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 Season 1

Episode 5

(Is your husband A Eunuch)

Was he saying that she had set him up?    
Nina sneered in anger. She pursed her red lips and retorted in righteous indignation, "From my point of view, I think you were the one who set me up!"  

  But John's nonchalant reply was, "If it weren't for your perfume, why would I spend the night with you? Do you think I don't have any other lady who is better-looking than you to choose from?"    'Perfume? What perfume?'    

Then, the truth about the whole thing last night dawned on Nina. She narrowed her eyes and said, "Uncle, if I say I wasn't the one who did that, will you believe me?"   

 John was still pinching her chin in his hand and it was becoming painful by the minute.    

He examined her face quietly. Sincerity clearly showed in her watery eyes, as if there was magic that was pulling him in.  

Then, he let go of her, smirked meaningfully, and slightly approached determinedly.    

'So, does he believe me or not?' Nina thought.    

"Uncle, you know what? I'm a married woman,"  she announced, not wanting to have anything to do with him at all.    

"So what?" Of course, he already knew that she was married.    

He didn't want to have contact with her anymore as it might get him into trouble, but they met again. He suspected that she approached him this time to seduce him again.    

John's indifferent tone was infuriating to Nina's ears. "Are you into this sort of eccentricity?"   

 Did he like fooling around with married women?    

He thought about her question carefully. He didn't have that eccentricity before, but right now, he was somewhat interested in a married woman like her. "I can consider giving it a try."  

It was not every day that he got to see a beautiful woman who could stand by his side bravely and with confidence. Most of the women who liked him didn't even meet his high standards when it came to appearance.   

 With narrowed eyes, Nina subtly threatened him, "My husband is not an ordinary man." He must be if his family could live in the villa in SQ Road, more so where there was only one residence on the whole block. He must, indeed, come from a formidable family.    

With her reminder, John couldn't help but think of the information that Henry had gathered about her when he investigated her background. It was very brief, barely half a page long and nothing useful could be found.    

Anyway, John had just returned from abroad, so he had to avoid trouble as much as he could.    

"So, put me down now,"  Nina demanded. Seeing that he seemed to be afraid, Nina breathed a sigh of relief. She could sense that this man was not a good person.  

It would be best to stay away from him. The further it was, the better.   

 At the moment, she couldn't afford to be pestered by another man. First and foremost, she had to get rid of her husband whom she had never met in her entire life.    

Suddenly, it hit her. Could he be after her because of her beautiful face? It was not the first time that she regretted having inherited all the good genes of her parents.    

Because of this very same face, she had been in a lot of trouble.    

"Let me get out of the car first, okay?" Nina urged again with a coaxing smile.  

  "No, I won't,"  he remarked and then raised his head to look at her with an ominous smile. "You are married to someone else, but your body belongs to me. Besides, is your husband a eunuch?"    

Hearing that, Nina felt deeply insulted.    

Never in her life did she feel so humiliated like today!  

Even the driver, Henry, who was within earshot, couldn't stand hearing it anymore. But all he could do was to curse in his heart silently. He really didn't dare to say anything bad about his boss loud.    

At that moment, an arctic chill could be felt in the car.    

It was coming from Nina.    


A loud slap fell on John's face abruptly. With red bewildered eyes, Nina looked at him resentfully.    

She had already come into terms with what happened last night and had comforted herself that she should just forget all about it.    

She didn't expect him to say something to that effect.    

Hearing the sudden slap, Henry was so stunned that he didn't dare to even take a deep breath.    

For the first time, John had been slapped across the face. He heard a buzz on his ears, followed by a burning pain, coupled with a taste of something fishy and sweet spreading in his mouth.  

She didn't hold back and the slap was really strong.    

"Get out!" He fiercely shouted out these two words from his mouth with his teeth gritting. His face was as dark as the bottom of a pan, and he was like a lion that had been madly provoked. A fire of raw anger rushed straight up into his head.   

 Nina had never been afraid of people who would prey on and bully the weak, but she didn't wish to continue staying with him, either. She simply got out of the car quietly and briskly walked away without looking back.    

Right after she got out of the car, John prevented her from leaving further.    

Nina glared back ominously and questioned, "Is the lesson I gave you not yet enough?   

 Do you want to be slapped one more time?"    

Tough and prestigious, John would never be afraid of getting one more slap from her.  

Moreover, he would surely charge interest for the slap he received.    

He never had a business deal wherein he was on the losing end.    

"Are you really going to leave like this after slapping me? Things like that don't happen in my world. I am now giving you two choices. First, stay with me until I get tired of you and let you go, or second, wait for the video of what happened last night to be leaked out,"  he brazenly threatened as he leisurely looked out at Nina whose face had turned frozen.    

"Did you actually take a video?" Nina gritted her teeth and looked back menacingly, wishing she could kill the man in front of her.    

She began wondering what had irritated him in his childhood that made him have these quirks after he had grown up.    

"Yes, I surely did,"  John lied shamelessly because he was actually just bluffing and talking nonsense.   

 Although it was out of line with his character to lie and he disdained doing it, it wasn't such a big deal to lie to a little girl anyway.  

Nina was so fuming mad that her teeth were chattering, and her eyes were shooting daggers full of hatred.   

 If the video was to spread out, she would not only lose her reputation, but also have to lose twenty million on top of it.   

 Either of the choices he provided would do her no good.    

Panic flashed through her beautiful eyes.    

When he saw her pale face and flustered eyes which had a trace of defeat, a joy of victory sparkled through his eyes.    

"Just think about it carefully." He prolonged his speech on purpose. His soft voice was low and magnetic, like the sound of a violoncello, beating her continuously.    

After his counter attack, Nina came up with another point and hurled back provocatively, "Will leaking out the video be good for your image? Can you bear to lose your face?"    

Henry sighed anxiously. Mr. John cared about his impeccable image the most. Nina just hit the nail on the head with her argument.  

Mr. John must be at his wits' end by now, mustn't he?    

"It's not good to be too smart,"  John said knowingly as he thought of another way on how to not lose his face to this little girl.   

 He had to keep such an interesting girl by his side by all means.    

"Now I am giving you another option. If you can meet me three times without following me, I will delete the video permanently."    

Although Lexingport City was big, the girl seemed to be very smart. It shouldn't be difficult for them to meet three times, and it didn't really matter if they met or not. Anyway, the video was just a means to frighten her.    

He was more worried about the thought that they would never meet again. And it would be interesting if they met.    

"Really?" Nina was doubtful if she could believe him.  

"Of course." John nodded cynically as Nina was falling right into his trap.    

She thought for a while. He didn't say that she couldn't take the initiative to see him, and there weren't any restrictions on how she could do it. The agreement was that as long as she met him three times, he would delete the video. There was no way she would lose.    

Nina raised her head conceitedly and consented, "Okay."    

After that, she waved her hand, turned around and left in a hurry.    

She continued to walk briskly, completely unaware that she had been tricked.   

 All she could ever think of was to get divorced as soon as possible.    

The thoughts that she would soon be able to accomplish filing for a divorce, get rid of the video, and never see this man again put her in a good mood.    

As soon as she turned around the corner, she couldn't wait to turn on her phone. After searching for a while, she found a string of unused numbers.  

She was told that this was her strange husband's private number. She could ask him for help should the need arise.   

 Now, she really needed to get in touch with this peculiar husband to ask him for help.    

"Hello, I'm your wife. Since you haven't fulfilled any of your husband's duties in the past two years that we have been married, I'm now asking for a divorce. 

Please get the divorce agreement from your father and sign it as soon as possible." After a quick typing, she sent the message immediately.    

Ding dong…    

Soon, John received a message on his phone.    

He took it out and looked at the unfamiliar number. He clicked on the message to read it and immediately deleted the inexplicable and baffling sentences.   

 "Are you kidding me? I'm not married at all,"  John sneered contemptuously.  

Now he was even being targeted by frauds.   

 Having heard what he said, Henry explained in a hurry, "Sir, you are indeed married, and it's a secret marriage."   

 'And your partner is Miss Nina, who just slapped your face, ' he added in silence.    
John was rendered speechless.    

What? A secret marriage?   

 How come he never knew about it?  


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