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(Feelings? (3)

When Mu Yuchen finished, Gu Qiwus eyes turned even icier cold. The sneer that flashed at the corner of his lips made one feel chilly as he admitted very openly, Thats true. Those were just one of my reasons. Back then, when the Hui Gu Corporation was on the verge of a crisis, I didnt have much of a choice.

When he heard this, he could not help but feel sorrowful, and he suddenly felt a little sad on Mu Lingshis behalf.

He sighed, blinked, and said a little frustratedly, You let Lingtian and Lingshi down. So did Aunt! the two of you arent worthy of being their parents.

Dont say that about your aunt. She was a good woman. I deceived her and forced her. Back when I had her, I once guaranteed her that I would divorce Doris. I told her that I never cared for Doris and that I wouldnt let her take on a bad name.

Right now, Gu Qiwu was actually protectively putting all the blame onto himself.

But back then, you already let her take on the bad name. You were already married to another woman, so you shouldnt have gotten together with her. I can understand that Lingtian was a mistake in the heat of a moment, but what about Lingshi? How do you two explain Lingshi?

Your aunt and I have long Forget it. Why am I explaining these things to you? I did everything. Back then, the person who blocked your woman, Xi Xiaye, in the tunnel, and that incident at the wedding, it was all me. I just wanted to warn you to stop it. Of course, it was to assure Lingshas mother. You know that even though Doris has the heart of a devil, she loves Lingsha very much.

Back then, Lu Xinlan told you it wasnt a good idea to find out about these things anyway, yet you insisted on wanting to know the answer. Now that you know it, how do you feel? There are many things whereby your ignorance and that of everyone else might have been a good thing instead.

Gu Qiwu suddenly seemed calm as he turned to look at Mu Yuchen. Let me tell you something unfortunate. Qi Fengs returning soon. I think youve probably found out about his situation. He doesnt resent you any less than I do. Hes really the one who wishes for you to be dead. Mu Yuchen, the real game might have only just begun. As for the fact that Lingshi and I are father and daughter, feel free to expose it if you can bear all the consequences. Even though this is one secret that Ive been working hard to keep, I dont seem to have a way of stopping you.

I want to know if you ever had feelings for aunt at all, Mu Yuchen demanded softly. The light in his eyes was extremely sharp as he fixed his gaze on Gu Qiwus face.

Gu Qiwu smiled indifferently. Feelings? Do I look like the kind of person who would have those things?

Mu Yuchen was stunned and surprisingly went speechless as his gaze towards Gu Qiwu only became colder and sharper.

To me, your aunt was just a woman. She was, still is, and always will be. I admit that I at least admired her and fancied her. At least, Im happy that she gave birth to Lingtian and Lingshi for me. But I couldnt give up on Doris for her


Ah! Pfft!

Before Gu Qiwu could finish, he noticed a shadow flash before him. Then, he was held up by the collar. Before he realized what was happening, Mu Yuchens hard fist had already viciously smashed into his jaw, and Gu Qiwu could already feel blood rising in his mouth.



When the third punch came, Gu Qiwu could not help but cry out as he spat a mouthful of blood out.

Mu Yuchen then let go of him slowly. He looked calmly at Gu Qiwu who was staggering as he elegantly fixed his wrinkled sleeves. Then, his voice that was cold as the wind from hell came. It was so cold that it felt like an icicle piercing through the skin. These three punches are the interest for what happened to Xiaye. As for Lingshi

Before Gu Qiwu could catch his breath, Mu Yuchen held him up once again!

The punches that came like raindrops attacked like a storm while the grunts kept coming. Even if Gu Qiwu wanted to resist, he could not stand against Mu Yuchen. Despite having left the army for many years, those who knew him well would know that Mu Yuchen was well trained.

After a round of attacks that rained down on Gu Qiwu, Mu Yuchen pushed the badly battered man away. Gu Qiwus assistant, Ah Yong, who had been waiting below, immediately rushed up, but he could not make it soon enough. By the time he got close, Gu Qiwu was already spitting out blood while holding onto the railings on the side. He panted, and his gaze on Mu Yuchen was cold and filled with shock.

Gu Qiwu, this is just your interest for Lingshi. Do you want to be her father? Youre not worthy. She only has one father, and that persons Mu Tangchuan. If you still care about your daughter, Gu Lingsha, tell her to keep it down and roll back to where she came from. Dont be causing trouble all the time. Otherwise, I guarantee that shell end up 100 times worse than Xi Xinyi.

Mu Yuchens eyes flashed with a cold light that was sharp as a knife. The black curtain that hid his intentions had been pulled down, revealing a cold heart.

If Lingshi knows that shes got a father like you, shed definitely wish she could kill you. To use feelings to conceal your own greed, Gu Qiwu, youre even more sinister and despicable than Qi Qiming. Wang Qins death has got something to do with you, hasnt it?

Gu Qiwu propped himself up and spit out a mouthful of blood again as he glared angrily at Mu Yuchen. Whether or not Im worthy, its the truth! You indirectly killed Lingtian, and I wont just let go of this so easily. Do you want to talk about being worthy? Do you think youre that noble? Dont forget that the scar on Lingshis face was your work! Dont blame everything on me!

All actions have consequences. You used me as a pawn, so whats wrong about me hitting back? You want to force Gu Lingsha onto me, conspiring for your own benefit, and you came up with some ridiculous reason. Do you think Id believe you? Do you know why Gu Lingsha ran off in a panic with Qi Feng back then? Mu Yuchen asked coldly.


This question has also one that Gu Qiwu had not figured out.

Mu Yuchen smiled coldly. Looks like Gu Lingsha didnt tell you!

Because she tried to get into the safe and computer in my study room, and Ah Mo found out. That was actually fine since she did not have the passwords, so she couldnt get anything, but she panicked and dragged Qi Feng along. She knows how I work, and she knows what Ah Mo is capable of, so she got Lingtian too.




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