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(Feelings? (4)

Mu Yuchens voice was cold as metal, yet his gaze on Gu Qiwu was as indifferent as the wind.

He slowly released his clenched fists, and elegantly fixed his messy sleeves in a relaxed manner. Soon, he returned to his usual respectable cool self. He turned around and did not give Gu Qiwu a second glance as his tall body just walked calmlytoward the sunset.

I never came here today. Lingshis parents are Mu Tangchuan and Zhuang Shurong, and thats a fact. Mu Yuchens tone was as chilly as the breeze. It drifted in the air, and before Gu Qiwu could react, his clear figure gradually vanished beyond the sun that was gradually setting in the west.


When he saw Mu Yuchen disappear, Ah Yong finally reached his boss. He was about to chase after Mu Yuchen when he was stopped by Gu Qiwu.

Come back! Just let him go!

Then, Ah Yong stopped and turned around to hold Gu Qiwu up, yet the latter struggled free of him helping him up. His dark gaze was fixated on Mu Yuchen leaving while he lifted a hand to wipe away the blood on the corner of his lips.

Boss, but he actually hit you!

Ah Yong stared at Mu Yuchens leaving figure, his eyes filled with anger. Even though he did not know why Mu Yuchen would actually hit him, the fact that he dared to be this reckless and beat Gu Qiwu up like this was the first time Ah Yong had witnessed something like this.

Gu Qiwus eyes shifted from dark to light. He could barely bear the pain throbbing from his face, so he took a few deep breaths to calm down as he silently watched Mu Yuchen vanish in the sunset. Then, he took the tissue Ah Yong handed him to wipe his hand before turning around too.

Lets go!

Boss, are you just going to let him off like that? Ah Yong asked coldly.

Gu Qiwu did not answer. He only gave Ah Yong a cold stare which was met with silence. Ah Yong silently lowered his head and followed after him.

Li Si, who had been watching the two of them chat from beside the car, naturally saw it all happen. He was also surprised that his usually reserved and cautious master would actually hit Gu Qiwu, but he really wanted to say, Master, you hit him so well! You look handsome doing that!

Li Si had long been unhappy with that Gu Qiwu, especially when he heard that he might have been the mastermind behind his master getting locked up.


Mu Yuchen had just reached the car when Li Si went up to him. He very cautiously stole a glance at Gu Qiwu who was also leaving in the other direction.

Mu Yuchen got into the car and then said, Go to Ah Mo.

Li Si got into the car too. From the rearview mirror, he carefully observed Mu Yuchen. Seeing that his expression was calm as water despite his eyes being concentrated with coldness, you could guess that he was probably in a terrible mood, so he dared not say much. He nodded then asked, Master, do we want to give Master Ah Mo a call first?

Ah Mo and Miss Lingshi had returned to the old Mu residence last night, and they were not sure if they were back yet.

No need. Just go over to take a look. It doesnt matter if theyre there or not, Mu Yuchen calmly answered. He breathed in, then lifted a hand to massage between his brows.

Yes, Master!

Inside Ah Mos little villa, Mu Lingshi wore a loose long shirt as pajamas. When she walked over to open the door, she thought that Ah Mo must have forgotten to bring his keys again, so she squinted her sleepy eyes as she complained, Cant you just check if you had your keys in your pocket before going out?

As she complained, she pulled open the door without even taking a look at who was at the door. Just when she shifted, she suddenly realized something as she immediately turned her head to look.

Mu Yuchens handsome and tall figure instantly greeted her sight!

Mu Lingshi was shocked as she cried out, Brother? Why are you here?

Came over to see you. Why did you open the door without even seeing who it was? Youre not vigilant at all. Youve got to be more careful next time! Mu Yuchen said in a low voice and took a look at Mu Lingshi. His handsome brows frowned into a knot before he picked up his pace to enter.

Mu Lingshi then cleared her throat and quickly closed the door as she responded, The guards usually dont let strangers in. Dont worry, Brother. Why did you suddenly come? And you chose such a time too! Did you come to leech at dinner?

A smile flashed on Mu Lingshis face as she walked to the living room with Mu Yuchen, and swiftly poured him a glass of water. I dont have any tea leaves here, only coffee, but you dont like drinking that, so you can just drink water. Since youre here, just stay for dinner. Ive moved here for a while now, but this is the first time youve come to visit me.

What delicious dishes can you make for me? Mu Yuchen smiled calmly as he accepted the water Mu Lingshi handed him. His smile brimmed with some tenderness.

Mu Lingshi smiled and quickly took the phone from the side. Ill call Ah Mo right now. He was going to get some things from the supermarket anyway. Ill get him to bring some excellent ingredients back. Is it just you? Wheres sis-in-law?

Shes still at work, but shes probably finished by now. Ill call her later and let her know.

Alright. Mu Lingshi nodded as she called Ah Mo.

At this moment, Mu Yuchen took two brief sips of water before he stood up to examine the entire villa. When he saw the slightly messy shelf by the French window, he walked over and began to tidy it up.

When he saw Mu Lingshi hanging up, Mu Yuchen said softly,This place doesnt have that great of an environment as the Grand Waves Villa. Previously, I kept a few villas with gorgeous views. After you and Ah Mo get married, move over there. Its better to watch over each other if were closer too. Once your sis-in-law gets back to work, your grandparents might frequently be at Maple Residence, so its more convenient to take care of Xiao Ru and Xiao Cheng, and if youre closer, they could also go to your place from time to time.

The Grand Waves Villa area? Oh, I know. Didnt you plan to keep those villas as wedding gifts for Bro Su Chen and Bro Zimo? Mu Lingshi asked.

Mu Yuchen paused, then continued to tidy the messy books as he said softly, I kept one for you too.

I dont need it. Im used to living here anyway. Theres only one of me. How many places can I live in? Im not interested in having a few houses. The old residence area is pretty good too. If I get sick of living here, Ill just go back to the old residence. Sometimes, I do quite miss living with Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, and Mother. Theyre always there to love and protect me. Mu Lingshi grinned as she walked over and tidied up with him.

As you wish, as long as youre happy. Mu Yuchen did not insist. If she could think that way, he was pleased for her too.




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