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(Wedding (3)

The night was getting late, the lights had dimmed. When Su Chens flight landed, it was already past 10 p.m. and it was a bit far to get from the airport to his villa. He got down from the plane with Secretary He who had arranged for a car to pick them up from the airport.

Alright, you should go home to rest earlier. Well take a day off tomorrow. Come back to work the day after tomorrow and write up a leave application a week before my wedding begins on my behalf. As for the contents, you know what to do. Hand it to me the day after tomorrow at work, said Su Chen as he got into the car.

Secretary He nodded respectfully and replied, Okay, Chief Su!

The car drove away and gradually sped up, very quickly vanishing in the misty night.

When they got closer to the city, they saw that the city was still quite lively. If this were before, he would not have gone home immediately. Instead, he would have looked for Zhou Zimo and the rest to have a drink at the bar before anything else, but now, after landing, he already wanted to go straight home. He was not sure if it was because there was a certain person back home.

Ever since Ji Zitong hung up on his call that night, he had not called her for quite a few days. He would just send her a goodnight text at night, to which she would only respond with this single line:Okay, you too, goodnight!

Chief Su kept feeling like there seemed to be something missing between them even if they had each other.

As the car drove towards the villa, in the back seat, he was silent as he naturally thought about him and Ji Zitong. After that, he suddenly felt like he should treat her better.

As men, it did not matter how unruly they were before marriage. After getting married, they would have to responsible for their women. Suddenly, he understood Mu Yuchens change from back then. He had an idea of what to do, so he felt more relieved.

At that moment, the car slowly stopped in front of his villa.

Chief Su, were here!

The chaffeurs respectful and calm voice came through his thoughts. Su Chen immediately looked up and realized that it was his villa ahead, so he then nodded and alighted from the car with his briefcase in his hand.

The whole villa was dark now. A faint light came from the two lamps by the door and the lights from the streetlights. She must be asleep since it was close to midnight now.

Su Chen did not think too much. He took his keys out and opened the door to find the house empty, so he closed the door and went upstairs after changing his shoes.

At this moment, in the bedroom, Ji Zitong had already switched off the lights and was asleep for a while. When Su Chen was not around, she would always go to bed quite early. In fact, these past few days were when the flower farmers came over to balance the accounts which was quite a complex process and left her rather tired.

When she was deep in her slumber, she suddenly felt like someone had pushed the door open. With her head heavy with sleep, she thought she was dreaming, but she subconsciously rubbed her eyes and looked up towards the door.

A light unexpectedly shone in. In fact, it sounded like there were some movements of someone pouring a glass of water and finding things.

Ji Zitong was stunned and became more awake now. There could not be a thief in their house, could there?

When she thought about the serial killer cases that the man mentioned a few days ago, Ji Zitong subconsciously frowned and started to actually feel uneasy.

Just as her imagination was running wild, she suddenly heard footsteps moving closer to the bedroom. That person reached out gently to push open a small gap in the door, and his tall figure greeted her sight, but Ji Zitong could already tell who it was from the shadow.

Youre back!

Upon recognizing the figure, Ji Zitong cried out and quickly sat up as she switched on the lights, so the room was instantly brightly lit.

Su Chen was startled as he did not expect her to suddenly wake up. He was actually just about to close the door when he ended up opening it. He strode into the bedroom as he unbuttoned his shirt and spoke in a low voice, Did I wake you up?

Not really. I just fell asleep. Why are you home so late? Wont you even let me know in advance that you were coming back? Ji Zitong flipped her thin blanket open and slowly got up to sit by the bed and watch him.

Su Chen took off his shirt and bared his upper arms as he walked to the wardrobe to find himself a set of pajamas. I was late for my flight. Keep sleeping.

Forget it. Ill just sleep a little at the store. Have you had dinner? Ill cook some supper for you.

Ji Zitong quickly got up and was about to walk outside when he stopped her. No need. Im not very hungry since I had a simple meal on the plane. Ill take a shower first, so you can keep sleeping. Su Chen took a long look at her before walking to the bathroom.

Ji Zitong stared blankly and stood where she was for quite a while before she breathed in slowly, and walked over to pick up the dirty clothes that he had casually tossed aside. Then, she put them inside the laundry basket beside the bathroom door and silently walked out again.

After about half an hour, Su Chen finally finished washing up while Ji Zitong had helped him briefly put away his things.

Su Chen mussed his dark hair that was almost dry and walked to the bedside. At this moment, the phone that was set aside on the table buzzed, so he took a look at who it was. It was Secretary He, so he picked up.

Chief Su, have you reached home? Secretary He was a very competent secretary and frequently checked on his boss.

Mmm, Im home. Rest early.

Okay. Right, you left the gift you got for Sis-in-law with me. Do you want me to send it over to you right now?

The gift?

Su Chen then knocked his own head. It was no wonder he could not find it in his pocket earlier. He thought that he had misplaced it!

No worries. Just bring it to work the day after tomorrow, Su Chen said, then hung up. Meanwhile, Ji Zitong clearly heard those words beside him, and a faint radiance brimmed in her beautiful eyes. She looked at him with a flickering light, then sat down near him.

You Ji Zitong began softly.

Putting his phone aside, tenderness surfaced on his steadfast, handsome face. I went to walk around the jewelry premium outlet while I was there. The jades there are quite well known. I got you a pair of earrings, but I left them with Secretary He though. Hell bring it to work the day after tomorrow.

You were abroad for work. Why were you still thinking of that? I dont wear them often anyway.




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