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 Season 1

Episode 35


"Uncle John, are you planning to do something to Aunt Nina?" James asked, his voice trembling with apprehension.  

  "What do you think?" John replied, a hint of disgust clearly evident in his eyes.    Had James been using his intelligence in studying, his brother and sister-in-law would not have pushed the responsibility of disciplining him to John.   

 James was stunned in disbelief. This time, John was really going to deal with Nina himself.    

What surprised him was that John was no longer a young teenage boy, but the way he behaved was even worse than that of a schoolboy in his teens. He was intensely bullying a girl in order to attract her undivided attention.    

This was way too mean!  

James treated Nina as his respected aunt, senior and friend, so he tried to plead on her behalf, "Uncle John, why don't you consider it again?"   

 "You seem to have a good relationship with her,"  John stated and turned to look at James in a dominant way. "Tell me her weakness."   

 John seemed to be smiling, but in actual fact, he was forcing James to tell him and wasn't going to stop until he got his answer. James felt creepy. If he dared to lie his way out and say that he didn't know, he was sure to get hit and his blood would definitely splash on the spot.   

 "Uncle John, please, don't do this!" With a wry smile, James tried to make light of the situation and teased back, albeit in a nervous tone. At the same time, he hid himself behind Henry.    

'This guy must really be in the know of Nina's weakness, ' John thought.    

Even he himself wasn't aware of her weakness, but James was. It dawned on him that it seemed as if they were really close and had a good relationship with each other.  

With those thoughts cropping on his mind, John was in an even fouler mood.    'Oh my god!' James shuddered at his uncle's formidable expression.   

 'Why does Uncle John look so scary all of a sudden? It looks as if I've stolen something valuable that belongs to him.'    
Under John's stern gaze, James had no choice but to confess everything he knew. "It's Michelle. It used to be Isabella, and now it is Michelle. Michelle is now Aunt Nina's best friend, and she might be her weakness."    

During the time James had spent with Nina, he learned a lot of things about her. She was an orphan and didn't have many friends.    

After she had broken up her friendship with Isabella, there was only one person that had treated Nina with sincerity and stuck with her through thick and thin, and that was Michelle. Whenever she had good food to share, would send it to Nina. In front of her, Michelle would always act like a spoiled child, and no matter what she wanted to do, Nina would always accompany her without any complaint.  

After blurting out Michelle's name out of fear, James agonizingly felt that he was like a traitor who had betrayed his friends. He glared at John with shame and anger clearly visible on his face.    

"Uncle John, you will definitely regret this. I'll see what you will do once Aunt Nina loses her patience and breaks up with you."    

James turned around and left in anger, like a poor boy being scolded by his parents, and ran back to school in haste.    
As soon as he arrived in school, he went to find Nina to tell her what happened. He admitted that he was wrong for having betrayed her and asked her to watch out for John.    

Although James' usual demeanor was that of an arrogant person, he was, in fact, very kind-hearted and would treat his friends with devoted sincerity.    

Nina didn't blame James for having gutted her out, but she felt a little more antagonistic towards John. That revolting man was really a lowlife rascal and would do everything he could to take what he wanted.  

If John were to really threaten Michelle, Nina would feel burdened for having brought trouble upon her innocent friend.    

After pondering deeply for a long time, Nina asked James earnestly, "What would it take for your uncle to let me go? What do I have to do?"   

 James scratched his head and replied after giving it much thought, "No one has ever dared to disobey Uncle John before. Maybe, if you try to be more obedient, he will lose interest in you. You can just please him a little and be amenable. He had never..."    

'He had never been slapped in the face or beaten with a stick before, ' he continued in silence.    

The way James saw it, it was quite reasonable for John to take his revenge, based on everything that had transpired.   
 "Oh, I see,"  Nina nodded to and fro while in deep thoughts.   

 Only when someone went against John would his interest be peaked. But if a person would be compliant towards him and obey his every whim, then he would easily get tired of that person.  

It seemed John liked the sense of something new and fresh to challenge him.    

If that was the case, then she would apply reverse psychology on him and be obedient to him the next time they met.  

  Now, she had to take precautionary measures. According to what James had told her, it was very likely that John would find a way to cause trouble for Michelle. To keep watch, Nina asked James to bring her to Michelle's home.   

 Michelle lived in a secluded high-end community for the rich, where there were all kinds of villas.    

After receiving a call from Nina, Michelle ran out to welcome her. She was wearing a pink rabbit leisure wear. At a glance, Nina saw Michelle running excitedly towards her. There were rabbit and carrot drawings on her clothes, and even the shoes on her feet had rabbit patterns all over.  

  It turned out that Michelle really resembled a furry rabbit with her outfit.  

Hand in hand, the two girls went inside Michelle's home. On the way, Michelle talked non-stop about the funny things that had recently happened at home.    

At this time, Adams He came out of the study and was looking for Michelle, but he could not find her. He asked his wife, "Where is Michelle?"   

 "Michelle said a good friend of her was coming over,"  Elaine smiled gently and opened the fridge, thinking about what to do to entertain their guest tonight.    

"Thanks for taking care of our dinner. Let me answer the phone first,"  he said as his phone rang and went to the balcony.    
"Mom, we're back. Mom, this is Nini, my best friend at school,"  Michelle said with a wide grin.    

"Hello, Mrs. He. My name is Nina Lu,"  Nina said and smiled sweetly. Nina's first impression of Elaine was that of a gentle and beautiful mother.    

Meanwhile, Elaine also looked at the girl in front of her. She was half a head taller than her daughter and looked very beautiful with a noble disposition. Had she lived in the past, she would have been be a mighty princess of a country.  

"Nina, come and have a seat with Michelle. I'll cook delicious food for you tonight." Elaine was very enthusiastic and kind towards Nina.    

"Nini, my mother cooks very well. Let's sit down first,"  Michelle boasted and took Nina to the sofa.    

On the balcony, Adams He had noticed that there was a guest at home. He smiled and bid a curt nod at Nina while listening to his boss's phone call.    

He was overjoyed to hear that someone was finally willing to invest in the scientific research project that they had been working on relentlessly for years.    But then, his face fell again and he glanced at the living room in apprehension.    

After hanging up the phone, he greeted Nina with a weird smile on his face and went to the kitchen with mixed feelings.    
Noticing that there was something wrong with his expression, Nina followed him quietly.  

After entering the kitchen, he said to his wife, "Someone is willing to invest one hundred million in our project."   

 "Really? Wow! That's great." Elaine wiped her hands on the apron and was so excited that tears were about to come out of her watery eyes.    

They were both scientific research staff and had been working on a project for several years now. However, due to the lack of funds, they could only take their research one step at a time. Now that there was someone who was willing to invest, it meant that the project could progress further at a faster speed.    

The two of them almost cried with joy, unable to hold their tears.    

But soon thereafter, his face became serious and he asked her, "Do you know if Michelle has a good friend named Nina?"    

"Nina?" Elaine was surprised and glanced at the living room with worry Following her sight, he also looked at Nina and their gaze met. He looked away with a guilty conscience.  

"Michelle's visitor is Nina. What's wrong?" Elaine frowned inquisitively when she saw her husband's apprehensive expression.   

 He sighed deeply and told her the truth. "That investor is willing to invest under one condition. He is willing to give the money and invest, if and only if, he can have Michelle's friend, Nina, attend a wine party."   

 "But why? What does she have to do with it?"    

"Look at her. Don't you find that she looks adoring and beautiful? The investor must have taken a fancy to the girl. We can't let her do such a vile thing. Just forget about it."   

 "You're right. Just tell them that Michelle doesn't have a friend named Nina. Anyway, we can't hurt that innocent child."   

 They reached an agreement and pretended that they knew nothing. However, they were a little disappointed somehow. It was their lifelong wish for the project to continue its progress and come to fruition.  

But as soon as their hopes were raised, it was completely destroyed immediately.   
 "Don't worry, I can go,"  Nina volunteered. She had arrived at the kitchen door a while ago and heard every word they said.   

 She saw their excitement, expectation, disappointment, and kindness, one emotion after another, and sometimes, a mixture of everything.    

This must be John's way of taking his revenge on her.    

He had asked her to go to the wine party.  


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