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 Episode 2


She was about to find another dance partner or just sit with her friends at their table when a man who looks like the manager came to her and politely greeted her. He said someone wishes to meet her. She frowned but nodded in agreement.

 “This way, please,” said the guy ushering Lexy to the private booth's corner. She didn’t feel scared. She wasn't drunk yet, they had just started, and the dance made her sweat that she is sober like she never had a mug of beer already. 

“Can you tell me who is looking for me?” She stopped. "Come to think of it, why do I have to go to him and not he come to me?" She has no intention of walking another step if he doesn’t tell her what she wants to know. 

“He is actually the owner of this club. 

I don’t know why but don’t worry. He is a decent man. And if you refuse, I might lose my job, so please…?” He pleaded to Lexy, sincerity visible in his face and gestures that she chose to believe him. 

Anyway, no one dares to bully her. She is the prosecutor’s daughter, after all. Not that everybody knows it, but she is confident her family won’t let her be wronged. Hell will break loose if that happens. 

“Hmmm, okay, lead the way.” She extended her hand forward, telling him to get going. Walking up the stairs, along the hallway, they arrived at the very last booth. He knocked, and a faint voice answered, “come in,” and he spread the door open for Lexy to get in.

 He remained by the door side, and when Lexy was in, he gently closed the door behind him. “What am I here for?” Lexy asked, looking at the back of a man facing the french window overlooking the dance floor. She can see from where she stands her spot on the dance floor a while ago dancing with Marlyn.

 The man slowly turned. He was now facing her, but the room was dimly lit, and she could only see the contour of his body. She thinks he stands more than six feet, a very masculine stand with wide shoulder blades and a narrow waist. 

His suit complemented his features top to bottom, and his long legs were emphasized. “Do you like what you see, baby girl?” sipping a drink from his glass, he asked when he saw her checking him out. 

“It depends on who’s asking,” Lexy was actually startled when he suddenly talked. His voice is even more seducing. His choice of endearment sounded like he is absolutely older than her. She loved it. But being the sassy girl she is, she didn’t show any of his effect on her.

 “My apologies,” he extended his hand walking over to Lexy. “My name is Ethan Black.” Lexy was overwhelmed by his approach for a handshake. “Lexy,” she intentionally said only her first name. 

Knowing his name isn’t enough. Who knows if it’s just a fake name or what?! 

“Lexy ….” Ethan was savoring her name in his mouth. “Sounds sexy to me,” he commented. Smirking, he held Lexy's hand, firmly tagging her to a hug in his arms. “Your name suits you perfectly, Sexy..” he scanned her startled face with his eyes full of pure lust. 

 She tried to free herself from his imprisoning hold, but she kept failing, so she snapped at him. 

 “Let me go!” 

“Well… you gave me a boner, so you have to deal with it”, he stated as if she owed him because he had a boner from watching her. “If every boner here that I’ve caused will demand me to deal with them, I don’t think I will still be alive to see the next day, mister!” 

She found this man insane. Would he blame her for something he himself should have control with? Did she ask him to watch her dance from the dance floor?! Ethan growled at her statement, expressing he doesn’t like even the thought of her dealing with somebody else’s boner. 

He held her tighter, pinched her jaws, and kissed her. “Hmmm… What the h….” Lexy didn’t finish her words of protest because as soon as she opened her mouth, Ethan invaded it deeper. He massaged her tongue with his and explored every corner of her sweet heaven. Lexy’s protest turned to moans when she felt his hot lips and tongue playing with hers. She had kissed guys before, but his kiss is definitely different from any of them all. 

His kiss is burning her from inside out. Her knees felt weak, so she was thankful he was holding her tightly, or she might have wobbled down. She grabbed on his shoulders as they shared the kiss deeper until she felt out of breath and tapped on him. 

He let her lips go, but he carried her bridal style and walked to the couch, where he sat with her on his lap. “That was hot!” Lexy is not one to shy away. 

She is honest in expressing her thoughts. Ethan held her by his left hand around her shoulder while his right hand was running down her face, slightly touching, sending shivers down to Lexy’s senses. “I can do better than that, Baby girl,” he is so aroused that his voice has turned husky. Lexy can feel something twitched under her hips just to realize it was his boner. She could feel the bulge hard as steel, which feels like the same size as her arm. Damn! He’s huge! 

“Yeah? I can tell by the feel of your boner, you are huge. I don’t think I can manage that”. Lexy is not a coward, but she wanted to say what is on her mind. 

Transparency is always a clear way to communicate. Rather than just turning him down, she can let him know what she is thinking. What she wasn’t aware of was that her words are turning him on more. He can’t let her go now. It’s not easy for him to find someone who can drive him to this uncontrollable lust. He loves sex, but he can’t do it on a casual basis. It doesn’t turn him on. This girl is different. She can do nothing and yet drive him mad with arousal like he is fed with an aphrodisiac.  


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