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(Wedding (2)

Mu Yuchen lowered his head humbly as he carved his fathers words on his heart.

In his memories, his father rarely spoke to him in a serious manner as he did right now. He was always gentle and kind, but Mu Yuchen remembered that his father was also a calm and sharp person.

How else could the Mu family be so successful in the political scene without any prior backup?

Ill remember that, Father.

Mu Tangchuan nodded. I had people conduct a secret investigation on something. Im putting in the effort too while youre working hard. Youre my son and Im your father, so its only normal for a father to protect the son. So many years have gone by, and Im getting old. There are things I used to find important, but they arent as important as you guys now.

Father Mu Yuchen gave Mu Tangchuan a surprised look. He was not expecting him to say something like that. Actually, ever since he was arrested for a period of time, he started to notice Mu Tangchuan change although he was not sure exactly what was different.

As he was about to ask something, Mu Tangchuan already walked back into the corridor. Mu Yuchen noticed that his frail back did not look as strong as it once seemed.

Mu Yuchen then remembered what Mu Tangchuan said.

Im getting old

There are things I used to find important, but they arent as important now

Mu Yuchen was deep in thought until he felt a sharp pain on his shoulder. He took a deep breath and quickly turned around to see his wife looking at him with bloodshot eyes. She also had tissue in her hands.

She sniffled and wiped off her tears. This is so sad. I never realized this was such a touching film

Mu Yuchen looked at the television screen and realized it was playing the film Titanic.

He put a hand on his forehead while bringing her closer with the other arm to comfort her, I didnt know you were made out of water. You cry so easily. These stories are made up to make you cryArgh, its quite touching. Im really touched!

Mu Yuchen endured the pain on his arm and lied.

Dont watch this kind of film the next time. Watch a comedy. He picked up the remote control and changed the TV channel.

Im not done watching yet. What are yoummm

As Xi Xiaye wanted to take back the remote control, he kissed her lips and stopped her from talking. She then quickly grabbed a pillow and put it between them just as he was about to take advantage of her.

You smoked just now! She glared at him.

I only smoke once a week. Come here! He grabbed her arm and pulled her close.

No! She gave him a disgusted stare.

Do you think its up to you to say no right now? You surely didnt behave like this the night before yesterday.

He held her close with a smile on his face. Soon, he was on top of her and his kisses landed accurately.

Xi Xiaye frowned.

What a shameless person! How can he say such words without feeling embarrassed at all?

After several minutes, she pushed him away as she panted. What were you thinking? You seemed a little odd ever since we came back from Ah Mos place, she finally asked.

He moved away from her and tidied her crumpled shirt. He then spoke in a casual tone, Nothing much. Im just thinking of something. Father already knows about the relationship between Gu Qiwu and Lingshi, so Im sure Mother knows as well. I dont really have an idea of what to do now.

He did not hide it from her. He was more than willing to tell her since she asked because he did not want to keep any secrets from her.

Xi Xiayes face froze for a moment as she stared at him. I told you people would find out sooner or later. Hiding it isnt a good idea. We might as well figure out how to face it since we cant avoid it.

If only it was as simple as you think. He knocked her head lightly with his finger as he chuckled. Im not thinking about that. Father told me something surprising today, but I also feel touched. I didnt understand when I still wasnt a father before, but now I can understand what hes feeling.

What did he say? Xi Xiaye gave him a curious glance.

Mu Yuchen looked downwards as he took a deep breath and grabbed her fingers. He said hes getting old, and he finds the things he used to deem important not as important as us now.

Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment. She then wrapped her arms around his neck. I told you that they care for you deeply, but you have your ego. Do you think I dont know that youre like a spoilt prince?

A spoilt prince? Mu Yuchen gave her a shocked look.

Xi Xiaye replied calmly, Mmm, but I think youre cute this way. She patted his head and pinched his cheek.

Mu Yuchen blushed as he grabbed her hands. Can you really use the word cute to describe a man?

Why not? Oh, by the way, I have something to discuss with you. I told Grandmother that youre going to let Ah Mo take over my previous position, and Lingshi shouldnt work at the nightclub anymore, so shell be the branch manager for Imperial Sky Entertainment Club. That position is still vacant, isnt it?

Mmm, sure, my hands are tied with all the preparation going on.

Howre the best man and bridesmaids coming along?

Xi Xiaye really had trouble finding bridesmaids for herself during her wedding. Although Mu Lingshi did have some close friends, most of them were already married.




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