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(Bad News (5)

The doctor, who was dressed in a white robe, walked out. Qi Lei and Gu Lingsha were practically the first to go up to them.

Doctor! Hows it? Hows my mother?

Qi Lei steadied his footsteps as his hands gripped the doctors collar tightly. He was so strong that he could practically lift the doctor up.

Lei, calm down. Lets hear what the doctor has to say! Gu Lingsha went up and held Qi Lei back before he slowly let go of the doctor. He pushed away Gu Lingshas hand that held onto his sleeve as his dark gaze was fixated on the doctor.

The doctor cleared his throat as he breathed in before darting a glance at Qi Lei. His expression was solemn as he said, The patients injury is too severe. In fact, shes lost too much blood. Weve done our best. Please go in and see if she has any final wishes!


Before the doctor could finish, Qi Lei had already pushed him aside and rushed in. Impossible! Move!

Xi Xiayes expression shifted as she went in too while Yang Sheng and Li Si rushed closely behind.

Inside the operating theatre, the doctor had already cleaned Wang Qin up. She lay on the sickbed unmoving. Her face was bloodless, yet at that moment it seemed as if she was the most clear-headed for the first time in her life. Her eyes widened as she looked at the surgical lights overhead.

Mother! Mother! How are you? How are you?

Qi Lei lost control as he rushed in and staggered to kneel by the sickbed. He held both of Wang Qins hands tightly as his raspy voice was colored with sourness and pain. He trembled as he felt her cold temperature, and his heart twisted into a knot, hurting very badly.

Xiao Lei dont be sad. We all have to leave eventually. I just never thought the day would come so soon. I have lots of regrets like not being able to see you get married and start a family

Wang Qins voice was already very weak, but she tried hard to maintain that bit of consciousness and lift her hand. When Qi Lei saw that, he quickly brought her hand to his face. Mother, as long as youll get better, Ill get married right away, and bring your grandchildren. Mother dont leave me Mother, I still need you. I wont be angry at you anymore. Dont leave

At this instant, for the first time, Qi Lei felt his heart suffocating from hurt. He suddenly hated himself for not treating her well, and not responding to her properly all the years.

When Wang Qin heard his pleas, she laughed a little weakly. Ive got bad luck. When youre alone now, you have to take good care of yourself. Ill watch over you. If I could do it all over again, I would still choose you, Xiao Lei. To me, theres nothing more important than you. So so, you have to live well

Qi Leis eyes instantly turned red as his dry eyes suddenly welled up with hot tears. He clung onto Wang Qins hand tightly as he said with a raspy voice,Mother, I can only live well with you around. Mother!

Wang Qin changed her tone and said softly, Be strong Ive lost too many things in this lifetime, Xiao Lei Dont be like me. You have to seize some things

I got it, Mother, I will!

Wang Qin breathedstrenuously as she looked to the side and saw Xi Xiaye behind Qi Lei. She paused, and then reached out to Xi Xiaye. Director Director Xi

VP Wang!

Xi Xiaye quickly closed in and held her hand while her starry eyes could not help but tear up.

Director Xi You and Master Mu are good people. I trust you too Xiao Lei Can I leave him in your hands? Im afraid that once Im gone, no one will love and protect him now Can you can you promise me?

When she reached the end, Wang Qin could not hold on any longer. Her voice was so soft that you could barely hear her.

Yes, yes! I promise you, I promise you! Mu Yuchen and I will definitely watch over Qi Lei like our little brother. VP Wang, dont worry. I promise you! The tears that welled up in Xi Xiayes eyes immediately fell as she quickly assured her.

Thank you thank you she whispered before her hand fell limp, and she breathed her last breath.

Mother! Mother! Dont go! Dont go! Qi Lei shouted in his hoarse voice, yet no matter how much he shook her, Wang Qin was gone.

Xi Xiaye turned away sadly and blinked her tearful eyes. Her chest felt surges of pain, and she had to take many deep breaths and cover her face as she looked tearfully at Wang Qin who had passed away on the sickbed.

Dont die! Mother! Wake up, wake up! Qi Lei broke down as he shook Wang Qins body profusely while it gradually turned colder. His bloodshot eyes were like an injured beasts. He finally could not bear the anguish as he cried out loud, Ah! Why?! Why?!

Qi Lei punched the bedhead. With a loud crack, his fist swelled up too.

VP Wang!

Yang Shengs eyes had reddened too. He quickly rushed up to hold Qi Lei back. Master Qi, please calm down!

Why?! Let go of me! Qi Lei cried out loudly as he struggled hard. He pushed Yang Sheng to the ground with his fist as he rushed out like a madman!

Xi Xiaye could not react soon enough, and her expression changed slightly as she called out to him,Qi Lei! Where are you going?!

Master Qi! Yang Sheng screamed, not caring less about the pain all over him. He quickly chased after him. Xi Xiaye sniffled and quickly turned to order Li Si, Arrange for her funeral. Dont make it public first. Ill go take a look!

Okay, Missus, be careful!

LI Si did not have time to snap back from the grief. His eyes were filled with pity and sorrow, so he could only give her a short answer. Without waiting for him to finish, Xi Xiayes slender figure had already begun chasing after Qi Lei.

Gu Lingsha was stopped outside the door to the operating theatre. When she heard the pained cries, she could guess that things did not turn out well. Her lowered gaze hid an indistinct light as a delightful sneer flashed on the inside, yet her expression remained morose. Just as she wanted to break free from the bodyguards holding her back, Qi Lei suddenly rushed out from the operating theatre like a madman. He pushed her away with force, and Gu Lingsha was caught off guard as she bumped hard into the wall.


Her wound was hit, sending excruciating pain through her nerves. Gu Lingsha reflexively shrieked. When she looked up, she saw that Qi Lei had already rushed ahead like a hurricane ready to wreak havoc while Yang Sheng and Xi Xiaye followed him closely behind.

At this second, hurried footsteps came from the empty corridor in front. When Qi Lei looked over with furiously bloodshot eyes, he saw that Qi Qiming and his secretary had rushed over.

Fury flashed in his eyes immediately as he went up to Qi Qiming in grief and anger!



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  1. I hate death
    Qi lei take heart
    And what rightfully belong to you that what ur mother labour for all her life and find the culprit


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