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(You’re only responsible for looking as dashing as a flower)

Ye Wanwan glanced disapprovingly at that comment and her fingers rapped against the coffee table rhythmically.

After she left Dazzling, her first point of interception was this…

The shoot for the magazine cover…

I’ll rely on this to… reverse the public’s opinion!

Following the development of the Internet, various big media platforms emerged and massive companies were no longer able to control the direction of the public’s opinion unless they used the country’s governmental authority. Considering Worldwide’s status, they weren’t at that level yet.

Hence, if Worldwide wanted to take control and shift the public’s opinion or cut them off from news about the industry, they would be disappointed.

It was an era where anyone had the chance to become a star.

Even a seller selling beancurds on the roadside could explode in fame from just one photo; it only depended on whether one knew how to operate and grab ahold of that opportunity…

“Ah ah ah I’m fuming! I’m going to log onto Weibo and curse that bastard to death right now! Father (I) would rather fancy a pig than that ugly freak!” Gong Xu was so mad that the sleeves he rolled up were about to rip open.

Luo Chen frowned and said, “Given those incidents, there’s no use even if you tried to prove your innocence. Instead, the moment you stepped in, it’d only make things worse and with our current situation, nobody would believe anything we said.”

Ye Mu Fan nodded. “That’s right, Gong Xu, you need to calm down. Cai Yong Sheng is dying to make you fight it out with them right now!”

Gong Xu’s eyes reddened with anger. “Are we just going to sit around and do nothing? It disgusts me each time I see my name with that girl!”

The three of them debated furiously for a while before they all instinctively turned to the man sitting in the middle of the sofa…

All they saw was Ye Bai still in his elegant and calm state. He didn’t even have a crease on his forehead and judging by the way he was acting, he seemed to be waiting for something.

Luo Chen looked at Ye Bai’s eyes and it was as if he could see a sky full of stars and the uneasiness he felt in his heart calmed down instantly…

Gong Xu complained, “Ye-ge, say something. We can’t do this or that – I really can’t think of any other solutions anymore…”

“Don’t rush, it’ll happen soon.” Ye Wanwan glanced at Gong Xu and chuckled, “With your IQ, you don’t have to think of a solution for such a complicated problem. You’re only responsible for looking as dashing as a flower.”

Gong Xu went blank for a moment then he blushed and the tips of his ears were blazing hot. Even his depressed state of mind was cleared out and he pounced onto Ye Bai with his handsome face. “Ye-ge ge, marry me please!”

What a strong sense of security, right!

Ye Mu Fan’s face turned as black as the underside of a pot. He charged over like an arrow and stopped Gong Xu once again…

Ye Mu Fan held Gong Xu, who was wailing loudly, as tightly as he could and he glared at his younger sister with a headache. THAT’S ENOUGH! Could you show some restraint?! You’re really going to turn him gay if you keep going on this way!

Just as they were messing around, Ye Wanwan’s phone rang.

Ye Wanwan glanced at the caller ID and answered, “Hello, chief editor Cai?”

The man’s lethargic voice came through the receiver: “Vice president Ye… no, sorry, I mean Mr. Ye, you said you have a way to get our VIVI magazine a higher sales volume than Beauty – is that true?”

Ye Wanwan: “Of course.”

There was silence on the other end then he said, “There’s no point at all in having Gong Xu on our cover. I admit that because of the Lucy Yang incident and Gong Xu’s departure from Worldwide, his popularity has soared, but this isn’t enough to get our sales volume to overtake Fashion ‘s!”

Ye Wanwan: “I didn’t say Gong Xu alone.”

Chief editor Cai was somewhat taken aback. “What do you mean? Are you saying we’ll be shooting a duo as well? But… who’s going to be the female artist? No matter who she is, she’ll never have more attention than Gong Xu and Lucy Yang have now, right? Anyway, it’s very easy for things to produce the opposite of the desired effect…”

Ye Wanwan: “Female artist? Of course not.”

Chief editor Cai: “Then who…”

Ye Wanwan: “Luo Chen.”

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