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It was not a grand wedding but definitely a heartwarming one.

Su Chen attended it with Ji Zitong, appearing really good together as a pair. It was also Mu Lingshis first time seeing them together.

Not bad, Bro Su Chen. Sis Zitong fits you really well, so only Zhou Zimo is left now!

Mu Lingsha clung onto Ah Mos arm as they made a toast. She turned around and looked at the best man Zhou Zimo right beside Ah Mo who shrugged with a smile as he grumbled, Each and every one of you is getting married. Im really beginning to feel lonely!

You better catch up soon. I already told you during Ah Chens wedding that youll be the last one. Im just that good at predicting the future. Youre going to be the best man again at my wedding with Zitong at the end of this month. Arent you tired of being the best man? When are you going to become the main character? Su Chen raised his glass at him.

Zhou Zimo sneered at him. Yeah, yeah, you were just like me a while ago, you bastard! He whispered beside Su Chens ears and gave him a punch, We promised each other that we wouldnt forget about our brothers even though weve got the ladies, but I feel like I go through a break up every time I hear that one of you guys are getting married!

Im straight! Let me tell you, Zhou Zimo, your mindset is very dangerous! Su Chen squinted his eyes at Zhou Zimo as he spoke.

I never said youre not, but, Su Chen, Im fond of you. Weve been brothers for so many years. Dont you know me well enough by now? I cant get together with Ah Chen, but you comforted me and warmed my heart. I told you everything, didnt I? I really have feelings that surpass our brotherhood for youheyhey! Im not done yet! Su Chen! Where are you going!

Su Chen dragged Ji Zitong and went away before Zhou Zimo could finish. Mu Lingshi could not control her laughter. Bro Zimo, youre still the same. Dont make Sis Zitong misunderstand!

Zhou Zimo coughed, glancing at Su Chen and chuckling. She better misunderstand. Ill never forget what he did to me! He still remembered the incident from before!

Xi Xiaye giggled as well. She turned around and looked at the man beside her to notice that he was calm as usual with a tint of joy in his eyes.

Zhou Zimo is pretty funny, Xi Xiaye said.

You wont find it funny anymore when he goes overboard, Su Chen has been pranked by him so many times that he wants to kill him every time.

Mu Yuchen understood very well that Zhou Zimo was just playing a prank and was restraining himself better, but if he actually became serious, Mu Yuchen would have to surrender as well.

Suddenly, Li Si arrived beside Mu Yuchen and whispered beside his ear,Master, Ah Bao has news for us!

Mu Yuchen maintained his smile as a cold light flashed in his eyes. He glanced at Li Si and turned around to tell Xi Xiaye who was greeting the guests, Ill be back in a while.

Xi Xiaye nodded when she saw Li Si. She took his wine glass and handed him the flower tea she was holding. You drank a lot. Here, have some of this.

Mu Yuchen smiled and took the tea from her. He then walked towards the quiet corner of the flower gallery where Li Si quickly went over as well.

Ah Mo noticed their movements. He wanted to join them as well, but he looked around and stopped himself.

At the flowers, Mu Yuchen stood by the staircase and took a sip from the glass of flower tea, Li Si caught up to him. Master, this is what Ah Bao sent us. Take a look. He handed Mu Yuchen a small piece of paper, his expression filled with worry and uneasiness.

Mu Yuchen opened it to look, but his expression did not change. His eyes turned cold, and he quickly tore the paper up and threw it into a nearby trash can.

Mastershould we?Li Si asked carefully.

Mu Yuchen put an arm on the railings as he spoke, Qi Feng is landing in City Z today. This is great news. I was worried that hed never come back!

However, Master, Qi Feng isnt the same as before. He Li Si was worried. From the news source, the amount of hatred Qi Feng had for his Master was unimaginable.

No matter how powerful he can be, City Z isnt his turf.

Mu Yuchen then took out his phone and called Ah Bao who soon answered the call, Master

Continue observing. Dont do anything without my orders. Mu Yuchen issued a simple instruction and ended the phone call. His eyes returned to their usual calm gaze when he looked at Li Si. Why isnt Qi Lei here today?

Mu Yuchen got Li Si to send Qi Lei an invitation to Ah Mo and Mu Lingshis wedding, but Qi Lei was nowhere to be seen.

Oh, Master Qi went outstation to City B. He got people to send some gifts over just now. Qi Kai sent him to City B as they have plans to produce a huge budget fantasy-themed movie with a foreign company, so he should be there to discuss it.

Li Si found out about this from Yang Sheng. Qi Qimings priority was Project South River No. 2 at the moment while Wang Qin had been the one who focused more on movie and television projects. Qi Qiming had been more lenient with Qi Lei ever since Wang Qins death. It was probably compensation to Wang Qin.

When is he coming back? Mu Yuchen frowned slightly and asked.

Li Si shook his head. Im not sure yet. Ill call Assistant Yang Sheng and find out.



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