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Su Chen grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the cupboard along with two glasses before walking towards the sofa.

Whiskey or wine? Su Chen was filling up a glass as he spoke.

You know I love whiskey. When I went to Ah Chens house to decorate his baby room, he gave me several bottles of it. Your brother-in-law doesnt drink at all, so I get to take them all for myself.

Su Yu grabbed the glass and squinted at Su Chen. She quickly noticed the injury on his lips and seemed interested all of a sudden. Taking a sip from the glass, she smirked. Had a fight with Zitong just now?

Su Chen paused, raising his eyebrows as he stared at her. Was it that obvious?

Su Yu chuckled. Youre giving off this depressing vibe all around you. What do you think?

Its fine. Its my mistake because I said something inappropriate. Su Chen was protective of her, and he touched his lips before having his drink.

Of course, I know you very well. Shes a girl, so you should be nice and lenient to her! If you can at least be half as tolerant as our father towards Mother, Im sure your life with Zitong will be very happy. Youre a guy, so whats wrong with lowering your head in front of your woman? She left her home and married you to live with you and take care of your life. She needs to bear your children too. Do you really think its easy?

I know its difficult. Arent I tolerant enough? Apart from our grandfather, this family has always prioritized women anyway. Father and I have no rights at all. Su Chen gave Su Yu a cold stare before emptying his glass.

No rights? You have a wife and might have a child soon. Is that really necessary? Rights arent something that you ask for from outsiders, not from your family. You should really go back to school and learn it all again. Alright, go back to your room quickly after this. Its Zitongs first time here tonight. Dont neglect her, or else, she might be too traumatized to come back again. Ill take this back to my room and enjoy it.

Su Yu grabbed the bottle and went upstairs without even looking back at Su Chen who sighed and pinched the space between his eyebrows before slowly walking back to his room.

Ji Zitong was already on the bed when he got back into the room. He went to the wardrobe quietly and grabbed some clothes before heading into the bathroom.

Ji Zitong could hear the sound of him showering as she just stared at the ceiling blankly while sighing

She was already married anyway. What was this?

Ji Zitong felt bad as she remembered the scene just now when he left the room. She thought maybe she should just let things happen naturally

As all of these thoughts were going through her mind, she did not notice that the water stopped. She only came back to her senses when she felt the blanket lift and someone lay down on the bed beside her.

She looked at him and noticed that he slept with his back facing her. Looking at him for a while, it did not seem like he was going to do anything, so she suddenly called out to him, Su Chen

Its late. Go to sleep. We have an early morning tomorrow. Su Chen stopped talking after that brief sentence, his tone sounding cold.

Ji Zitong felt a little odd when she heard that tone of his. She could not stand the aloofness as she cursed herself on the inside. Then, she took a deep breath and turned her back around.

She really felt bad about it and could not ignore the feelings. Annoyed, she laughed at herself before closing her eyes.

Some time later, she felt some movement behind her back. Soon, she felt his usual warm hug again. Im sorry, but I dont want to wait that long. The feelings just come naturally and I cant always control it. You appear in my life every day and sleep by my side every night. Im not a saint after all. Havent you heard about a mans true colors before?

Ji Zitong was stunned for a moment. She then replied quietly, This weekmight be difficult. My relative is here

Relative? Master Su did not get it.

I mean my menstruation. Ji Zitong glared at him.

Su Chen then coughed and replied, Just act as if I never said anything.

Ji Zitong looked at his face in the dim light. He seemed to be blushing, so she did not say anything else. Instead, she just closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Moments later, he hugged her tighter as he put his warm palm onto her stomach area.

Ji Zitong was startled slightly, but she did not reject his warm gesture. Thank you

Go to sleep.

The next morning, Mu Yuchen was already gone and the sun was up when Xi Xiaye woke up. It was 10 a.m. when she looked at the clock!

Mu Xiao Cheng woke up early that day, so Mu Yuchen handed him to Aunt Lin. Xi Xiaye was still tired from their deeds last night and he did not want her to be exhausted.

She took several deep breaths to calm herself down as she took her time to get out of bed and grabbed some clothes before heading into the bathroom.

Xi Xiaye went downstairs after she was done washing up.

Morning, Missus! Sis Wang and the others greeted her as she was walking down the staircase. She quickly nodded and was about to ask Mu Yuchen something when she heard the voice of a babys bubbly laughter. She looked over and noticed the father-son duo having fun on the sofa in the living room.

Mu Yuchen was sitting on the sofa with Mu Xiaocheng on his lap. He was holding a building block as he played with Mu Xiaocheng. The little guy was trying to reach for the thing in his fathers hand, but Mu Yuchen moved it away slightly just as he was about to reach it. The two of them were having lots of fun together.




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