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(Plot (1)

Qi Lei did not listen to any of that. He just got up calmly and slowly walked up the stairs.

Go home, Im going out soon, he said before his tall figure gradually vanished up the stairs.

Gu Lingshas heart sank as the ache in her heart made her feel suffocated. She trembled for a moment, then lowered her gaze to hide the sorrow and gloom in her eyes. Unconsciously, her eyes turned hot with tears as she could not help but feel wronged.

Its not that Im not willing to let it go, Qi Lei. If you knew all the pain Ive suffered, maybe youll understand. Some grudges arent that easy to let go of. You dont know about all the suffering thats been so hard to get over, and I dont blame you either. No matter what, your place in my heart has never changed.

Gu Lingsha watched Qi Leis back and stood up. Bitterly, she inhaled and expressed, Also, I wanted to let you know that Uncle Qi got very angry that day. His heart was affected and he vomited blood. I know that he still cares for you and he cared for Aunty Wang. Otherwise, did you think you could sit firmly in Aunty Wangs position with your capabilities alone? she said with a sniffle before she turned around to leave feeling sad and wronged.


The door slammed shut. Qi Lei, who had stopped at the staircase, suddenly laughed to himself before he picked up his pace and walked forward, yet

Bam bam!


There was a loud clang followed by the sound of ceramic shattering. The valuable vase in the corridor was shattered into pieces instantly!

Qi Lei even smashed the bonsai trees that were arranged on the handrails with a fist. The second they shattered, his clenched fist started bleeding too.

He did not care about the mess on the ground. Instead, he took a deep breath and then walked towards the cloakroom. Soon, he changed into a clean set of clothes and walked out. His handsome face had returned to calm as if the little episode earlier had not happened.

Inside the office of Glory Worlds Chairman.

When Li Si walked in to inform that Qi Lei was there, Mu Yuchen had just finished a call with Shen Yue.

Let him in, and bring us two cups of Puer. Mu Yuchen set the phone in his handaside and slowly got up from his chair.

Okay, Master! Li Si quickly left. In an instant, Qi Leis tall figure marched in.

Mu Yuchen, who was looking for documents on the shelf, heard the footsteps. Without turning around, he casually pointed to the sofa and his deep voice reverberated,Youve come quite on time. Have a seat!

Qi Lei walked towards the sofa and sat before he looked up and squinted at Mu Yuchen who was looking for something in front of the shelf. You invited me over with such great fanfare, so I dont want to hear anything thats not of value.

With a calm expression, Mu Yuchen turned to the side and shot him a look. Value? Dont worry. This information is definitely very valuable to you. You look quite terrible. I heard that Qi Kai had a secret meeting today. I think you probably got bullied at the meeting. Hehit the nail on the head.

Qi Lei shrugged, unaffected. Nothing can stay hidden from you. I now know what it means when they say that hares may pull dead lions by the beard [1].

When he heard the proverb, Mu Yuchen just smiled confidently before he said softly, But right now, I dont see the indignity of a dead lion in you. Instead, I see a sliver of hope. Of course, I wont rule out that it may just be my illusion. If you cant hold on anymore, I can send out a friendly invite to you to come to Glory World. You can have Xiayes previous position, or I can give you the position of Vice President.

Im surprised to see that a petty profiteer like you would have such a generous moment. How much is the salary? I wont do it if the annual salary isnt in the millions. Can I have two or three beautiful secretaries? The kind that wears 38D bras? And I want a tall shelf too, the kind that requires ladders. Every day, Ill tell my secretary to arrange it while I admire the view from below. Thinking about it is quite enjoyable too. I want to be Chairman ofGlory World even more. Would you allow that? Qi Leis handsome face flashed with a smirk while his dark eyes had a hint of vulgarity.

Mu Yuchens eyes squinted as he cleared his throat. Of course, he understood what Qi Lei meant. They were all men, so he did not have to explain more, did he?

I couldnt tell that you and Zhou Zimo are the same.

Mu Yuchen looked away and finally found the document he needed from between shelfa folder.

Bro, have you forgotten my previous reputation in the circle? I walk past many beauties but feel no charm, Qi Lei laughed and said.

Master, Master Qi, the teas here! At that moment, Li Si walked over with the tea. He had heard most of the conversation, so he could not help but chortle out loud.

Mu Yuchen had walked over at this minute to sit down across Qi Lei. He turned to say to Li Si, Just stay since you know about these things too.

Qi Lei picked up the tea, took two sips, then asked, Tell me what is it.

Its about Qi Feng. Take a look for yourself! Mu Yuchen tossed the folder to Qi Lei as he studied him calmly. Ah Mo discovered his tracks in Australia. Because of the accident six years ago, his legs are crippled and he was disfigured, but he got plastic surgery. Furthermore, his vocal cords were damaged too, so even if he stood before you right now, you probably have no way of recognizing him.

Mu Yuchen had printed the information from that e-mail Ah Mo sent.

Qi Feng?

When he heard the name, Qi Leis gaze turned cold. He squinted at Mu Yuchen for a moment, then looked down at the folder before him. Moments after that, he set the teacup in his hand aside and picked up the folder nonchalantly. Pulling the document from inside out, he began to slowly scan through it. There were also a few very clear pictures attached.

Qi Lei picked the pictures up to briefly look through them, and then nodded in confirmation. Its him. Even if his eyes turn into ashes, I can recognize them.

Then, he stared at that pictures for a long time before tossing it onto the table and continuing to browse the information. After a long while, he finally finished looking through them. A lukewarm curve of a sneer appeared on his face. Looks like he hasnt been doing well all these years. His legs are crippled? If that is so, my evil heart seems to feel a sliver of balance.

Qi Lei did not hide the smugness he felt.




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