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(Brother And Sister (1)

The books were messily strewn about since Mu Lingshi had flipped through them this afternoon. Usually, Ah Mo would be the one to tidy them up because Mu Lingshi hardly cleaned up after herself.

Mu Yuchen swiftly picked up the books and put them back on the shelf as he said,Look at you. Im very glad that Im not like you.

Mu Lingshi did not seem to mind. Someones going to pick them up after me anyway, so why worry?

Of course, you dont care. Since when does Ah Mo read books like these? Mu Yuchen stared at Mu Lingshi for a moment before picking up the book on architecture and flipping through it.

Mu Lingshi glanced at him. He tried to study when you sent him to City B to work on the Movie City.

Mu Yuchen nodded and took a deep breath as he put the book back. Ah Mo has always been a serious person. Grandmother would be much more at ease if you were half as responsible as him. How was last night?

Mu Lingshi shrugged, running her fingers through her black hair. Still the usual stuff, asking me when Ill be getting married to Ah Mo. They hope itll be this year like what happened to you back then.

Mu Yuchen looked at Mu Lingshi. What did you say? Ah Mo isnt young anymore, and neither are you. Your sister-in-law married me when she was 26. Two years later and shes 28 now. She keeps asking me if shes getting old. Arent women very sensitive about their age?

Sister-in-law is a typical little woman. Of course, shed be different from someone who favors the single life like me! Mu Lingshi chuckled.

Mu Yuchen rolled up the book in his hand and knocked her head. Stop getting so cocky just because Ah Mo is always there for you. When we gathered back at Maple Residence a few days ago, they talked about Ah Mo and you. It all started over a decade ago, didnt it? He gave Mu Lingshi a gentle glance.

Both Mu Lingshi and Mu Limgmo were pretty introverted. They were close to Mu Yuchen since they were little, and they were close to Mu Lingtian when he was still alive as well. As the big brother, Mu Yuchen was calmer and more mature in nature, so he hardly brought up such topics with them, but he did talk a lot with Su Chen and Zhou Zimo.

Nonetheless, Mu Lingmo and Mu Lingshi totally respected him, and Mu Yuchen was caring towards them as an older brother.

Mu Lingshi nodded. Its been over 10 years, plus around 5 or 6 years of a blank period. Brother, just let this happen naturally. Were still doing fine even though we arent married. Didnt Grandmother want us to get married quickly before? They unofficially recognized our current relationship as of now, so it doesnt really matter to me if we get registered or not.

How could it not matter? Although it isnt my top concern, you still deserve what you should get. I dont want to see you not having a wedding dress, a wedding ceremony, and all that.

He stopped his movements and stared deep into Mu Lingshis eyes. I hope to witness the scene where father leads your hand on the red carpet and hands you over to Ah Mo. Im sure our parents are looking forward to it as well.

Mu Lingshi could sense something in his words, so she sighed moments later. I know what you mean. Dont worry. Ill always remember how great my family is. Whenever I feel sad, I always feel better the moment I think about you guys.

No matter what, always remember that youre a daughter of the Mu family, and weve all got your back, understand? Mu Yuchan said.

Mu Lingshi gave him a serious nod as well.

The living room became much tidier after a while. Ah Mo also came back home half an hour later, and the sky turned dark by the time Mu Yuchen started cooking. Ah Mo helped him out and dinner was served at 7 p.m.

The siblings sat together for dinner.

Mu Yuchen was getting ready to go home soon after dinner, so Ah Mo sent him to the entrance.

Master, you rarely come over. You can stay longer if you want. Lingshi is happy with you around, and I can send you back later, Ah Mo said as he followed behind Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen took a pause and then looked up at the sky. The moon was already up, emitting its silver glow over the horizon. He turned back to Ah Mo. Ill pass. I just came over to take a look at both of you. Your sister-in-law is still waiting for me at home. If you havent thought about how to break the news to her, you can wait for a while. I havent thought about how to tell our parents too. Besides, its quite a sensitive period right now. Arrange for an agile bodyguard for Lingshi soon. She probably needs one since she frequents the night club.

Ah Mo hesitated for a moment, sensing Mu Yuchens concern. Master, did something happen?

Nothing much. I met Gu Qiwu today. He admitted his relationship with Lingshi to me. I dont want to blame him for his past with my aunt. I just want Lingshi to be happy in the future, and you know what you promised me before, Mu Yuchen shared while he looked deep into Ah Mos eyes.

Ah Mo paused before quickly nodding. Yes, I remember. Ill love her with my life.

What did Gu Qiwu want from you? He gave Mu Yuchen a worried glance.

He knows Im investigating him. He also knew that we know about his relationship with Lingshi. Thats all for now, but you should be prepared. Ill head back right now.

Mu Yuchen then continued forward. Li Si and the others were already waiting for him at the entrance.

Yes, I understand, Ah Mo replied quietly as he went forward.

Alright, go back in. Mu Yuchen then got into the car.




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