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Season 1

Episode 36

(The Dinner party)

When Michelle saw them talking, she happily went towards them and asked what they were talking about. However, Nina didn't want Michelle to know it, so she lied to her before her parents answered. Michelle's parents were quick to understand Nina, so they didn't say anything more.

That night, they had a wonderful dinner together. They talked and laughed about random things until dinner was over.

And Michelle was happy after she had convinced Nina to stay for the night. At this time, the two girls were lying in the bed, whispering something that only the two of them knew.

"Nini, why did you marry a man who is mentally and physically disabled?"

Staring at the ceiling, Nina thought for a while and replied, "I had something to ask for."

Sam had many capable men that could hide Nina's identity and traces in Lexingport City.

In the past two years, she had been living a peaceful life. It was all because of Sam.

"What? Are you short of money? Is that why you agreed to marry him?" The moment Michelle turned over and put her hands under her head, Nina noticed the pity in her eyes.

This kind of gaze was no surprise to Nina. She also turned over so they would face each other. To pacify Michelle, Nina touched her head and said, "Don't worry. I will divorce soon."

"Wow! Really? That's great!" "Mimi, Nini, you two should sleep. Don't stay up too late. It's bad for your health and you may lose your hair," Elaine knocked and reminded them in a soft voice.

"Okay, Mom!" And then Michelle stuck out her tongue at Nina and covered herself with the quilt.

Her childish action made Nina chuckle. "Aren't you afraid of sudden death? There have been a lot of cases of sudden death from staying up late recently."

Pouting, Michelle whispered, "Everyone is afraid of sudden death but still stays up all night. Well, whatever, let's continue."

Hoping that Nina would consider John, she had been talking about the advantages of being with him. After all, he was the best of all the tall, rich and handsome men. He was like an emperor.

Most importantly, Michelle believed that John must like Nina very much. Last time, Nina beat him up in the hotel, but he had never thought of retaliation.

Seeing the innocent look on Michelle's face, Nina didn't want to break her beautiful and pure view of the world, so she just smiled and didn't say anything.

But on the inside, she sneered. She knew that John's revenge would come one day. She fell asleep with this thought in her head.

On Wednesday evening, Nina and Adams sat in the biggest private room of Fragrance Restaurant. Except for her, the others at the table were men, who were happily sipping their wine.

Some of them were stealing glances at Nina from time to time. Some of them drooled over her, while some of them tried to flirt with her.

Among these men, there were Adams' colleagues and superior. There were other businessmen too, but John wasn't around.

This made Nina frown, wondering if she had misunderstood John. Perhaps this matter had nothing to do with him.

If John wanted to take revenge on her. How could he not come to see her embarrassed in person to ease his resentment?

Just as she thought it was someone else who had done this, a flattering voice came from outside the private room. She didn't know whose voice it was, but the name he mentioned shocked her.

"Mr. Shi, this way, please."


As the door creaked open, two men, one tall and one short, came in. The other people who were talking and laughing suddenly stood up to greet them. The taller one was John, and the shorter one was Mr. Zhu. Well, he was not really short. However, standing next to John, who was 1.9 meters tall, Mr. Zhu looked short and not so handsome.

They were just around the same age yet John looked so much younger than Mr. Zhu.

For a man, John was so flawless that even Nina was a little envious of him.

At this time, Adams' superior, Wilson Si, nudged him with his elbow. "This is Mr. Zhu, a tycoon in the entertainment industry. He is willing to invest one hundred million."

What he meant was that he hoped that Nina could entertain Mr. Zhu well, so they could get the one hundred million dollars.

"How could it be him?" With a flustered look on his face, Adams hurriedly pushed Nina behind him and whispered, "Nina, let's go back."

When Wilson heard that Adams was going to leave with Nina, who was worth one hundred million dollars, he immediately scolded, "What are you doing? Mr. Zhu is here. How can you leave? What about our project? Don't you want to continue with this project? She is not your daughter."

Hearing this, Adams got furious. "Nina is not my daughter, but a friend of my daughter. Wilson, don't you know what kind of person Mr. Zhu is? How many women have been ruined by him? I won't let him hurt this girl."

If he knew that the investor was Mr. Zhu, he would never agree to bring Nina here.

Nina had her parents. If her parents knew that her daughter had suffered so much, they would be heartbroken.

Adams insisted on leaving, but Wilson didn't allow him to do so. Mr. Zhu, on the other side, was almost done greeting the people present.

Coincidentally, Mr. Zhu's eye fell on Nina, but he could only see half of her body, because Adams was blocking his view.

Thinking that the beauty he saw in the photo was here, he couldn't help but smile meaningfully as his desire was surging out.

As long as she was here, she couldn't get out of his control, and he didn't need to hurry.

Mr. Zhu withdrew his obscene gaze and flashed a bright smile when he introduced John, who was silently standing next to him.

"Let me introduce this man next to me. This is the CEO of Time Group, Mr. Shi." Everyone was surprised to hear what he had said. John had just returned from abroad, and he rarely showed up. There were very few people who had seen him, but he was known to the public.

People who didn't know him were surprised that the cruel and merciless Mr. Shi was only a thirty-year-old man, while people who knew him were surprised that the busy Mr. Shi appeared in such a party.

For a moment, everyone had their own thoughts and speculations. Some wanted to seize the opportunity to get to know more powerful people, and some regarded Mr. Zhu as a man with more reputation, since he was able to invite the powerful Mr. Shi. If this matter was spread out, Mr. Zhu's business would go smoother.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Shi."

"Please have a seat, Mr. Shi."

Everyone kept their respect to John. They made way for him and waited for him to take his seat.

Nina had been hidden behind Adams all the time. Although she couldn't see John's face at the moment, she really wanted to stab him to death as this was really plotted by him.

"Okay." Then John walked to the right and sat opposite to Nina.

The moment he raised his head and found Nina in front of him, John got mad.

'She really came! Why the hell is she willing to do anything for her friend?' he thought.



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