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(Determination 2)

Two days ago, Qi Lei went back to the Qi residence and packed all of Wang Qins things up. Anything he could take, he did whereas whatever he could not, he told someone to burn it in a fire, as if he wanted to wipe away all traces of Wang Qin and not leave a single hint of her behind.

When Qi Qiming returned home and saw what was happening, he was furious. He scolded Qi Lei for being an unfilial son. Needless to say, the father and sons relationship worsened. Gu Lingsha took all of this in, and after much thought, she suddenly thought that it would be benefit her to look for Qi Lei for a chat.

In fact, she could not help but worry about the way their relationship gradually worsened. Qi Lei was slowly tipping towards Xi Xiayes side, hence making her feel vaguely uneasy. She felt miserable as if she had swallowed a fly and was unable to handle the contrast.

Why are you here? Qi Lei stood at the door and looked down at the dainty Gu Lingsha with a faint mix of emotions in his eyes.

The slightly cold tone sounded piercing to Gu Lingsha. Her heart could not help but feel the hostility, yet her beautiful little face did not reveal much of a shift in expression. She only smiled calmly at Qi Lei and lifted the breakfast in her hand as she said, I just wanted to come and see you. Whats wrong? Arent you going to invite me in?

Gu Lingsha pretended she did not notice Qi Leis indifference. She acted naturally like before as though she was a kind and understanding girl without a temper.

Qi Lei stared at her for quite a while, then slowly turned around and walked into his house. A crescent-like smile flashed across Gu Lingshas face as she followed him in.

I dont have coffee here, only flower tea. Do you want some?

Qi Lei was dressed in his pajamas at the moment. She sat down on the sofa in the living room as he began to boil some water.

Sure, have breakfast first. Gu Lingsha set the things on the dining table and then walked towards Qi Lei.

Thanks, put it there first. Im not too hungry yet. Have a seat, Qi Lei calmly answered. Then, he bent down to take out the flower tea from the drawer before slowly beginning to brew the tea.

When did you change to drinking flower tea? I remember that you used to love Blue Mountain. Gu Lingsha slowly sat down by Qi Leis side, her bright blue eyes watching Qi Lei indistinctly.

Qi Lei moved skillfully to brew the tea. When he heard her question, he paused a bit, and slowly looked up at Gu Lingsha before quickly lowering his gaze again. He said in a deep voice, Well, as you said, I used to. Drinking this flower tea is more nourishing than coffee. Its healthier too. Ive started to appreciate life more in recent times.

Upon hearing Qi Lei, Gu Lingshas eyes dimmed and pain flitted across her little face. Lei, now that things have become like this, dont feel too sad. Live well so you wont let down whatever hope that Aunty Wang had for you.

Qi Lei grinned. Arent I doing just fine right now? Nah, have some.

His handsome face did not reveal many emotions. Previously, he would always emanate a devilish charm, but now there was none of that. What was left was just a calm reservedness.

With mixed emotions in her eyes,Gu Lingsha accepted Qi Leis flower tea. She lowered her head to take a sip, and then softly said, Lei, seeing you like this makes me worry instead. Id much rather you were the way you were before. At least, it was better than the way youre being so reticent now. I know youve been unhappy with me, but I still want to let you know that Ive always treated you as one of my most precious friends whether it was in the past, present, or in the future. I hope you wont keep me out of your life.

I dont know why we have become like this. Before I returned, at least, we both appreciated this friendship, but once Im fine and have returned safely, this thing between us faded so quickly. Ive been trying to find a reason. I think I mustve done so badly to let whats between us gradually fade.

When Gu Lingsha lamented their past, there was self-blame and faint sorrow in her eyes as she spoke. She started to laugh at herself. Lets not talk about whats between us, but I do hope that if youre unhappy about anything, just come to me. Dont make things too difficult for Uncle Qi. A few days ago, when you went home to clear out Aunt Wangs things and burned everything, it made Uncle Qi very upset. Apart from coming to visit you, Ive also come today to tell you that Uncle Qi was just

I had no idea youve become the old mans mouthpiece. What benefit did he give you? Shasha, if it were before, Id definitely be grateful for your words, but right now, its making me a little annoyed. Id much rather you came to mock me. Do you understand?

Qi Lei swiftly cut Gu Lingsha off, his expression turning cold. You dont need to speak for him. Ill never ever forgive Qi Qiming! He knows very well how he has treated me and how he treated my mother. If hes still unhappy, I dont mind going to the household register center to change my surname to Wang.

Qi Lei, dont act impulsively. Uncle Qi didnt ask me to speak for him. I-I just couldnt bear to see it. When Uncle Qi came home and realized that you wiped out all the traces of Aunt Wang, he locked himself in the study room for an entire day. Do you see whats happening?

So what? Even if he locks himself up to death, my mothers not coming back! Hes just a despicable hypocrite. Do you think Id believe that after my mother died, that monster would suddenly realize that he cares for my mother? Dream on! That persons feelings are an insult. Do you understand?

Qi Lei

You can go home now. Dont come and be a mouthpiece anymore. Ever since you decided to stay in Qi Kai, its been decided that well never return to the way we were before. Youre Qi Feng and Qi Qimings person while II need to fulfill my mothers wishes too. I, Qi Lei, have always been very clear of who my enemies are. If you stay on in Qi Kai, then we wont be able to go back to the way we were, so whats left is to become enemies.

Qi Leis eyes were clear and thorough as he studied Gu Lingsha. Youve already made a decision a long time ago, and I respect it. Because of our friendship, I do respect you a little.

Qi Lei, dontdont say that. I wouldnt hurt you and I wouldnt let them hurt you either. Youve got to believe me.




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