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Su Chens bedroom was similar to his house design, but there were some obvious additional last-minute changes done to it, for example, the flowers in the vase, as well as the festive-looking bed sheets.

The clothes in the wardrobe were bought in bulk. Everything seemed complete, but the sleeping robes

Ji Zitong looked around and grabbed a relatively covered-up sleeping robe before taking a shower.

The room was still pretty quiet when she came out of the bathroom as Su Chen was not around. Ji Zitong thought about going outside to look for him, but then she suddenly heard a sound from outside when he entered.

Su Chen noticed her looking at him, so he just stared back at the beauty who had just come out of the shower.

He took a pause before slowly heading in. Ji Zitong tip-toed beside the door to make space for him, but his sharp eyes darkened. He turned around and stopped right in front of Ji Zitong, giving her a shock.


Ji Zitong looked at him uneasily and backed off. Her back was up against the cold wall.

Su Chen put a hand onto the wall, giving her a sharp glance as he looked downwards at her. His voice slowly reached her ears. Do you want to know what my grandfather said when I helped him back to his room?

Ji Zitong was at a loss as she asked,What?

Su Chen smiled with his eyes still locked onto her. He gently grabbed her wrist and laughed. Hes been longing for me to build a family.

Arent you on the right track now? Were already married, she replied with her head lowered. Getting uncomfortable under his gaze, she struggled to get away from his grip, but he grabbed her harder and she fell onto his chest in the end.

So, you do know we are married. Is it about time I exercise my right as a husband? No matter how calm Su Chen may be, with her pleasant scent right before him, he could not control the wildness beneath his chest, and there were sparks in his eyes.

They had been married for quite some time, but their relationship had become a little odd ever since Ah Chens incident. They felt pretty distant, and Su Chen was not happy about it. He had a feeling that his woman was keeping her distance from him.

However, they were already married anyway. Since she became his wife, if she decided to back off, then he should be taking the initiative. Otherwise, he would never catch up to Mu Yuchen who was already the father of two children!

Master Su actually did plan to be childless, but he was not courageous enough to face his grandfather.

Su Chens words startled Ji Zitong who stared at him without knowing what to do.

His eyes darkened as he worked up his courage, lifting her chin as his lips went closer

Ji Zitong was nervous. She wanted to push him away, but he gripped her firmly. His wild scent was all over her to her astonishment. She closed her eyes as she did not know what to do.

Su Chen took a pause when he noticed her reaction. In the end, he still moved on and pressed his cold lips against hers.

His movements were awkward, and he was a little impatient as his hand started to move downwards. He held Ji Zitongs waist tightly as things were slowly heating up inside the room.

Ji Zitong was shocked as she felt her shoulders and chest getting cold, so she pushed him away. She was taking deep breaths as she said nervously,Dontdont do that. Im not ready

Su Chen frowned when he tasted some blood in his mouth. A sense of pain followed the coppery taste, and he looked at the woman before him as his eyes darkened. He wiped the blood on his mouth away and took a deep breath to calm himself down. After that, neither did he say anything nor look at Ji Zitong. Instead, he headed outside.

Still in shock, she asked when she noticed he was heading out, Where are you going?

Im just going to pick up some things in the study room. You can sleep first. Theres no need to wait for me. Su Chen then disappeared out of the doorway.


Ji Zitong calmed down a little when she heard the sound of the door being closed. She finally noticed the bloody taste in her mouth.

It was his blood. She had bitten him in panic just now.

The room became empty again. Ji Zitong looked at the closed door, hesitating for a moment as she stood there. After that, she laughed at herself and got into bed quietly.

Su Chen felt awake after he got out of the room with the pain on his lips helping to ground him. Then, he noticed his sister coming out of Su Zhengxuns room.

Why are you not sleeping yet?

Su Yu felt odd to see Su Chen at this time, especially when he looked so unwell.

Youre not asleep as well, arent you? Su Chen stared at Su Yu as he walked down the stairs. If you want, lets have a drink.

Su Yu shrugged. Why are you drinking now instead of spending time with Zitong?

Shes been pretty exhausted these past few days, so I told her to rest, Su Chen gave a brief reply before heading downstairs.

Su Yu thought to herself for a while, then followed him downstairs moments later.




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