “Yu Tong-jie, you look beautiful!”

Xiao Yu Tong blushed. “Thank you! The four of you are the good-looking ones – my eyes were completely blinded by you guys!”

Upon seeing Ye Wanwan standing with Chai Yong Li, the little artist next to Lucy Yang scoffed, “Birds of the same feather flock together, huh! The Ye Bai today is only good enough to mingle with those outdated companies!”

Lucy Yang waved. “That’s just too bad for them. Without Worldwide backing him, there’s no way Ye Bai could collaborate with a company like Beauty .”

“I remember when we wanted to have a couple shot on the cover. Not only did Ye Bai disapprove of it, but he even warned that we would be responsible for the consequences but right now? Are these the so-called consequences he was referring to? Haha…”

The few artists and fashion icons next to her said in a surprised tone, “That actually happened? I thought Ye Bai had quite good taste? I heard he’s great at both PR and planning!”

The little artist said, “That’s why he portrayed himself as such an amazing person, but in reality, his fame was more than he deserves…”

Cai Yong Sheng was displeased. “That guy thought he’s so great just because he’s a vice-president. If it wasn’t for my uncle trying to drive out Zhou Wen Bin, would Ye Bai have gotten his status so easily? That guy was just a chess piece in my uncle’s hands, yet he still didn’t realize his own position and thought he really was an important figure!”

Liang Chong laughed. “Oh well, youngsters are like that. They have an exaggerated opinion of their own abilities!”

His eyes lit up as he spoke and he said with a faint smile, “I also heard Ye Bai turned around and went to work with VIVI ?”

Lucy Yang chuckled when she heard that. “Yeah, that’s right. They also copied us – it was also a couple shot, but it was Gong Xu and Luo Chen, two grown men, on the cover together. They’ve exhausted their limited abilities and abandoned themselves at the point of despair, huh?”

Liang Chong shook his head and sighed. “Ay, in the past, VIVI was also considered our senior and an old name in the fashion industry. I didn’t expect they would degrade themselves and collaborate with just anybody…”

Cai Yong Sheng hurriedly said, “Haha, how could Chai Yong Li, that old thing, compare to chief editor Liang? Everyone calls you the leader in the fashion industry now!”

Cai Yong Li gave a thumbs up.

Liang Chong was delighted with the boot-licking. He said, “Oh right, for our special publication this year, I’ve already chosen Lucy…”

Cai Yong Sheng was surprised and immediately pulled Lucy Yang over to give a toast to Liang Chong. “Thank you so much! Lucy, give a toast to chief editor Liang…”

Very soon, the party came to an end. Ye Wanwan, Chai Yong Li and the others were at the entrance, about to leave, when someone called out to Chai Yong Li all of a sudden.

All they saw was a lady in an expensive customized evening gown with a red fur waistcoat over it. She had a delicate face and her lofty gaze had a tinge of displeasure as she looked at Chai Yong Li.

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