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(Feelings? (1)

Xi Xiayes lips formed a smile as she watched them for a while from the staircase. She then walked slowly towards them.

Baby, look at me. Mother is here! Xi Xiaye sat beside Mu Yuchen and extended her hands towards Mu Xiaocheng.

Mu Xiaocheng looked at her for a moment when he heard his mothers voice, but the attraction of the item on his fathers hand was much stronger, so he continued trying to reach for it. Mu Yuchen laughed and finally handed the building block to him as Xi Xiaye held her son and left two kisses on his cheek.

Our son is growing and hes looking more and more like you. How come he looks nothing like me? Xi Xiaye looked at her son and commented.

Mu Yuchen glanced over at her and then looked into her eyes. In the end, he focused on her beautiful face as his eyes brightened up. Of course, my son looks like me although his eyes do look a little like yours. Ask Aunt Lin to get him something to eat. We havent had breakfast yet.

Xi Xiaye held him for a while longer before finally giving Mu Xiaocheng to Aunt Lin unwillingly.

Suddenly, the phone rang, so Sis Wang picked it up.

Master, Missus, Elder Madam called and said shell be moving over today. Arent you going back to work soon? Shell be here to take care of the Young Master and shell go back to the Mu residence during the weekend, Sis Wang updated Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye about her conversation with Wang Hui.

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye traded glances at each other before nodding. Prepare a room, and be prepared for my grandfather as well. I suppose he wont stay there if my grandmother comes here.

Maple Residence is sure going to be lively. Xi Xiaye smiled as she helped him fix his creased collar. Arent you going to work today?

I got up late today, so Ill head over in the afternoon, he replied casually, yet his eyes were staring at her. Xi Xiaye was startled when she was reminded about their crazy deeds last night. She blushed instantly and acted as if she did not hear anything. Sis Wang, is lunch ready?

As she took a step, the man stood up and whispered beside her ear, My dear, if you dont want people to know what we did last night, you might want to put on a scarf. He chuckled.

Xi Xiaye quickly glanced at her neck and noticed a hickey near her chest area!

No wonder Aunt Lin was giving her such an odd look just now!

Xi Xiaye pushed him away angrily. Go away! Bastard!

He laughed and quickly went upstairs to get a scarf for her to gently cover her neck.

Ill head to the office with you after lunch since I have something to take care of. She raised her head and looked at him.

Ill keep your office for you. Your position will remain as well, so itll be easier for you to come back to the office in the future, he replied.

Xi Xiaye gave it some thought and did not disagree.

The two of them went to the office right after lunch.

While Xi Xiaye was packing her stuff in her office, Xiao Mei seemed to be missing her already. Director Xi, will you be coming back? Did you really decide to become a housewife like the others say? Everyone thinks of you as their role model. If you leave, then we

Naturally, Xiao Mei had no idea that Xi Xiaye was taking over Fuhua, so she felt sad when she saw Xi Xiaye packing up her things.

Xi Xiaye kept her documents into her briefcase and then looked at Xiao Mei with a smile. Of course, Ill drop by. Xiao Mei, youve been an outstanding employee working alongside me for the past few years. I believe the HR Department has recommended you for a promotion. If youre dedicated to continuing here, Im sure youll turn out great.

But Id still like to work with you since Im used to you. I feel so lost now that youre leaving. Xiao Mei sounded disappointed.

After being promoted to become her assistant, she was really grateful for Xi Xiayes appreciation towards her. Moreover, they had been working well with each other this whole time. Therefore, Xiao Mei would really miss her.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath as she looked at Xiao Mei who was about to cry. She hesitated for a moment and said, If thats the case, would you like to go over to Fuhua with me? Ill be starting anew there. Im going to explore a new industry.

Xi Xiaye thought about it. Aside from her grandpa Shen Yue and Lan Zilang, she would be alone there anyway, and she decided to work upwards from the bottom in order to get a better understanding of Fuhua and the property industry as a whole.

Fuhua? Xiao Mei widened her eyes. A thought flashed in her mind at lightning speed and her expression quickly turned into joy. Director Xi, youre going to Fuhua? Thats great! We all thought you were retiring to become a housewife after giving birth! Thats really awesome! I want to! I want to go over with you, Director Xi!

Housewife? I did think of that before, but sadly I cant do so.

A woman should set up her own career. Isnt that what you told me, Director Xi? Xiao Mei smiled.

Go and make preparations if you want to follow me. Ill call the HR Department right now and transfer someone over. Hand over your current work and well go to Fuhua tomorrow.

Yes, Director Xi! Ill do that right away! Xiao Mei then left the room happily.

Xi Xiaye smiled and grabbed the phone to call the HR Department.

Her man would not have any issues with her taking his talented employees away, would he?




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