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(Wedding 4)

Ji Zitong spoke calmly. Even though her ear piercing was still fresh, she could not help but rub her earlobes.

Su Chen did not respond to that. Instead, his hands just quietly stayed on his legs while he turned to look at her with a profound gaze. Moments later, he smiled. Ji Zitong, why do I find that youre becoming courteous with me now? Are you scared of me now?

His words startled her, so she frowned slightly and quickly looked up to him as she said in disagreement, Why would you say that?

You didnt use to be like this. Youd make threatening gestures and wouldnt be courteous with me at all. Su Chen grinned while a meaningful light gathered in his gaze.

She shot him a glance and said smoothly, Do you want me to threaten you? Someone seemed to have complained about it before. Now that Ive decided to exist harmoniously with you, shouldnt you be moved to tears?

I should be. These days while I was abroad for work, did you miss me? Su Chen thought that he would not bring himself to ask her this, but now it unexpectedly came out so naturally, surprising him a little. He thought about it, but it was true. After experiencing some things, they seemed to become more natural, and in the end, you got used to it too.

Ji Zitong obviously did not expect Su Chen to ask her this directly, so she was taken aback. Faint hints of light shone in her gaze as she looked at him. She thought about it and was about to say something when Su Chen already could not help but reach out to hold her face. He gazed down at her and chuckled. I dont care if you missed me or not. I missed you either way.

His smile looked a little soft while his gaze was gentle too. Ji Zitong suddenly felt her heart fill with warmth. Before she could react, Su Chen already lowered his head and closed in, his warm touch filling her whole. In the next instant, his refreshing and wild scent engulfed her as he accurately captured her soft pink lips.

She paused but did not reject him. She let him explore and gradually go deeper.

Not feeling any resistance from her, Su Chen became less tensed. He felt relieved as he reached out to pull her into his embrace. Soon, he was not courteous at all as he kissed her deeper with hunger.

The temperature in the room gradually rose, and even Ji Zitong could not help but shudder as she felt a little surprised yet confused by his passion.

Of course, Master Su did not stick to just a simple kiss. As he became more demanding, his hands became restless. When Ji Zitong could no longer handle his passion, she gently pushed him away. As her breath panted unsteadily, she realized that the clothes on her were already

Su Chen took a look at her. Obviously, he wanted to continue downwards, but

He inhaled deeply as well, and with his strong self-restraint, he pushed down the flaring beast in him. He wanted to pick her blouse up for her awkwardly, not wanting to let his eagerness frighten her. Then, he laughed at himself.Su Chen, oh, Su Chen, since when did you become so protective over women?

However, just as Su Chen was picking up her blouse, Ji Zitong suddenly held his hand and watched him quietly with misty eyes, taking in all of his awkwardness. After that, she suddenly laughed and sighed. Alright, Su Chen, I never knew you had this cautious side of you.

Who do you think Im doing this for? Su Chen looked down at her hand that held his wrist before glaring unhappily at her. Even for someone as prideful as him, he absolutely would not force a woman and wrong her, especially when that woman was his wife.

A faint ripple swept past Ji Zitongs elegant expression. She immediately turned away and let go of his hand in a daze as she calmly said, Thats your right. In fact, from the start, I already told you that I want to be a good wife, sommm!

Before Ji Zitong could finish, the man beside her had already gone up to her!

You said so yourselfjust what I wanted! Then, take this!

Ji Zitong could not say anything more when a spectacular wave of passion came over and instantly drowned her. She could not remember what happened after that. She only knew that he had eaten her clean


The night was very short, especially in the blistering summer. At 5 a.m., the sky had begun to lighten.

When the alarm clock rang, Xi Xiaye could not help but laze in bed for a bit while the man beside her immediately pulled his blanket open and got up. Mu Xiaocheng was awake and babbling to himself. The man skillfully carried Mu Xiaocheng out where Aunt Lin and the rest were waiting.

Actually, since Mu Xiaochengs third month, Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye argued once over whether to let him sleep alone, but she would not allow it. Her son was so cute. Every night, she could not help but play with him, then go to sleep. Besides, he was so young, thus being closer to his parents would be beneficial for child bonding.

However, Mu Yuchen said that the child should begin to be more independent since young. Besides, their sons eyes were already bright. Late at night, if he wanted to do some inappropriate things with her and they moved too much, it would awaken the little guy sound asleep beside them. Then, the little guy would look at them with wide eyes. As intense as the fireworks might be, they would be instantly extinguished too. Furthermore, if the little guy started crying, they would need to stop no matter what!

This was something that Master Mu was more or less unhappy about, but he could not bear to make her unhappy. Ever since they had their son, in fact, after having two sons at a go, his position in her heart had shrunk by a lot. Now, he was afraid that he had only just enough space to stand.

When he was done washing up and came out of the bathroom, she had gotten up and was changing out of her sleeping gown. She put on a rose pink strapless linen dress that was refreshingly elegant and looked quite festive.

Upon seeing him come out, she fixed her skirt and asked,What do you think? Does it look nice?

A faint radiance flashed in his eyes as his breath was taken away. He helped her fix her bun and said, Missus, youre naturally beautiful. With such an amazing figure, you look gorgeous in anything.

When Xi Xiaye heard his compliment, a smile appeared on her beautiful face. Youre not bad either, especially recently. Every time I go out with you, therell be women who hit on you. Your charm didnt reduce but increased instead.

As charming as I may be, Im already taken. He caressed her head lovingly. Alright, go and wash up. Ah Mo should be almost done.


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