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(Feelings? (2)

In XX Field in the suburbs of City Z

A black limousine slowly drove onto the cement street by the field and soon stopped by the road. Li Si turned around and said respectfully to Mu Yuchen who was resting with his eyes closed, Master, were here.

When he heard that, Mu Yuchen opened his eyes. A profound light filled the air, and Li Si could vaguely feel a hint of coldness.

He turned to look out the car window, very quickly he noticed that dark figure underneath the umbrella by the field.

Master, Gu Qiwu came over alone. His assistant is right down there, Li Si softly muttered after analyzing as he got down to open the car door for Mu Yuchen.

All of you stay here and wait for me too, Mu Yuchen calmly said before getting down from the car unhurriedly.

Mu Yuchen stopped behind Gu Qiwu. It was rather cold to be standing there. The wind that blew from the bottom of the mountain ruffled their clothes.

Youre here.

Gu Qiwu did not turn and his deep voice contained a hint of hostility.

Mu Yuchen did not answer. Instead, he took two steps forward and stood beside him, his frosty gaze following Gu Qiwus line of sight and looking ahead.

Thats Qingshan Cemetery across there. Your aunt and Lingtian are buried in that direction. Its a pretty quiet place thats quite suitable to just rest in peace. Plus, thefengshuiin this cemetery is notably good.

Gu Qiwu suddenly lifted a hand to point at the direction across. His deep voice was colored with a hint at the woes of life.

Mu Yuchen did not look at him either as he calmly asked,Its a good place to rest in peace, but do you think they can rest in peace?

Gu Qiwu just smiled calmly as he turned to look at Mu Yuchen. I know youve been investigating me recently. My people have also found out that you asked someone to do a DNA test for me and Lingshi abroad.

What do you think the test results were? Mu Yuchens deep voice came through, his deep gaze showing unfathomable hostility as he shot Gu Qiwu a side glance.

What did you think then? What could the outcome have been? Gu Qiwu asked him instead, his handsome face adorned with a smile that seemed a little cold.

Mu Yuchen stared at him for quite a while. His mind could not help but flash with Mu Lingtians handsome face. With that comparison in mind, he vaguely realized that the father and son actually had similar jawlines though it was not very obvious. Lingtian and Lingshi did look more like Mu Zixi.

You and Lingshis DNA have a 99% match. The results prove that you and she are father and daughter. That means you are Lingtian and Lingshis biological father. What? Dont you think you should be explaining yourself? Mu Yuchen averted his gaze and sneered as he studied the cemetery across them. You should know that all these years, Lingshi has been looking for her biological father.

Explain what? Gu Qiwu muttered softly. After that, he took a deep breath and sighed. To explain things? Well, I dont know what I could even explain.

As Gu Qiwu said this, he lifted a hand to massage the stress between his brows. That was our doing. I admit that Lingtian and Lingshi are indeed the children of your aunt, Mu Zixi, and I. Its been over 20 years now, and I thought that this secret could continue to be kept. Unexpectedly, you lot still managed to find out in the end. Youre pretty capable, Ah Chen.

But its not a good thing to find out about these things. Your aunt worked hard to conceal it while I continued her secrecy. Dont you understand? As Gu Qiwu said this, he looked coldly at Mu Yuchen. Even if you know now, what do you think you can do? Do you think that the situation right now will be better than before? You dont even know anything. Do you have the courage to reveal all of this? And can you bear the burden of the consequences once its exposed?

When he shot these questions at Mu Yuchen, there was suddenly a sinister expression on Gu Qiwus face as he did not hide the resentment in his eyes. His tone was bitter. Lingtians dead. If you want Lingsha to meet misfortune, then you can feel free to expose it.

When Gu Qiwu issued his threat, Mu Yuchens heart tightened. He fixed his eyes on Gu Qiwu with a gaze that was so cold it could cut through ice. Because of Doris?

When he heard the name, a mix of emotions flashed in Gu Qiwus eyes. He scowled and then looked downwards.

Nevertheless, Mu Yuchen could catch a mixture of love and hatred in his gaze.

Mu Yuchen hesitated, then asked,Did Lingtian know?

Gu Qiwu laughed grimly. Youre wrong. Lingtian didnt know I was his father, but I know that he fell in love with Lingsha, his sister from the same father and the same mother. He couldnt lie given the way he looked at Lingsha. Lingsha inherited her mothers outstanding looks. The moment she was born, she was raised by her mother to be someone with noble charisma. Very few people can resist her beauty, and Lingtian was the same. However, because of the way theyre blood-related, how could I have let them walk down this path of error?

Back then, Doris had always known I had another woman behind her back, so shes been investigating this. She suspected your aunt, and even if your aunt has passed away, she still did leave Lingtian and Lingshi behind for me. Because I didnt want her to suspect anything, I insisted that Lingsha marry you. Apart from getting rid of Doriss suspicion, my other aim was to make Lingtian give up. In the end, beyond my expectations, you actually let Lingtian stay behind, and after that After that, things turned out the way they did and Lingtian passed away. Tell me, do you think I should resent you? Do you think youre that innocent? Lingsha was meant to be your fiance, wasnt she?

Gu Qiwu glared at Mu Yuchen coldly, his sinister gaze seeming as if it was poison. You killed him, do you understand that? If youd just married Lingsha, everything would have gone as planned. Lingtian wouldnt have died, and Lingsha wouldnt have been disfigured. The secret that your aunt and I have been keeping wouldnt have been revealed, causing the siblings to be at risk.

Dont make yourself sound so good and honest. If you cared, you shouldnt have cheated on Doris or betrayed my aunt. Do you dare say that when you planned all of this, that you were just doing it for Lingtian and the rest? Im sure the data in my hands are key too!

Had it been before, Mu Yuchen might have felt sad hearing these words, but now he no longer felt that because he had been reflecting on it for a long time now, and he did not feel that he had done anything wrong.




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