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(Brother And Sister (2)

The car started moving soon enough, and it quickly disappeared into the night. Ah Mo remained stationary for a long while before finally closing his eyes and pondered there. It took him a while before returning back to his house.

I could sense that Brother has something on his mind. Did something happen? Mu Lingshi came up to Ah Mo the moment he returned as she gave him a doubtful glance.

Maybe something happened to the company. Things are a little tricky with South River Project No. 2 recently, and weve just suffered a huge loss. Ah Mo did not want to talk about it too much as he did not want to say what he was not supposed to. He somewhat guessed the reason Mu Yuchens intent of visiting today.

Gu Qiwu had probably done something that made him feel horrible, but he could not tell Mu Lingshi about this yet, or else

Its pretty late already. Go take a bath and Ill check if there are any updates on Qi Fengs end. Let me prepare the bathwater for you, Ah Mo said before he went upstairs quickly.

Mu Lingshi frowned slightly. She noticed something was odd but decided not to ask anything as she slowly made her way upstairs.

It was already 10 p.m. when Mu Yuchen arrived back at Maple Residence. The surroundings were pretty quiet. As usual, the study rooms light was still on.

He walked swiftly past the living room and went upstairs.

Inside the study room, Xi Xiaye was focused on reading documents from Fuhua as she took a glance at her phone. She noticed it was already 10 p.m. and he was still not home yet. As she thought about giving him a call, she heard the sound of a car parking down below. Moments later, the man entered the house, and she set her documents aside.

Why so late? Xi Xiaye came out of the study room as Mu Yuchen opened the door. She wore a beige sleeping robe with her hair down behind her.

I just overstayed a little. Is our son asleep?

Mmm, hes asleep with Grandmother who said she wanted to sleep with him. Xi Xiaye smiled as she walked towards him.

Mu Yuchen came inside and left his phone on the table. He then handed a big bouquet of champagne roses to Xi Xiaye. These are for you.

Xi Xiayes eyes brightened up when she saw the beautiful flowers. Her expression was joyous as she took the flowers from him. Thank you This is for you! She then kissed his cheek.

Mu Yuchen smiled and patted her head. As long as youre happy.

Im happy no matter what you give me.

Xi Xiayes facial expression softened. She put the flowers down and helped him take off his coat. Just in time. The flowers in the vase are starting to wilt.

Mu Yuchen raised his arm a little as she took his coat offswiftly.

Why did you suddenly visit Lingshi? What happened to your meeting with Gu Qiwu? Xi Xiaye was observing him closely as she did not want to miss any subtle expression from his face.

Mu Yuchen sat down on the sofa as he put an arm around her waist. Its fine. Its just like what weve known. Gu Qiwu admitted it himself. I just feel sorry for Lingshi and wanted to visit her.

Xi Xiaye took a pause as she could relate to her mans feelings. She grabbed his hand. Dont worry. Lingshi is a strong girl. Shell be able to take it one day. She survived all these years without him after all, and he doesnt deserve her.

Dont tell anyone about this for now. Gu Qiwu confirmed with me that Qi Feng is returning soon. He suddenly looked at Xi Xiaye and said, Qi Fengs legs were disabled since the accident six years ago, and his appearance has changed completely. Im sure hell definitely do something against me, so you need to be careful.

You dont have to worry about me. Im not some fragile little flower in the greenhouse. I know how to protect myself. However, I do feel like there are a lot of things coming at you. You better be careful yourself.

Xi Xiaye was concerned. She put the coat away and grabbed him a glass of water.

Mu Yuchens eyes turned gentle as he looked at her. He grinned as he squinted his eyes at her. Worried about me?

Who else would I worry for if not you? Youre always the one worrying about others, but you are never considerate about yourself. Mr. Mu, your life would be much easier if you take on a more selfish approach. Xi Xiaye sounded like an adult for once, speaking as if she was giving a lecture. She then handed him a glass of water.

He laughed, enjoying her lecture as he grabbed her little hand. I have you to worry about me, dont I? Its fine. I know what I can do. I do feel like I couldve gone all out before, but I appreciate peace more than ever at this moment. Im only 32 years old and I dont want anything to happen to me, or else you might marry someone else with our son

Xi Xiaye covered his mouth before he could finish, giving him a warning stare. Dont say that. I hope well all be safe. The two of us will be able to live like this together until we grow old.

His gaze softened as he let out a chuckle and pulled her close to him. Well grow old together.

Xi Xiaye nodded and sighed, leaning onto him. Sometimes, I wish time would just stop right now. I get afraid whenever I think about moments when youre not by my side, Mr. Mu. I promise to treat you well for the rest of my life. I know Im weak, but Im genuine towards you.

She did not want to wait until she lost him, only to appreciate him and realize that she loved him more than she thought.




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