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(Bad News (4)

Gu Lingsha and Wang Qin had always been at loggerheads with each other. The last time in her office, Wang Qin had even slapped her a few times. In fact, she always made life difficult for her. Gu Lingsha was no St. Maria. If this thorn in her side, Wang Qin, could be taken down, it was a great thing for her.

The person who had made their move had helped her quite a bit.

However, she did not expect it to be Mu Yuchen!

She did not quite believe that it was Mu Yuchen who did it. He was not that dumb to do it himself. It might be more likely if it were Xi Xiaye. Was this woman not courteous to her before this? However, her motives were not very clear.

Could it be actually aimed at Wang Qin? It was unlikely that Mu Yuchen and Wang Qin did not have quite a good working relationship.

Was it an accidental injury? In that situation, this seemed quite a likely possibility. It might have been that!

What actually happened?

She thought about it for a long time but could not think of a reasonable answer. She could not put her finger on it, but she felt the whole thing was quite odd!

“You better pray that Aunt Wang will be fine. Otherwise, you know what the consequences will be! Don’t think that you’ll get away with it just cause Mu Yuchen took the blame for you!” Gu Lingsha shot Xi Xiaye a fierce look. When her gaze turned towards her arm that was bandaged, her eyes turned cold again!

Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes unaffectedly at her. “Of course I’m hoping that VP Wang will be fine, but you’d better not be telling reckless lies. Mr. Mu and I are innocent!”

Gu Lingsha sneered. “You can talk about whether you’re innocent or not at the police station. There were human testimonies and material evidence. How are you trying to get out of this? You can tell the police that because it was dark and you couldn’t see, so it was an accidental injury. That way, you might even get a lighter sentence!”

Xi Xiaye ignored her. She could only leave the truth for the police to investigate. She calmly lowered her gaze, and then turned to walk towards Qi Lei. She stopped beside him and looked at him with red eyes and mixed emotions. Although she wanted to say something, she did not how to, so she struggled for a long while before saying softly, “VP Wang will be fine. Don’t worry too much. I’m sorry, but I believe Mr. Mu has no motives. It was because of me…”

Xi Xiaye’s slightly raspy voice came through before Qi Lei turned to look at her with a darkened and dazed gaze. Upon seeing how frail she appeared with red eyes and overall simply looking miserable, something complicated flashed in his dark eyes. He looked at the seat beside him, and after a while, he said in a dry and hoarse voice, “Sit down.”

That voice sounded absent-minded, yet it did not have any intentions to blame. There was only a silence that felt stifling. Xi Xiaye looked down and saw his hands that were covered in blood. Her eyes started to well up with hot tears as she could only lower her gaze and turn her head away. Blinking, she subconsciously put a hand to her chest.

Moments after, when he saw that she did not move, Qi Lei looked at her again. His tall body moved to the side and he sat down in the seat without saying anything. Xi Xiaye watched him for quite a while before turning to signal Li Si who nodded knowingly before turning around towards the corridor.

Soon, Li Si brought a warm, wet towel over.

Xi Xiaye took it and handed it to Qi Lei.

Looking at the towel before him that was still steaming hot, Qi Lei was dazed. He looked up at her, and then took it as he quietly lowered his head and began to wipe the bloodstains on his hands. As he wiped them, he suddenly stopped and stared at the towel which was now colored bright red. He started to be beside himself.

“Do you think she’ll be fine?”

It was not sure how long had passed when he suddenly asked that question softly. His voice sounded bleak, and when he asked this, his eyes remained staring at his hands.

“She’ll be fine,” Xi Xiaye answered calmly as she sat down slowly beside him.

Wang Qin will be fine, and so will Mr. Mu. They will all be fine.

When he heard her determined answer, his handsome face suddenly flashed with a smile. The light in his eyes vaguely relaxed as he continued to wipe away the bloodstain on his hands again. “She bled a lot. I couldn’t stop it. My shirt’s soaked in her blood. It was the first time I felt so helpless and afraid. On the way while rushing to the dock earlier, she said a lot of things to me, and I found her annoying, so I barely answered her.”

As Xi Xiaye listened, a sourness was felt in the back of her throat, and more hot tears welled up in her eyes. She wanted to say some words to console him, yet she did not know where to begin.

She struggled for a while before saying softly, “VP Wang loves you very much, Qi Lei. She’ll be fine…”

She will be fine. He nodded silently as he thought of that and prayed hard.

Gu Lingsha, who had also sat down across them, was staring at Qi Lei and Xi Xiaye with a stern expression.

Qi Lei!

Since when he had begun to discriminate too?

Earlier, he was shouting at her, but now…

He was so certain that Xi Xiaye was innocent!

Even she could not be sure of this. Now, based on how it looked, it was either Xi Xiaye or Mu Yuchen who had done it.

They did not know if the target was Gu Lingsha or Wang Qin. With the series of incidents, there were irregularities throughout. What was Qi Lei thinking?

“Master Qi!” Right at this moment, Yang Sheng’s rushed footsteps were heard in the corridor. His tone was filled with terror.

“How’s VP Wang? How’s she now?” Yang Sheng came up to them, and upon seeing the row of people waiting outside, he subconsciously looked up at the operating theatre to see that the light was still on.

Qi Lei did not respond. Instead, it was Gu Lingsha who looked anxiously at Yang Sheng and responded, “Aunt Wang’s still inside. I’ve called Uncle Qi. Assistant Yang, how’s the situation outside?”

“The police have sealed off all information for now. The people on the ship are being investigated. Someone probably did something to the ship because it involves Mu… The police have delegated more manpower to the case, and the truth will prevail.”

Yang Sheng dared not speak recklessly. It was chaotic and dark then. Anything could have happened!

When he conveyed this information, Yang Sheng subconsciously looked at Xi Xiaye whose expression was glum. He then observed Qi Lei, whose expression also contained worry and uneasiness. He could not help but sigh to himself as he stood quietly to the side and guarded silently.

It felt as if a decade had passed, and the door to the operating theatre was still closed. Qi Lei’s heart was wrenched bit by bit during the wait. As he was about to crumble, the doors suddenly opened.



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