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The night gradually quietened and the bright moon hung high up in the sky. It was a rare view of the moon in the clear as it shone like silver in the night sky. Its brilliant light was faint, engulfing the entire Maple Residence in silence.

As always, after her shower, Xi Xiaye coaxed the little guy to sleep and then went to the study room to work on some documents.

She had just pushed open the study room door when she looked up and saw that the man was already sitting leisurely in his black pajamas before the work desk, his fingers flying across the keyboard. When he heard the door open, Mu Yuchen looked up immediately.

He saw a slender figure at the door, then he straightened up slightly and reached out to her. His soft, raspy voice was sensitive as he said, Come here.

Xi Xiaye paused, then walked over obediently.

She had just reached the table when he stretched out to hold her hand and pull her to sit on his lap. His arms hugged her and he held her in his embrace. Is our son asleep?

Mmm, he just fell asleep. Hes probably worn out from the fun. Are you still working? Xi Xiaye responded, and looked down at the laptop screen which was showing dense lines of English words. They were probably documents sent over from New York.

Almost done. Let me save this document.

Then, he clicked save before shutting his laptop down.

Xi Xiayes slender hands gently held him by the shoulders. Her bright eyes could not help but be colored with worry as she looked at him. Mr. Mu

Hmm? he softly answered, then looked down at her.

She was still worried as she pulled at his sleeves and asked softly,Are you really going to go tomorrow?

His hand reached behind her and pulled her towards his chest as he hugged her tightly. Dont worry. Itll be fine.

Then, bring a few more people with you.

Im not going over to fight. Why would I bring so many people with me? Since Gu Qiwu dares to come looking for me, I wouldnt need to play dirty tricks. I know him better than you do. Itll be fine, hmm?

Butmmm! Xi Xiaye wanted to say something more, yet a certain someone had already lowered his head to consume her cool and pink lips, pushing back everything that she wanted to say after that.

A hint of faint warmth came invading, stirring up slivers of ripples in her mouth. She could not help but shudder, and could only hold his shoulders tightly as she happily let him consume her gently.

The waves of desire came too quickly. In a moment, Xi Xiaye was already panting while the mans long fingers were going through her sleeping gown and exploring her body underneath.

In between their messy and rushed breathing, Mu Yuchen held onto her tighter. His raspy voice was softly heard by her ear.

Missus, the doctor saidwe can

Dazed, Xi Xiaye already had no way of rejecting him now. Once he beckoned her, she closed into him with thirst. She wished to be closer to him as that would be so much better.

Whatwhat do you mean we can? Xi Xiaye could only answer with her unsteady breathing. Her slightly cold hand reached for the sash at his waist, and with a gentle pull, the loose pajamas were free. He lost control and gasped, tamping down the waves that surged in his chest. He looked down at her and said in a hoarse voice, My entire body misses you. Ive been a celibate monk for over half a year now. You better make it up to me. Youre not working tomorrow anyway, so satisfy me tonight. That shouldnt be too much to ask for, should it?

Well, since he already put it that way, even if Xi Xiaye was slow, she could understand what he meant. Now, her delicate little face began to blush. She turned away and said a little embarrassedly, Youre becoming more and more vulgar now like a pervert.

If Im not seduced by you, you should be crying, but only you can do that to me. He chuckled softly and carried her up before walking in huge strides towards the bedroom.

He gently put her on the bed and quickly took the remote control to lower the curtains. Even the lights were switched off as he habitually left the dim wall lamp by the window on. Then, he swiftly stripped himself and lay down.

DontOur sonour sons here, Xi Xiaye reminded anxiously.

Nonetheless, Mu Yuchen remained calm and collected. He teased her skillfully as he laughed. What would the little three-month-old know? Besides, hes sleeping right now, isnt he?


Of course, Xi Xiaye could not refute him. Before she could respond, a certain someone had already closed in.

After a few rounds of battling in the sheets, Xi Xiaye finally panted as she lay down feeling worn while she clutched the blanket around her. She turned to look at Mu Xiaocheng. Seeing that he did not wake up, she felt relieved, and still could not help but roll her eyes at the man who spooned her from behind.

Mu Yuchen reached out to tap Mu Xiaochengs soft little face as he chuckled and said,He sleeps just like a piglet like you!

Dont touch him. Hes still sleeping. If you wake him up, you coax him to sleep yourself.

Xi Xiaye pulled his hand away and smacked him gently as she shot him an unhappy look before lovingly fixing Mu Xiaochengs blanket for him and gently planting a kiss on his little cheeks.

When Mu Yuchen saw that, his gaze flickered. He pulled his hand away to hold her head and then nudged her head tenderly to face him. Our sons going to reach his 100th day soon. You should let him sleep alone. When you get back to work again, you wont have the energy to work if youre up at night. Aunt Fang and Aunt Lin are very experienced, so dont worry. Otherwise, it wouldnt be convenient for us to do stuff either.

He seemed a little disgruntled as he said this. Then, he pulled her into his embrace and hugged her tightly again.


One last time

Im not trusting you. You said that was the last time too

This time is for real Come on. Call my name

I dont want to

Before she could finish, a new round of attack began again.

After that, Xi Xiaye truly understood how it was like to feed a beast that had been starved for half a year. It was no easy feat. She did not know that when she fell asleep, it was already daybreak. However, the man was still abnormally aroused.

In the past, they all said this fellow had no sex drive, but only Xi Xiaye understood that once his outer skin was peeled off, he was actually a beast inside, and he was a profiteer too.

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