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(Father And Daughter (3)

Gu Qiwu then gave Gu Lingsha a glass of water.

She stopped what she was doing and sat down in the empty seat beside Gu Qiwu. Then, she grabbed the glass of water and took several sips from it before replying, Not really. Dont you know how Mother is? She never really cares about that, and Im sure you know shes quite indifferent towards most things. She only cares about you.

She could not help but tease him further, She only has her eyes on you, Father. Even I dont matter much to her. She always calls me to talk about you.

What did she say about me? Gu Qiwu squinted his eyes at Gu Lingsha, a rare, gentle smile appearing on his face.

She said you only have time for work and no time for her! Gu Lingsha giggled.

Gu Qiwu laughed as well. Its been almost 30 years, yet your mother is still like a little girl. How could things still be the same when weve been married for so many years? Please talk to her more if you have the time. Tell her not to travel so frequently as Im worried about her health. Theres not much to do in City Z, so whats the point of coming over?

I get it, Father! Ill find some time to talk to her. Dont always be so worried about Mother as if youre going to lock her up in a safe! Gu Lingsha laughed.

The smile on Gu Qiwus face made him look like he was a model husband.

It was pretty lively around the Mu residence these few days. Even though Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi planned to keep their wedding simple, many people with close ties to the Mu family still sent gifts over like the Su and Zhou families. Even Shen Yue prepared a gift for Xi Xiaye to bring over as well.

Outside Ah Mo and Mu Lingshis private villa, ablack Porsche soon arrived.

Xi Xiaye got out of the car. She wore a long blue dress today, and her long hair was tied into a bun. She looked entirely fresh and young.

The door to the front passenger seat opened as well, and Mu Yuchen got down.

Unlike his usual black suit, he wore a more casual outfit today. It was a black shirt paired with casual slacks. He left his collar open, so the pendant Xi Xiaye gave him was visible. He was holding Mu Xiaocheng in his arm with a milk bottle in his other hand. Meanwhile, Mu Zirui was right behind him holding a bag full of Mu Xiaochengs things.

Father, heres Brothers handkerchief! Mu Zirui quickly grabbed a clean handkerchief from the bag and handed it to Mu Yuchen.

Mu Xiaocheng frequently drooled since he was four months old, so Mu Yuchens chest area had a small damp spot on it in just a while.

Mu Yuchen took it and exchanged it with the already wet handkerchief he was holding. He dabbed Mu Xiaochengs mouth as he glanced at his wife. Is he growing teeth already? Just how much is he going to eat if hes beginning to grow teeth at merely four months old?

Xi Xiaye stared at him, then looked at Mu Xiaochengs cute little face and poked his cheeks. Theres no way its that fast. Its usually several months later. Am I right, my son?

Mu Xiaocheng giggled as he put an arm around Mu Yuchens neck while extending the other arm towards Xi Xiaye.

Should we bring him to the hospital for a check-up? Mu Yuchen glanced at Mu Xiaocheng.

Its normal. Lets ask Mother first before doing so. Lets head in for now. Come on, Xiao Rui. Hold my hand! Xi Xiaye pinched Mu Xiaochengs face again, and he giggled as he waved his little hands around. She grinned as she grabbed Mu Ziruis hand.

The four of them walked into the villa.

Master, Missus, and our two Young Masters are here!

The butler came to greet them as they just entered the house. He took the bag from Mu Ziruis hand.

Mmm, is Grandmother here as well?

It was just a few days away from Mu Lingshi and Ah Mos wedding, so everyone was busy working on it by decorating their room and making some preparations for the wedding ceremony. Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye dropped by to have lunch and take a look at the progress of their preparations.

Elder Madam has been here since this morning. Shes so busy that she doesnt even have the time to rest.

The butler was an old, experienced servant from the Mu residence. He was also a very kind and agile person.

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye traded glances with each other. They smiled and then continued walking forward.

Master, let me carry Young Master for you. Aunt Lin caught up with them.

Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi were staying over at the Mu residence since this place was under renovation, and Wang Hui was taking care of their arrangements.

It finally happened! We have to at least redecorate their house. Your grandfather and I have been looking forward to this day since forever. Wang Hui came down from upstairs as she felt a little ache around her waist.

Xi Xiaye quickly went up to Wang Hui and helped her down, but Wang Hui waved her hand. Its fine. I just feel a little tired after standing for the whole morning. Things were almost completed last night, so I came over here today to take a look. I called you guys over because your parents are coming as well. Well discuss and see if we left anything out.

Mother called and told us that. Wheres Ah Mo and Lingshi? Xi Xiaye asked as she got Wang Hui a glass of water.

They went to take their wedding pictures this morning. They should be busy now. Wheres Ah Chen?

He went to the backyard with Xiao Rui. Grandmother, you should sit down and take a break. Mu Yuchen has some free time lately, so just ask him to come and supervise. He knows what Ah Mo and Ah Shi like anyway. Xi Xiaye brought Wang Hui over to the sofa and handed her a clean tissue paper.




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