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(Plot (2)

Mu Yuchen glanced over at the photos Qi Lei left on the table as he nodded. This is all the information I could get about him for the past few years. Theres nothing too specific due to Qi Qimings anti-spy measures.

Qi Lei took a deep breath. He gathered the documents and handed them back to Mu Yuchen before he grabbed his cup of tea and drank it. Its enough. Theres no need to know too much about it.

Mu Yuchen looked at the document Qi Lei held out. When he caught a glimpse of darkness in Qi Leis eyes, he bent down to pick up the document and hinted at Li Si with his eyes. In response, Li Si quickly took out a lighter and gave it to him.

Mu Yuchens expression was aloof even though the fire he lit was burning the document right before him. He looked at Qi Lei again after the document was completely destroyed. Theres another piece of bad news that I need to tell you.

What is it? Qi Lei calmed down, seeming indifferent compared to his reaction before.

Qi Feng is coming back very soon. If Im not mistaken, hell be back as soon as Qi Kai takes down South River Project No. 2, so youll be in an extremely bad position. The same goes for me as well. Due to what happened to me a while back, it doesnt seem possible to keep Qi Qiming in check through South River Project No. 2, so I thought of something else, Mu Yuchen said.

Qi Lei cocked his head and just looked at Mu Yuchen quietly, waiting for him to continue.

Mu Yuchen sipped some tea before he continued, Im sure you know that Glory World has been preparing to step foot into the showbiz industry some time ago.

Qi Lei was startled. Its quite big news within the industry. Its the development of Movie City with Li Corporation in City B. As such a huge investment project, its one of the top priorities for Glory World in the next few years. Moreover, you took away the elites from Yueying and set up Chen Ye Movies and Television. Thats the reason, isnt it?

Youre half correct, but the reason I started Chen Ye Movies and Television was meant to be a gift for Xiaye. Ah Mo and Vice President Liu are very capable, and theyvealready made great development. With Glory World backing them up, itll have a bright future.

Mu Yuchen paused as he put his teacupdown. I know Qi Kai had an idea to develop a new film base before, and it was your mother, Wang Qins idea. I suppose I understood CEO Wang pretty well. She didnt like to take risks and her direction was fundamentally different from Qi Qimings all these years. Qi Qiming focused on discovering new things while CEO Wang wanted to push Qi Kai to new heights in the showbiz industry.

Stunned, Qi Lei stared at Mu Yuchen. These are all top-secret information in our company. How did you find out?

I have my ways. You have CEO Wangs shares in your hands now, and her subordinates all agreed with her decision, so you can do whatever you want, but Im just not sure if you have the power to do so. Mu Yuchen glanced at Qi Lei with an unspoken intention.

Stop teasing me. Are you going to help? Qi Lei started to get serious.

Mu Yuchen sat down on the sofa and grinned. Ill talk to CEO Li to let you join in on the project. Im even willing to let you operate Movie City in the future. Ill only take the dividends and youll become one of the owners. While you provide the network resources and be in charge of the operations, Ill put in the investment and well share fifty-fifty. You can train yourself through Chen Ye. I suppose itll go on for at least several years. Get yourself out of Qi Kai and come here. You can also bring your people and leave Chen Ye if you want to.

So, are you saying that youre letting me start up on my own? Qi Lei was shocked by Mu Yuchens adventurous idea.

Why not? Dont you think its a good plan? Qi Kai started off as a showbiz company anyway, so let them do whatever they want and you just mind your own business. Let them know what youre capable of Mu Yuchen did not finish his sentence, but Qi Lei already knew what he was getting at.

Apart from being shocked, he admonished, Youre really shameless, Mu Yuchen. You already used this trick on Yueying back then, and Xi Xinyi took a huge hit from that!

Thats what businessmen do. Being kind to people like them is being cruel to yourself. What you need the most now is resources, and this is the only way I can think of for you to stand head to head with Qi Feng. Im sure thats want CEO Wang wouldve wanted as well. Why else did she never give up on recruiting people to join her?

Mu Yuchens words lit the fire in Qi Leis heart. Qi Leis eyes brightened as he looked at Mu Yuchen. Alright, if you say so, why not? Ill stay at your place if I fail!

Mu Yuchen smiled. Dont worry. Maple Residence is pretty spacious and there are a lot of empty rooms.

When can you have a concrete proposal? Qi Lei asked.

Wait until were sure that Qi Kai has gotten South River Project No. 2 down first.

Its almost time. Are you confident about convincing CEO Li? He doesnt seem very easygoing.

Qi Lei had dealt with CEO Li before. He was a quiet and composed person, similar to Shen Yue, and was extremely careful with every action he took.



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