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(Determination 1)

Xi Xiaye was not sure why, but she felt like she had been getting more and more fragile ever since she met him. She would never have said something so emotional like this before, but now she could say it without hesitation.

His emotions could easily affect her. She would be happy over his joy and feel saddened over his sorrow. In other words, she became much more emotional.

She was getting to know him better, and her feelings for him piled up more and more as the days went by. She wanted to prove her love for him through her actions.

Mr. Mu was delighted to hear these words coming from Xi Xiaye, and his heart melted like cotton candy. Then, can I leave my protection to you?

Xi Xiaye smiled, pursing her lips and giving him a slight nod as she removed his necktie for him. Alright, go take a shower now. Ill get your clothes for you.

He suddenly grabbed her by her waist as she was about to go away. Let me get something first.

He quickly went in for a kiss that lasted for several minutes before their lips finally parted.

Without Mu Xiaocheng with them, Master Mu suddenly felt his life would be happy again. He instantly realized that his grandmothers decision of moving over here was brilliant!

Half an hour later, while Xi Xiaye was using the tablet on the bed, she sensed someone lifting the blanket and getting into bed beside her. Moments later, the mans unique scent reached her, and all of a sudden her tablet was taken away and put onto the bedside table.

I want to check my emails.

Xi Xiaye stretched her arm towards the bedside table, but the pervert beside her started to undress her. Check your emails tomorrow.

But we just did it last night

You had dinner last night, but you still ate dinner just now, didnt you?

Xi Xiaye was speechless. As she drew her hand back, she touched something. Glancing over, she noticed a nicely packaged little box, she grabbed it curiously

Whats this?

Xi Xiayes eyes were attracted to it as she looked at the mysterious gift box on her palm. She started unboxing it before Mu Yuchen could even say anything.

Mu Yuchen paused his act of undressing her and looked over. That familiar-looking box reminded him that it was a special gift from Zhou Zimo the day they had a barbeque.

His eyes darkened as he remembered what Zhou Zimo said. His face blushed and he quickly wanted to stop Xi Xiaye. Its nothing. Dont look!

However, Master Mu was too late. Xi Xiaye had already opened the box with all the contents falling out. She did not really notice what they were at first glance, and she started reading the tags.

What are these? Strawberry, banana, mango

Mu Yuchen quickly took them and threw away. We dont need them.

Xi Xiaye gave it some thought and her face quickly reddened. She gave him a warning stare. When did you

Its not me. Zhou Zimo gave them to me. He also gave two boxes to Su Chen. He just likes playing pranks like these. Mu Yuchen frowned as he tried to explain himself.

Xi Xiaye then remembered the dirty jokes Zhou Zimo told the other day. She chuckled. Your friend is pretty interesting though he looks like a nice gentleman. I didnt expect him to have this side to him.

Mu Yuchen took the chance and got on top of her, his hands continuing their work as he spoke, You cant judge a book by its cover. As I quote Su Chen, hes the person that can act best. The most suitable job for him would probably be a spy as he can easily betray you. Both Su Chen and I first learned how to smoke from him.

Really? When was that?

When we first entered middle school. There was a period of time when the three of us made our families angry and they stopped giving us pocket money. Our expenses were pretty high, and our part-time jobs couldnt sustain us. In the end, we resorted to extorting money from our juniors. Zhou Zimo kept telling us that it wasnt nice to do so, and he stole cigarettes from Su Chens father

Xi Xiaye was enjoying the stories from Mu Yuchen. She was beginning to get envious of him. His childhood was much more adventurous in comparison with hers, but she was glad for him since he still had something wonderful to look back on when he got old.

However, Mu Yuchen stopped talking about it because he had something urgent to do.

Mr. Mu, why dont we try that?

We dont need it

Master Mu had never used those before. He also did not allow her to take pills as he knew her body very well.

In Qi Leis villa in the Grand Lake Villa area.

When Qi Lei opened the door and saw Gu Lingsha standing outside, he was surprised, but not to the point where he was startled.

Morning, Lei! Ive made you breakfast.

Gu Lingsha wore a long purple dress with a beautiful scarf around her neck. She stoodquietly by the staircase as a layer of sunlight hovered over her. She looked simply gorgeous. Her elegant appearance together with her precious blue eyes enhanced her goddess-like charm.

She held an exquisite-looking box in her hand that contained the breakfast she had taken the time to make that day before delivering itall the way from the Qi residence.

Before Wang Qin passed away, she accepted Qi Qimings invitation and stayed at the Qi residence for the sake of convenience.




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