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(How Could You? (1)

It happened too quickly. The father and son pair were already in a tussle before Xi Xiaye could react.

Qi Lei threw a heavy punch at Qi Qiming. It was so powerful that Qi Qimings face swelled up almost instantly. He groaned in pain as he spat blood out!

Why are you here?! Why did you come?! Are you the one that killed her? You bastard, how could you do this to her?! Why dont you go and die? Why is she the one dead instead of you?! Qi Lei grabbed Qi Qimings collar and pinned him to the wall, punching him in the stomach several times. His eyes were ferociously cold as his veins popped.

Master Qi! Calm down, Master Qi! Stop hitting him!

You unfilial son! Mu Yuchen killed your mother! You idiot! How dare you do this to your father?! How could I have given birth to trash like you?!

Qi Qiming was mad as well. His eyes were red as he gave Qi Lei a cold glare.

The bodyguards went up and pulled them apart although Qi Lei was struggling to rush forward.

Stop, Uncle Qi! Aunt Wang had already passed away. Cant you guys let her go in peace? Its enough! Stop fighting! Gu Lingsha endured her pain and stopped Qi Qiming from going forward.

My father? My father? A bastard like you as my father? Are you even worthy? You scum! How have you been treating my mother all these years? You married her, slept with her, and this is how you treat her! Shes dead now. Shouldnt you be dead to accompany her as well? How could you hurt her? Why dont you just die? Qi Lei started yelling at Qi Qiming angrily.

Stop talking, Qi Lei. Look at where we are right now!Gu Lingsha was worried when she saw Qi Qimings expression getting paler. Uncle Qi, you should probably head back for now.

Qi Qiming glanced at Qi Lei angrily as he wiped the blood off his face. Take him away! Reckless idiot!


As the bodyguards were about to say something, Qi Qiming turned around and walked into the operating theatre.

He did not forget to give Xi Xiaye a cold glare when he walked past her!

Let go of me! Let go of me if you dont want to die! Get lost, Qi Qiming. You have no right to see her! Dont mess up her path towards reincarnation! Get lost!

Qi Lei struggled and was almost going crazy. Xi Xiaye signaled the bodyguard beside her who then went up and rendered Qi Lei unconscious with a chop on the back of his neck.

Lets get him back. Its been a tough day for everyone, especially him, Xi Xiaye sniffled as she spoke in a hoarse voice.

Yang Sheng nodded. He then left together with the bodyguards holding Qi Lei.

Inside the operating theatre, Qi Qiming arrived beside Wang Qins lifeless body before him without any expression. He stared at her pale face for a long time and suddenly put on a cold smile.

Do you believe what I said now? I told you, youd regret the choices youve made. Wang Qin, Wang Qin Youre a smart woman. Why would you want to do this?

Qi Qiming took a breather as his cold eyes turned complicated. He touched the swollen part on his face before he continued, I know you hate me. I hate you as well. Havent you always fought me like your deadliest enemy your whole life? Youre too headstrong, and your son is the same! Its good that youre dead. At least, you dont have to see me again. Pray that you wont meet me in your next life!

There were no emotions in his words as he looked at Wang Qin who was now lying dead on the bed. Then, he looked at her left hand. As expected, she was not wearing anything on it, so he went over and took out a diamond ring from his pocket to put onto her left ring finger.

This is your final punishment. Be tagged with my name even after your death! Let your hatred continue! Qi Qiming finally let go of her hand and then left the operating theatre.

Rain continued to fall outside along with the frequent thunder. The cold wind was freezing like Xi Xiayes tired heart at that moment.

Her expression was sorrowful when she watched Yang Sheng and Li Si put Qi Lei into the car.

Li Si, get two people to help Assistant Yang send Qi Lei home. Take care of him well tonight and let him have a good sleep. As for CEO Wangs funeral, please arrange it. Li Si, see if theres anything we can help with the police. Let her rest in peace as soon as possible, said Xi Xiaye as she blinked her teary eyes.

Li Si nodded.Yes, dont worry, Missus!

Thank you for your kindness, Director Xi! Yang Sheng offered his gratitude, but his eyes looked at Xi Xiaye with a complicated feeling.

The news was all about how Master Mu had accidentally killed Wang Qin. It was definitely possible under those circumstances. Some news portals even reported having witnessed Mu Yuchen stabbing Wang Qins torso.

It was still unclear at this point in time.

He wondered what Master Qi was thinking. Would he also think that Mu Yuchen killed CEO Wang?

There were no answers right now, and none of the guesses could be validated. The only thing left to do was to wait for the investigation results from the police.

Mmm, its fine. Send him back now, and let me know if you need anything, Xi Xiaye replied.

Yang Sheng nodded before boarding the car and drove away as Xi Xiayes ride arrived beside her.

A strong gust blew, making Xi Xiayes body shudder and the frost almost tripped her. She held onto the car door and managed to stay standing up.


Director Xi!

Li Si and Ji Zitong quickly went over.

Xi Xiaye raised her hand and stopped them. Im alright. Im just a little tired. Li Si, go and handle the funeral and sort things out with the police.



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